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Family Sarcophagidae - Flesh Flies

Flesh Fly Metopia? - Metopia Fly with apparently rosy wings Unidentified Fly - Senotainia Tachinid? Fly IMG_4020 Miltogramminae? Fly feeding on aphid honeydew

Mating Flesh Flies - Wohlfahrtia vigil - male - female Colorful fly seeks ID - Wohlfahrtia vigil Spotted Fly - Wohlfahrtia vigil fly - Wohlfahrtia vigil Fly Cleaning Tongue - Wohlfahrtia vigil Wohlfahrtia? - Wohlfahrtia vigil Fleshfly? on Milkweed  Wohlfahrtia? - Wohlfahrtia vigil Another Tachinidae? - Wohlfahrtia vigil

Predation of Sarcophaga - Sarcophaga Hope #1: Is this a flesh fly (Sarcophaga sp.)? - Sarcophaga Flesh Fly - Left Dorsal - Sarcophaga Small fly drinking sweat Helicobia - NEW GENUS - Helicobia rapax - male Calyptrate 3 red-tailed flesh fly - Sarcophaga flesh fly