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Family Saturniidae - Giant Silkworm and Royal Moths

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Regal moth - Citheronia regalis Imperial Moth  - Eacles imperialis Spiny Oakworm - Anisota stigma - male Anisota stigma? - Anisota virginiensis Dryocampa rubicunda MothSpinyOakworm_Anisota_stigma_1179 - Anisota consularis - female Imperial Moth - Eacles imperialis Regal Moth? - Citheronia regalis

caterpillar from southern CA desert - Hemileuca burnsi Black cats - Hemileuca maia Buckmoth Caterpillar  - Hemileuca burnsi Automeris io Io Moth caterpillar - Automeris io Caterpillar on buckwheat - Hemileuca Hemileuca hualapai AR Catepillar - Hemileuca maia

Yet another unknown bug - Antheraea polyphemus Oculea Silkmoth larva - Antheraea oculea Hyalophora cecropia Promethea Moth - Callosamia promethea Polyphemus or Luna? - Antheraea polyphemus Neon Green Caterpillar   - Antheraea polyphemus large orange caterpillar - Actias luna caterpillar - Saturniid? - Antheraea polyphemus