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Family Syrphidae - Syrphid Flies

Syrphid Fly - Eristalis dimidiata - male Yellowjacket mimic - Temnostoma alternans Fly - Eumerus wasp mimics - Temnostoma balyras - male - female Syrphid Fly - Lejops polygrammus - female Syrphid (black and white) - Sericomyia lata Syrphid Fly - Syritta pipiens Fly - Palpada albifrons

Microdon megalogaster Adult - Microdon lanceolatus Slug - Microdon syrphid - Microdon abditus fairly small squat Fly - Microdon? - Microdon microdon - Microdon globosus Fly ID Request - Microdon Flies - Microdon

Syrphid - Ocyptamus fuscipennis Another Eupeodes or Syrphus or ?? - Eupeodes fumipennis A fly that looks like a bee? - Toxomerus geminatus Hover Fly - Toxomerus geminatus American Hover Fly? - Eupeodes - female Unknown larva Syrphid - Melanostoma mellinum Syrphid Fly species - Toxomerus marginatus

Flower fly larvae eating ant guarded aphids what kind of larva? Syrphid Buffet Syrphid Buffet Rat-tailed maggots Larva Syrphid Fly Larva Syrphid fly larvae on fennel