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Order Coleoptera - Beetles

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles

Suborder Archostemata - Reticulated and Telephone-pole Beetles
Family Cupedidae - Reticulated Beetles
Genus Cupes
Species capitatus - Cupes capitatus
Genus Tenomerga
Species cinerea - Tenomerga cinerea
Genus Priacma
Species serrata - Priacma serrata
Genus Prolixocupes
Species lobiceps - Prolixocupes lobiceps
Family Micromalthidae - Telephone-pole Beetles
Genus Micromalthus
Species debilis - Micromalthus debilis
Suborder Myxophaga - Minute Bog and Skiff Beetles
Family Sphaeriusidae - Minute Bog Beetles
Genus Sphaerius
Family Hydroscaphidae - Skiff Beetles
Genus Hydroscapha
Species redfordi - Hydroscapha redfordi
Species natans - Hydroscapha natans
Suborder Adephaga - Ground and Water Beetles
Family Rhysodidae - Wrinkled Bark Beetles
Genus Clinidium
Species baldufi - Clinidium baldufi
Species calcaratum - Clinidium calcaratum
Species rosenbergi - Clinidium rosenbergi
Species sculptile - Clinidium sculptile
Species valentinei - Clinidium valentinei
Genus Omoglymmius
Species americanus - Omoglymmius americanus
Species hamatus - Omoglymmius hamatus
Family Carabidae - Ground Beetles
Subfamily Nebriinae
Tribe Opisthiini
Genus Opisthius
Species richardsoni - Opisthius richardsoni
Tribe Nebriini
Genus Leistus
Species ferrugineus - Leistus ferrugineus
Species ferruginosus - Leistus ferruginosus
Genus Nebria - Gazelle Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Boreonebria
No Taxon gyllenhali group
Species crassicornis - Nebria crassicornis
Subspecies crassicornis - Nebria crassicornis crassicornis
Subspecies intermedia - Nebria crassicornis intermedia
Species frigida - Nebria frigida
Species gyllenhali - Nebria gyllenhali
Subspecies castanipes - Nebria gyllenhali castanipes
Species nivalis - Nebria nivalis
No Taxon hudsonica group
Species bellorum - Nebria bellorum
Species hudsonica - Nebria hudsonica
Species lacustris - Nebria lacustris
No Taxon subgenus Catonebria
No Taxon metallica group
Species meanyi - Nebria meanyi
Subspecies meanyi - Nebria meanyi meanyi
Species metallica - Nebria metallica
No Taxon ovipennis group
Species gebleri - Nebria gebleri
Subspecies cascadensis - Nebria gebleri cascadensis
Subspecies gebleri - Nebria gebleri gebleri
Species kincaidi - Nebria kincaidi
Species ovipennis - Nebria ovipennis
No Taxon trifaria group
Species coloradensis - Nebria coloradensis
Species schwarzi - Nebria schwarzi
Species trifaria - Nebria trifaria
No Taxon subgenus Nebria
Species brevicollis - European Gazelle Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Reductonebria
No Taxon gregaria group
Species arkansana - Nebria arkansana
Subspecies fragilis - Nebria arkansana fragilis
Subspecies edwardsi - Nebria arkansana edwardsi
Species gregaria - Nebria gregaria
Species lituyae - Nebria lituyae
Species sahlbergi - Nebria sahlbergi
No Taxon mannerheimii group
Species diversa - Nebria diversa
Species eschscholtzii - Nebria eschscholtzii
Species mannerheimii - Nebria mannerheimii
No Taxon obliqua group
Species appalachia - Nebria appalachia
Species obliqua - Nebria obliqua
Species pallipes - Nebria pallipes
Genus Nippononebria
Species altisierrae - Nippononebria altisierrae
Species virescens - Nippononebria virescens
Tribe Pelophilini
Genus Pelophila
Species borealis - Pelophila borealis
Species rudis - Pelophila rudis
Tribe Notiophilini
Genus Notiophilus
Species aeneus - Notiophilus aeneus
Species aquaticus - Notiophilus aquaticus
Species biguttatus - Notiophilus biguttatus
Species borealis - Notiophilus borealis
Species directus - Notiophilus directus
Species intermedius - Notiophilus intermedius
Species nemoralis - Notiophilus nemoralis
Species nitens - Notiophilus nitens
Species novemstriatus - Notiophilus novemstriatus
Species palustris - Notiophilus palustris
Species semiopacus - Notiophilus semiopacus
Species semistriatus - Notiophilus semistriatus
Species sierranus - Notiophilus sierranus
Species simulator - Notiophilus simulator
Species sylvaticus - Notiophilus sylvaticus
Subfamily Carabinae
Tribe Cychrini
Genus Cychrus - Rare Snail-eating Beetles
Species hemphillii - Cychrus hemphillii
Subspecies hemphillii - Cychrus hemphilli hemphilli
Subspecies rickseckeri - Cychrus hemphillii rickseckeri
Species tuberculatus - Cychrus tuberculatus
Genus Scaphinotus
No Taxon subgenus Scaphinotus
Species unicolor - Scaphinotus unicolor
Species vandykei - Scaphinotus vandykei
No Taxon elevatus group
Species elevatus - Eastern Snail Eater
Subspecies flammeus - Scaphinotus elevatus flammeus
Species petersi - Scaphinotus petersi
Subspecies catalinae - Scaphinotus petersi catalinae
Subspecies corvus - Scaphinotus petersi corvus
Subspecies petersi - Scaphinotus petersi petersi
Subspecies kathleenae - Scaphinotus petersi kathleenae
Species snowi - Scaphinotus snowi
Subspecies snowi - Scaphinotus snowi snowi
No Taxon subgenus Irichroa
Species viduus - Scaphinotus viduus
No Taxon subgenus Nomaretus
Species bilobus - Scaphinotus bilobus
Species cavicollis - Scaphinotus cavicollis
Species fissicollis - Scaphinotus fissicollis
Species liebecki - Scaphinotus liebecki
No Taxon subgenus Maronetus
Species debilis - Scaphinotus debilis
Species imperfectus - Scaphinotus imperfectus
No Taxon subgenus Steniridia
Species andrewsii - Scaphinotus andrewsii
Species guyotii - Scaphinotus guyotii
Species ridingsii - Scaphinotus ridingsii
Subspecies monongahelae - Scaphinotus ridingsii monongahelae
No Taxon subgenus Pseudonomaretus
No Taxon subgenus Stenocantharus
Species angusticollis - Scaphinotus angusticollis
Species johnsoni - Scaphinotus johnsoni
Species velutinus - Scaphinotus velutinus
No Taxon subgenus Brennus
Species bullatus - Scaphinotus bullatus
Species cordatus - Scaphinotus cordatus
Species cristatus - Scaphinotus cristatus
Species interruptus - Scaphinotus interruptus
Species marginatus - Scaphinotus marginatus
Species obliquus - Scaphinotus obliquus
Species oreophilus - Scaphinotus oreophilus
Species punctatus - Scaphinotus punctatus
Species striatopunctatus - Scaphinotus striatopunctatus
Species subtilis - Scaphinotus subtilis
Species ventricosus - Scaphinotus ventricosus
No Taxon subgenus Neocychrus
Species angulatus - Scaphinotus angulatus
Species longiceps - Humboldt Ground Beetle
Genus Sphaeroderus - Small Snail Eating Beetles
Species bicarinatus - Sphaeroderus bicarinatus
Species canadensis - Sphaeroderus canadensis
Species indianae - Sphaeroderus indianae
Species nitidicollis - Sphaeroderus nitidicollis
Species schaumii - Sphaeroderus schaumii
Species stenostomus - Sphaeroderus stenostomus
Subspecies lecontei - Sphaeroderus stenostomus lecontei
Subspecies stenostomus - Sphaeroderus stenostomus stenostomus
Tribe Carabini
Genus Callisthenes - Beautiful Black Searchers
No Taxon Subgenus Callistenia
Species latipennis - Callisthenes latipennis
Species luxatus - Callisthenes luxatus
Species moniliatum - Callisthenes moniliatum
No Taxon Subgenus Chrysostigma
Species affinis - Callisthenes affinis
Species calidus - Fiery Hunter
Species cancellatus - Callisthenes cancellatus
Species lepidum - Callisthenes lepidum 0
Species semilaevis - Callisthenes semilaevis
Species simplex - Callisthenes simplex
Genus Calosoma - Caterpillar Hunters
No Taxon Subgenus Blaptosoma
Species haydeni - Calosoma haydeni
No Taxon Subgenus Callitropa
Species externum - Narrow Searcher
Species macrum - Calosoma macrum
Species protractum - Calosoma protractum
No Taxon Subgenus Calodrepa
Species aurocinctum - Calosoma aurocinctum
Species scrutator - Fiery Searcher
Species wilcoxi - Calosoma wilcoxi
No Taxon Subgenus Calosoma
Species frigidum - Calosoma frigidum
Species sycophanta - Caterpillar Searcher
No Taxon Subgenus Camegonia
Species marginale - Calosoma marginale
Species parvicolle - Calosoma parvicolle
Species prominens - Calosoma prominens
No Taxon Subgenus Carabosoma
Species angulatum - Calosoma angulatum
Species peregrinator - Calosoma peregrinator
No Taxon Subgenus Castrida
Species sayi - Black Caterpillar Hunter
Genus Carabus
Species auratus - Carabus auratus
Species chamissonis - Carabus chamissonis
Species maeander - Carabus maeander
Subspecies maeander - Carabus maeander maeander
Species nemoralis - European Ground Beetle
Species serratus - Carabus serratus
Species truncaticollis - Carabus truncaticollis
Species vietinghoffii - Carabus vietinghoffii
No Taxon subgenus Tanaocarabus
Species finitimus - Carabus finitimus
Species forreri - Carabus forreri
Species sylvosus - Woodland Ground Beetle
Species taedatus - Carabus taedatus
Subspecies agassii - Carabus taedatus agassii
No Taxon subgenus Carabus
Species goryi - Carabus goryi
Species granulatus - Granulated Carabid
Species vinctus - Carabus vinctus
Subfamily Cicindelinae - Tiger Beetles
Tribe Amblycheilini
Genus Amblycheila - Giant Tiger Beetles
Species baroni - Montane Giant Tiger Beetle
Species cylindriformis - Great Plains Giant Tiger Beetle
Species hoversoni - South Texas Giant Tiger Beetle
Species picolominii - Plateau Giant Tiger Beetle
Species schwarzi - Mojave Giant Tiger Beetle
Genus Omus - Night-stalking Tiger Beetles
Species audouini - Audouin's Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species californicus - California Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Subspecies angustocylindricus - Omus californicus angustocylindricus
Subspecies californicus - Omus californicus californicus
Subspecies intermedius - Omus californicus intermedius
Subspecies lecontei - LeConte's Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Subspecies subcylindricus - Omus californicus subcylindricus
Species cazieri - Cazier's Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species dejeanii - Greater Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species laevis - Smooth Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species sequoiarum - Big Trees Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species submetallicus - Lustrous Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Tribe Megacephalini - Big-headed Tiger Beetles
Genus Tetracha - Metallic Tiger Beetles
Species carolina - Carolina Metallic Tiger Beetle
Species floridana - Florida Metallic Tiger Beetle
Species impressa - Upland Metallic Tiger Beetle
Species virginica - Virginia Metallic Tiger Beetle
Tribe Cicindelini - Flashy Tiger Beetles
Genus Apterodela
Genus Brasiella - Little Tiger Beetles
Species wickhami - Sonoran Tiger Beetle
Genus Cicindela - Common Tiger Beetles
Species abdominalis - Eastern Pinebarrens Tiger Beetle
Species albissima - Coral Pink Sand Dune Tiger Beetle
Species amargosae - Great Basin Tiger Beetle
Subspecies nyensis - Cicindela amargosae nyensis
Species ancocisconensis - Appalachian Tiger Beetle
Species arenicola - Cicindela arenicola
Species cazieri - Cazier's Tiger Beetle
Species bellissima - Pacific Coast Tiger Beetle
Species columbica - Cicindela columbica
Species decemnotata - Badlands Tiger Beetle
Subspecies bonnevillensis - Cicindela decemnotata bonnevillensis
Subspecies decemnotata - Cicindela decemnotata decemnotata
Subspecies meriwetheri - Cicindela decemnotata meriwetheri
Subspecies montevolans - Cicindela decemnotata montevolans
Species denikei - Laurentian Tiger Beetle
Species denverensis - Green Claybank Tiger Beetle
Species depressula - Dispirited Tiger Beetle
Subspecies depressula - Cicindela depressula depressula
Species duodecimguttata - Twelve-spotted Tiger Beetle
Species floridana - Cicindela floridana
Species formosa - Big Sand Tiger Beetle
Subspecies formosa - Cicindela formosa formosa
Subspecies pigmentosignata - Cicindela formosa pigmentosignata
Subspecies generosa - Cicindela formosa generosa
Subspecies gibsoni - Cicindela formosa gibsoni
Species fulgida - Crimson Saltflat Tiger Beetle
Subspecies fulgida - Cicindela fulgida fulgida
Species haemorrhagica - Wetsalts Tiger Beetle
Subspecies arizonae - Cicindela haemorrhagica arizonae
Subspecies haemorrhagica - Cicindela haemorrhagica haemorrhagica
Species highlandensis - Highlands Tiger Beetle
Species hirticollis - Hairy-necked Tiger Beetle
Subspecies rhodensis - Cicindela hirticollis rhodensis
Subspecies gravida - Cicindela hirticollis gravida
Subspecies shelfordi - Cicindela hirticollis shelfordi
Subspecies siuslawensis - Northwest Hairy-necked Tiger Beetle
Species hornii - Horn's Tiger Beetle
Species latesignata - Western Beach Tiger Beetle
Species lengi - Blowout Tiger Beetle
Subspecies jordai - Cicindela lengi jordai
Subspecies lengi - Cicindela lengi lengi
Subspecies versuta - Cicindela lengi versuta
Species limbalis - Common Claybank Tiger Beetle
Species limbata - Sandy Tiger Beetle
Subspecies hyperborea - Cicindela limbata hyperborea
Subspecies limbata - Cicindela limbata limbata
Subspecies nogahabarensis - Cicindela limbata nogahabarensis
Subspecies nympha - Cicindela limbata nympha
Species longilabris - Boreal Long-lipped Tiger Beetle
Subspecies laurentii - Cicindela longilabris laurentii
Subspecies perviridis - Cicindela longilabris perviridis
Subspecies longilabris - Cicindela longilabris longilabris
Species marginipennis - Cobblestone Tiger Beetle
Species nebraskana - Prairie Long-lipped Tiger Beetle
Species nevadica - Cicindela nevadica
Species nigrior - Autumn Tiger Beetle
Species nigrocoerulea - Black Sky Tiger Beetle
Subspecies bowditchi - Cicindela nigrocoerulea bowditchi
Subspecies nigrocoerulea - Black Sky Tiger Beetle
Subspecies subtropica - Subtropical Black Sky Tiger Beetle
Species obsoleta - Large Grassland Tiger Beetle
Subspecies obsoleta - Cicindela obsoleta obsoleta
Subspecies santaclarae - Cicindela obsoleta santaclarae
Subspecies vulturina - Prairie Tiger Beetle
Species ocellata - Ocellated Tiger Beetle
Subspecies ocellata - Cicindela ocellata ocellata
Species ohlone - Ohlone Tiger Beetle
Species oregona - Western Tiger Beetle
Subspecies guttifera - Cicindela oregona guttifera
Subspecies oregona - Cicindela oregona oregona
Species parowana - Dark Saltflat Tiger Beetle
Subspecies wallisi - Cicindela parowana wallisi
Subspecies platti - Cicindela parowana platti
Species patruela - Northern Barrens Tiger Beetle
Subspecies consentanea - Cicindela patruela consentanea
Subspecies huberi - Cicindela patruela huberi
Subspecies patruela - Cicindela patruela patruela
Species politula - Limestone Tiger Beetle
Subspecies petrophila - Cicindela politula petrophila
Subspecies politula - Cicindela politula politula
Subspecies viridimonticola - Cicindela politula viridimonticola
Species pugetana - Sagebrush Tiger Beetle
Species pulchra - Beautiful Tiger Beetle
Subspecies pulchra - Cicindela pulchra pulchra
Subspecies dorothea - Cicindela pulchra dorothea
Species punctulata - Punctured Tiger Beetle
Subspecies chihuahuae - Cicindela punctulata chihuahuae
Subspecies punctulata - Cicindela punctulata punctulata
Species purpurea - Purple Tiger Beetle
Subspecies audubonii - Cicindela purpurea audubonii
Subspecies cimarrona - Cimarron Tiger Beetle
Subspecies hatchi - Cicindela purpurea hatchi
Subspecies purpurea - Cicindela purpurea purpurea
Species repanda - Bronzed Tiger Beetle
Subspecies repanda - Cicindela repanda repanda
Subspecies tanneri - Cicindela repanda tanneri
Species rufiventris - Eastern Red-bellied Tiger Beetle
Subspecies cumatilis - Cicindela rufiventris cumatilis
Subspecies hentzii - Cicindela rufiventris hentzii
Subspecies rufiventris - Cicindela rufiventris rufiventris
Species scabrosa - Scabrous Tiger Beetle
Species schauppii - Schaupp's Tiger Beetle
Species scutellaris - Festive Tiger Beetle
Subspecies flavoviridis - Cicindela scutellaris flavoviridis
Subspecies lecontei - Cicindela scutellaris lecontei
Subspecies rugata - Cicindela scutellaris rugata
Subspecies rugifrons - Cicindela scutellaris rugifrons
Subspecies scutellaris - Cicindela scutellaris scutellaris
Subspecies unicolor - Cicindela scutellaris unicolor
Subspecies yampae - Cicindela scutellaris yampae
Species sedecimpunctata - Western Red-bellied Tiger Beetle
Species senilis - Senile Tiger Beetle
Species sexguttata - Six-spotted Tiger Beetle
Species splendida - Splendid Tiger Beetle
Species tenuicincta - Short-legged Tiger Beetle
Species tenuisignata - Thin-lined Tiger Beetle
Species theatina - Colorado Dune Tiger Beetle
Species tranquebarica - Oblique-lined Tiger Beetle
Subspecies arida - Cicindela tranquebarica arida
Subspecies diffracta - Cicindela tranquebarica diffracta
Subspecies inyo - Cicindela tranquebarica inyo
Subspecies kirbyi - Cicindela tranquebarica kirbyi
Subspecies joaquinensis - Cicindela tranquebarica joaquinensis
Subspecies parallelonota - Cicindela tranquebarica parallelonota
Subspecies sierra - Cicindela tranquebarica sierra
Subspecies tranquebarica - Cicindela tranquebarica tranquebarica
Subspecies vibex - Cicindela tranquebarica vibex
Subspecies viridissima - Cicindela tranquebarica viridissima
Species trifasciata - S-banded Tiger Beetle
Subspecies ascendens - Cicindela trifasciata ascendens
Subspecies sigmoidea - Cicindela trifasciata sigmoidea
Species waynei - Bruneau Dune Tiger Beetle
Species willistoni - Williston's Tiger Beetle
Subspecies praedicta - Cicindela willistoni praedicta
Subspecies pseudosenilis - Cicindela willistoni pseudosenilis
Subspecies willistoni - Cicindela willistoni willistoni
Subspecies estancia - Cicindela willistoni estancia
Subspecies echo - Cicindela willistoni echo
Subspecies sulphontis - Cicindela willistoni sulphontis
Genus Cylindera - Rounded-thorax Tiger Beetles
Species celeripes - Swift Tiger Beetle
Species cursitans - Ant-like Tiger Beetle
Species debilis - Grass-runner Tiger Beetle
Species lemniscata - White-striped Tiger Beetle
Subspecies lemniscata - Cylindera lemniscata lemniscata
Subspecies rebaptisata - Cylindera lemniscata rebaptisata
Species lunalonga - Cylindera lunalonga
Species terricola - Variable Tiger Beetle
Subspecies cinctipennis - Cylindera terricola cinctipennis
Subspecies continua - Cylindera terricola continua
Subspecies imperfecta - Cylindera terricola imperfecta
Subspecies kaibabensis - Cylindera terricola kaibabensis
Subspecies terricola - Cylindera terricola terricola
Subspecies susanagreae - Cylindera terricola susanagreae
Species unipunctata - One-spotted Tiger Beetle
Species viridisticta - Pygmy Tiger Beetle
Genus Dromochorus - Dromo Tiger Beetles
Species belfragei - Loamy-ground Tiger Beetle
Species pilatei - Cajun Tiger Beetle
Species pruinina - Frosted Dromo Tiger Beetle
Species velutinigrens - Velvet Tiger Beetle
Genus Ellipsoptera - Ellipsed-winged Tiger Beetles
Species blanda - Sandbar Tiger Beetle
Species cuprascens - Coppery Tiger Beetle
Species gratiosa - Whitish Tiger Beetle
Species hamata - Coastal Tiger Beetle
Subspecies monti - Ellipsoptera hamata monti
Species hirtilabris - Moustached Tiger Beetle
Species lepida - Ghost Tiger Beetle
Species macra - Sandy Stream Tiger Beetle
Subspecies fluviatilis - Ellipsoptera macra fluviatilis
Species marginata - Margined Tiger Beetle
Species marutha - Aridland Tiger Beetle
Species nevadica - Nevada Tiger Beetle
Subspecies knausi - Ellipsoptera nevadica knausi
Subspecies olmosa - Ellipsoptera nevadica olmosa
Species puritana - Puritan Tiger Beetle
Species sperata - Ellipsoptera sperata
Subspecies inquisitor - Ellipsoptera sperata inquisitor
Subspecies sperata - Ellipsoptera sperata sperata
Species wapleri - White Sand Tiger Beetle
Genus Eunota - Eunot Tiger Beetles
Species togata - White-cloaked Tiger Beetle
Subspecies fascinans - Eunota togata fascinans
Genus Habroscelimorpha - Habro Tiger Beetles
Species californica - California Tiger Beetle
Subspecies mojavi - Habroscelimorpha californica mojavi
Subspecies pseudoerronea - Habroscelimorpha californica pseudoerronea
Species circumpicta - Cream-edged Tiger Beetle
Subspecies circumpicta - Habroscelimorpha circumpicta circumpicta
Subspecies johnsoni - Habroscelimorpha circumpicta johnsoni
Subspecies pembina - Habroscelimorpha circumpicta pembina
Species dorsalis - Eastern Beach Tiger Beetle
Subspecies venusta - Habroscelimorpha dorsalis venusta
Subspecies media - Habroscelimorpha dorsalis media
Subspecies dorsalis - Habroscelimorpha dorsalis dorsalis
Subspecies saulcyi - Habroscelimorpha dorsalis saulcyi
Species fulgoris - Habroscelimorpha fulgoris
Subspecies erronea - Habroscelimorpha fulgoris erronea
Species gabbi - Habroscelimorpha gabbi
Species pamphila - Gulfshore Tiger Beetle
Species severa - Saltmarsh Tiger Beetle
Species striga - Elusive Tiger Beetle
Genus Microthylax
Species olivacea - Olive Tiger Beetle
Genus Opilidia - Opilid Tiger Beetles
Species chlorocephala - Lime-headed Tiger Beetle
Subspecies smythi - Smyth’s Lime-headed Tiger Beetle
Subfamily Loricerinae
Tribe Loricerini
Genus Loricera
Species decempunctata - Loricera decempunctata
Species foveata - Loricera foveata
Species pilicornis - Loricera pilicornis
Subfamily Elaphrinae
Genus Blethisa
Species catenaria - Blethisa catenaria
Species hudsonica - Blethisa hudsonica
Species julii - Blethisa julii
Species multipunctata - Blethisa multipunctata aurata
Species oregonensis - Blethisa oregonensis
Species quadricollis - Blethisa quadricollis
Genus Elaphrus - Marsh Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Elaphroterus
Species purpurans - Elaphrus purpurans
No Taxon subgenus Neoelaphrus
No Taxon clairvillei group
Species clairvillei - Elaphrus clairvillei
Species olivaceus - Elaphrus olivaceus
No Taxon fuliginosus group
Species cicatricosus - Elaphrus cicatricosus
Species lindrothi - Elaphrus lindrothi
No Taxon subgenus Elaphrus
Species americanus - Elaphrus americanus
Subspecies americanus - Elaphrus americanus americanus
Species californicus - Elaphrus californicus
Species finitimus - Elaphrus finitimus
Species ruscarius - Elaphrus ruscarius
Species trossulus - Elaphrus trossulus
Species tuberculatus - Elaphrus tuberculatus
Species viridis - Delta green ground beetle
No Taxon subgenus Arctelaphrus
Species lapponicus - Elaphrus lapponicus
Genus Diacheila
Species arctica - Diacheila arctica
Species polita - Diacheila polita
Subfamily Omophroninae
Tribe Omophronini
Genus Omophron - Round Sand Beetles
Species americanum - American Round Sand Beetle
Species dentatum - Toothed Round Sand Beetle
Species gilae - Gila River Round Sand Beetle
Species grossum - Large Round Sand Beetle
Species labiatum - Large-lipped Round Sand Beetle
Species nitidum - Shiny Round Sand Beetle
Species obliteratum - Effaced Round Sand Beetle
Species ovale - Oval Round Sand Beetle
Species robustum - Robust Round Sand Beetle
Species solidum - Solid Round Sand Beetle
Species tessellatum - Mosaic Round Sand Beetle
Subfamily Scaritinae
Tribe Pasimachini
Genus Pasimachus
No Taxon depressus group
Species californicus - Pasimachus californicus
Species depressus - Pasimachus depressus
Species elongatus - Pasimachus elongatus
Species punctulatus - Pasimachus punctulatus
Species viridans - Pasimachus viridans
No Taxon strenuus group
Species strenuus - Pasimachus strenuus
Species sublaevis - Pasimachus sublaevis
No Taxon marginatus group
Species marginatus - Pasimachus marginatus
Species subsulcatus - Pasimachus subsulcatus
Tribe Scaritini
Genus Scarites
Species lissopterus - Scarites lissopterus
Species marinus - Scarites marinus
Species quadriceps - Scarites quadriceps
Species stenops - Scarites stenops
Species subterraneus - Big-headed Ground Beetle
Species vicinus - Scarites vicinus
No Taxon quadriceps or vicinus
Tribe Clivinini
Subtribe Clivinina
Genus Clivina
No Taxon subgenus Semiclivina
Species dentipes - Semiclivina dentipes
No Taxon subgenus Clivina
Species collaris - Clivina collaris
Species fossor - Clivina fossor
Species impressefrons - Slender Seedcorn Beetle
Species pallida - Clivina pallida
Species oregona - Clivina oregona
No Taxon subgenus Antroforceps
Species alabama - Clivina alabama
No Taxon subgenus Leucocara
Species acuducta - Clivina acuducta
Species americana - Clivina americana
Species rufa - Clivina rufa
Genus Paraclivina
Species bipustulata - Paraclivina bipustulata
Species ferrea - Paraclivina ferrea
Species postica - Paraclivina postica
Genus Schizogenius
Species sulcifrons - Schizogenius sulcifrons
Species falli - Schizogenius falli
Species lineolatus - Schizogenius lineolatus
Genus Halocoryza
Species arenaria - Halocoryza arenaria
Genus Oxydrepanus
Species rufus - Oxydrepanus rufus
Subtribe Ardistomina
Genus Ardistomis
Species obliquata - Ardistomis obliquata
Species schaumii - Ardistomis schaumii
Genus Semiardistomis
Species puncticollis - Semiardistomis puncticollis
Species viridis - Semiardistomis viridis
Genus Aspidoglossa
Species subangulata - Aspidoglossa subangulata
Tribe Dyschiriini
Genus Akephorus
Species marinus - Akephorus marinus
Species obesus - Akephorus obesus
Genus Dyschirius
No Taxon subgenus Eudyschirius
Species interior - Dyschirius interior
Species tenuispinus - Dyschirius tenuispinus 0
Species varidens - Dyschirius varidens
No Taxon subgenus Paradyschirius
Species analis - Dyschirius analis
Species haemorrhoidalis - Dyschirius haemorrhoidalis
Species quadrimaculatus - Dyschirius quadrimaculatus 0
Species terminatus - Dyschirius terminatus
No Taxon subgenus Dyschiriodes
Species pilosus - Dyschirius pilosus
No Taxon politus group
Species erythrocerus - Dyschirius erythrocerus
Species larochellei - Dyschirius larochellei
Species politus - Dyschirius politus
Species sphaericollis - Dyschirius sphaericollis 0
No Taxon globulosus group
Species dejeanii - Dyschirius dejeanii
Species globosus - Dyschirius globosus
Species globulosus - Dyschirius globulosus
Species hiemalis - Dyschirius hiemalis 0
Species longulus - Dyschirius longulus 0
Species planatus - Dyschirius planatus 0
No Taxon sellatus group
Species campicola - Dyschirius campicola 0
Species pallipennis - Dyschirius pallipennis 0
No Taxon pumilus group
Species abbreviatus - Dyschirius abbreviatus
Species pumilus - Dyschirius pumilus
Species sublaevis - Dyschirius sublaevis
Tribe Promecognathini
Genus Promecognathus
Species crassus - Promecognathus crassus
Species laevissimus - Promecognathus laevissimus
Subfamily Broscinae
Genus Broscodera
Species insignis - Broscodera insignis
Genus Broscus
Species cephalotes - Broscus cephalotes
Genus Zacotus
Species matthewsii - Zacotus matthewsii
Genus Miscodera
Species arctica - Miscodera arctica
Subfamily Gehringiinae
Genus Gehringia
Species olympica - Gehringia olympica
Subfamily Trechinae
Tribe Bembidiini
Genus Mioptachys
Species flavicauda - Mioptachys flavicauda
Subtribe Anillina
Genus Anillinus
Species balli - Anillinus balli
Species cherokee - Anillinus cherokee
Species depressus - Anillinus depressus
Species langdoni - Anillinus langdoni
Species stephani - Anillinus stephani
Subtribe Tachyina
Genus Tachyta
No Taxon inornata group
Species inornata - Tachyta inornata
Species parvicornis - Tachyta parvicornis
No Taxon falli group
Species angulata - Tachyta angulata
Species falli - Tachyta falli
Genus Elaphropus
No Taxon subgenus Barytachys
Species anceps - Elaphropus anceps
Species capax - Elaphropus capax
Species conjugens - Elaphropus conjugens
Species dolosus - Elaphropus dolosus
Species ferrugineus - Elaphropus ferrugineus
Species granarius - Elaphropus granarius
Species incurvus - Elaphropus incurvus
Species nebulosus - Elaphropus nebulosus
Species obesulus - Elaphropus obesulus
Species rapax - Elaphropus rapax
Species tripunctatus - Elaphropus tripunctatus
Species vernicatus - Elaphropus vernicatus
Species vivax - Elaphropus vivax
Species xanthopus - Elaphropus xanthopus
No Taxon subgenus Tachyura
Species parvulus - Elaphropus parvulus
Species quadrisignatus - Elaphropus quadrisignatus
Genus Micratopus
Species aenescens - Micratopus aenescens
Genus Pericompsus
Species laetulus - Pericompsus laetulus
Species ephippiatus - Pericompsus ephippiatus
Genus Polyderis
Species laeva - Polyderis laeva
Genus Porotachys
Species bisulcatus - Porotachys bisulcatus
Genus Tachys
No Taxon subgenus Tachys
Species pallidus - Tachys pallidus
Species pulchellus - Tachys pulchellus
Species vittiger - Tachys cf. vittiger
No Taxon subgenus Paratachys
Species oblitus - Tachys oblitus
Species potomaca - Tachys potomaca
Species proximus - Tachys proximus
Species pumilus - Tachys pumilus
Species rhodeanus - Tachys rhodeanus
Species scitulus - Tachys scitulus
Species vorax - Tachys vorax
Subtribe Bembidiina
Genus Amerizus
Species oblongulum - Amerizus oblongulum
Species spectabilis - Amerizus spectabilis
Species wingatei - Amerizus wingatei
Genus Lionepha
Species casta - Lionepha casta
Genus Asaphidion
Species curtum - Asaphidion curtum
Species yukonense - Asaphidion yukonense
Genus Bembidion
No Taxon Subgenus Asioperyphus
Species bimaculatum - Bembidion bimaculatum
Species postremum - Bembidion postremum
Species sordidum - Bembidion sordidum
No Taxon Subgenus Bembidion
Species mutatum - Bembidion mutatum
Species pedicellatum - Bembidion pedicellatum
Species quadrimaculatum - Bembidion quadrimaculatum
Subspecies dubitans - Bembidion quadrimaculatum dubitans
Subspecies oppositum - Bembidion quadrimaculatum oppositum
No Taxon Subgenus Blepharoplataphus
Species hastii - Bembidion hastii
No Taxon Subgenus Bracteon
Species carinula - Bembidion carinula
Species foveum - Bembidion foveum
Species inaequale - Bembidion inaequale
Species lapponicum - Bembidion lapponicum
Species levettei - Bembidion levettei
Species lorquinii - Bembidion lorquinii
Species punctatostriatum - Bembidion punctatostriatum
Species zephyrum - Bembidion zephyrum
No Taxon Subgenus Cyclolopha
Species poculare - Bembidion poculare
No Taxon Subgenus Cillenus
Species palosverdes - Bembidion palosverdes
No Taxon Subgenus Diplocampa
Species transparens - Bembidion transparens
No Taxon Subgenus Eupetedromus
Species graciliforme - Bembidion graciliforme
Species immaturum - Bembidion immaturum
Species incrematum - Bembidion incrematum
Species variegatum - Bembidion variegatum
No Taxon Subgenus Furcacampa
Species affine - Bembidion affine
No Taxon versicolor group
Species egens - Bembidion egens
Species impotens - Bembidion impotens
Species mimus - Bembidion mimus
Species timidum - Bembidion timidum
Species versicolor - Bembidion versicolor
No Taxon Subgenus Hirmoplataphus
Species concolor - Bembidion concolor
Species nigrum - Bembidion nigrum
Species quadrulum - Bembidion quadrulum
Species salebratum - Bembidion salebratum
No Taxon Subgenus Hydriomicrus
Species semistriatum - Bembidion semistriatum
No Taxon Subgenus Hydrium
No Taxon nitidum group
Species interventor - Bembidion interventor
Species nitidum - Bembidion nitidum
Species levigatum - Bembidion levigatum
No Taxon Subgenus Leuchydrium
Species tigrinum - Bembidion tigrinum
No Taxon Subgenus Liocosmius
Species mundum - Bembidion mundum
No Taxon Subgenus Lymnaeum
Species laticeps - Bembidion laticeps
Species nigropiceum - Bembidion nigropiceum
No Taxon Subgenus Melomalus
Species planatum - Bembidion planatum
No Taxon Subgenus Metallina
Species dyschirinum - Bembidion dyschirinum
Species lampros - Bembidion lampros
Species properans - Bembidion properans
No Taxon Subgenus Neobembidion
Species constricticolle - Bembidion constricticolle
No Taxon Subgenus Notaphus
Species mormon - Bembidion mormon
No Taxon contractum group
Species constrictum - Bembidion constrictum
Species contractum - Bembidion contractum
Species viridicolle - Bembidion viridicolle
No Taxon dorsale group
Species oberthueri - Bembidion oberthueri
Species versutum - Bembidion versutum
No Taxon obtusangulum group
No Taxon patruele group
Species castor - Bembidion castor
Species coloradense - Bembidion coloradense
Species debiliceps - Bembidion debiliceps
Species graphicum - Bembidion graphicum
Species indistinctum - Bembidion indistinctum
Species insulatum - Bembidion insulatum
Species intermedium - Bembidion intermedium
Species latebricola - Bembidion latebricola
Species nigripes - Bembidion nigripes
Species patruele - Bembidion patruele
Species semipunctatum - Bembidion semipunctatum
No Taxon rapidum group
Species aratum - Bembidion aratum
Species rapidum - Bembidion rapidum
No Taxon scudderi group
Species consimile - Bembidion consimile
Species flohri - Bembidion flohri
Species scudderi - Bembidion scudderi
No Taxon B. patruele or possibly a member of the graphicum group
No Taxon Subgenus Ochthedromus
Species americanum - Bembidion americanum
Species bifossulatum - Bembidion bifossulatum
Species cheyennense - Bembidion cheyennense
No Taxon Subgenus Ocydromus
Species scopulinum - Bembidion scopulinum
No Taxon Subgenus Odontium
Species confusum - Bembidion confusum
Species paraenulum - Bembidion paraenulum
No Taxon Subgenus Peryphanes
Species grapii - Bembidion grapii
Species lacunarium - Bembidion lacunarium
Species platynoides - Bembidion platynoides
Species yukonum - Bembidion yukonum
Species stephensii - Bembidion stephensii
Species texanum - Bembidion texanum
No Taxon Subgenus Peryphodes
Species ephippigerum - Bembidion ephippigerum
No Taxon Subgenus Peryphus
No Taxon striola group
Species consanguineum - Bembidion consanguineum
No Taxon tetracolum group
Species bruxellense - Bembidion bruxellense
Species femoratum - Bembidion femoratum
Species obscurellum - Bembidion obscurellum
Species petrosum - Bembidion petrosum
Species rupicola - Bembidion rupicola
Species sejunctum - Bembidion sejunctum
Subspecies semiaureum - Bembidion sejunctum semiaureum
Species tetracolum - Bembidion tetracolum
No Taxon transversale group
Species lugubre - Bembidion lugubre
Species mexicanum - Bembidion mexicanum
Species perspicuum - Bembidion perspicuum
Species transversale - Bembidion transversale
No Taxon Subgenus Phyla
Species obtusum - Bembidion obtusum
No Taxon Subgenus Plataphus
No Taxon complanulum group
Species breve - Bembidion breve
Species complanulum - Bembidion complanulum
Species compressum - Bembidion compressum
Species farrarae - Bembidion farrarae
Species haruspex - Bembidion haruspex
Species kuprianovii - Bembidion kuprianovii
Species quadrifoveolatum - Bembidion quadrifoveolatum
No Taxon planiusculum group
Species carolinense - Bembidion carolinense
Species curtulatum - Bembidion curtulatum
Species gordoni - Bembidion gordoni
Species gratiosum - Bembidion gratiosum
Species planiusculum - Bembidion planiusculum
Species rufinum - Bembidion rufinum
Species rusticum - Bembidion rusticum
Species simplex - Bembidion simplex
Species stillaguamish - Bembidion stillaguamish
Species sulcipenne - Bembidion sulcipenne
Subspecies hyperboroides - Bembidion sulcipenne hyperboroides
Subspecies prasinoides - Bembidion sulcipenne prasinoides
Species basicorne - Bembidion basicorne
No Taxon Subgenus Pseudoperyphus
No Taxon chalceum group
Species antiquum - Bembidion antiquum
Species chalceum - Bembidion chalceum
Species louisella - Bembidion louisella
No Taxon honestum group
Species honestum - Bembidion honestum
Species arenobile - Bembidion arenobile
No Taxon Subgenus Semicampa
Species convexulum - Bembidion convexulum
Species muscicola - Bembidion muscicola
Species semicinctum - Bembidion semicinctum
Species praticola - Bembidion praticola
No Taxon Subgenus Terminophanes
Species mckinleyi - Bembidion mckinleyi
Subspecies carneum - Bembidion mckinleyi carneum
No Taxon Subgenus Testediolum
Species commotum - Bembidion commotum
Species nebraskense - Bembidion nebraskense
No Taxon Subgenus Trechonepha
Species iridescens - Bembidion iridescens
No Taxon Subgenus Trepanedoris
No Taxon fortestriatum group
Species concretum - Bembidion concretum
Species fortestriatum - Bembidion fortestriatum
Species pseudocautum - Bembidion pseudocautum
No Taxon connivens group
Species connivens - Bembidion connivens
Species frontale - Bembidion frontale
Species siticum - Bembidion siticum
No Taxon Subgenus Trichoplataphus
Species planum - Bembidion planum
Species rolandi - Bembidion rolandi
Genus Phrypeus
Species rickseckeri - Phrypeus rickseckeri
Tribe Pogonini
Genus Pogonus
Species texanus - Pogonus texanus
Genus Diplochaetus
Species rutilus - Diplochaetus rutilus
Tribe Trechini
Genus Ameroduvalius
Species jeanneli - Ameroduvalius jeanneli
Genus Blemus
Species discus - Blemus discus
Genus Darlingtonea
Species kentuckensis - Darlingtonea kentuckensis
Genus Neaphaenops
Species tellkampfi - Neaphaenops tellkampfi
Subspecies tellkampfi - Neaphaenops tellkampfi tellkampfi
Genus Pseudanophthalmus
Species hoffmani - Pseudanophthalmus hoffmani
Species holsingeri - Pseudanophthalmus holsingeri
Species tenuis - Pseudanophthalmus tenuis
Genus Trechus
No Taxon Subgenus Trechus
Species apicalis - Trechus apicalis
Species chalybeus - Trechus chalybeus
No Taxon quadristriatus group
Species obtusus - Trechus obtusus
Species quadristriatus - Trechus quadristriatus
Species rubens - Trechus rubens
No Taxon Subgenus Microtrechus
Species tuckaleechee - Trechus tuckaleechee
Subfamily Patrobinae
Tribe Patrobini
Genus Diplous
Species californicus - Diplous californicus
Species aterrimus - Diplous aterrimus
Species rugicollis - Diplous rugicollis
Genus Platidiolus
Species vandykei - Platidiolus vandykei
Subtribe Patrobina
Genus Patrobus
Species foveocollis - Patrobus foveocollis
No Taxon fossifrons group
Species lecontei - Patrobus lecontei
Species stygicus - Patrobus stygicus
No Taxon septentrionis group
Species cinctus - Patrobus cinctus
Species septentrionis - Patrobus septentrionis
No Taxon longicornis group
Species longicornis - Patrobus longicornis
Genus Platypatrobus
Species lacustris - Platypatrobus lacustris
Subfamily Psydrinae
Tribe Psydrini
Genus Psydrus
Species piceus - Psydrus piceus
Genus Nomius
Species pygmaeus - Stink Beetle
Subfamily Paussinae
Tribe Ozaenini
Genus Goniotropis
Species kuntzeni - Goniotropis kuntzeni
Species parca - Goniotropis parca
Genus Physea
Species hirta - Physea hirta
Genus Pachyteles
Species gyllenhalii - Pachyteles gyllenhalii
Tribe Metriini
Genus Metrius
Species contractus - Metrius contractus
Subspecies sericeus - Metrius contractus sericeus
Subfamily Brachininae
Genus Brachinus - Bombardier Beetle
No Taxon alternans group
Species alternans - Brachinus alternans
Species rugipennis - Brachinus rugipennis
No Taxon americanus group
Species alexiguus - Brachinus alexiguus
Species americanus - Brachinus americanus
No Taxon cordicollis group
Species cyanochroaticus - Brachinus cyanochroaticus
Species fulminatus - Brachinus fulminatus
Species janthinipennis - Brachinus janthinipennis
Species vulcanoides - Brachinus vulcanoides
No Taxon fumans group
Species cibolensis - Brachinus cibolensis
Species cyanipennis - Brachinus cyanipennis
Species favicollis - Brachinus favicollis
Species fumans - Brachinus fumans
Species imporcitis - Brachinus imporcitis
Species medius - Brachinus medius
Species mexicanus - Brachinus mexicanus
Species patruelis - Brachinus patruelis
Species phaeocerus - Brachinus phaeocerus
Species quadripennis - Brachinus quadripennis
No Taxon lateralis group
Species adustipennis - Brachinus adustipennis
Species lateralis - Brachinus lateralis
No Taxon texanus group
Species elongatulus - Brachinus elongatulus
Species geniculatus - Brachinus geniculatus
Species texanus - Brachinus texanus
Species costipennis - Brachinus costipennis
Species hirsutus - Brachinus hirsutus
Subfamily Harpalinae
Supertribe Harpalitae
Tribe Licinini
Genus Badister
No Taxon Subgenus Baudia
Species transversus - Badister transversus
No Taxon micans group
Species grandiceps - Badister grandiceps
Species micans - Badister micans
Species parviceps - Badister parviceps
Species reflexus - Badister reflexus
No Taxon Subgenus Badister
Species notatus - Badister notatus
No Taxon elegans group
Species elegans - Badister elegans
Species flavipes - Badister flavipes
Species maculatus - Badister maculatus
No Taxon pulchellus group
Species neopulchellus - Badister neopulchellus
Subtribe Dicaelina
Genus Diplocheila
Species assimilis - Diplocheila assimilis
Species impressicollis - Diplocheila impressicollis
Species obtusa - Diplocheila obtusa
Species oregona - Diplocheila oregona
Species striatopunctata - Diplocheila striatopunctata
Genus Dicaelus - Notched-mouth Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Paradicaelus
Species elongatus - Dicaelus elongatus
No Taxon politus group
Species ambiguus - Dicaelus ambiguus
Species politus - Dicaelus politus
Species teter - Dicaelus teter
No Taxon furvus group
Species dilatatus - Dicaelus dilatatus
Species furvus - Dicaelus furvus
Species sculptilis - Dicaelus sculptilis
No Taxon subgenus Dicaelus
Species costatus - Dicaelus costatus
Species crenatus - Dicaelus crenatus
Species purpuratus - Dicaelus purpuratus
No Taxon subgenus Liodicaelus
Species laevipennis - Dicaelus laevipennis
Tribe Harpalini
Subtribe Pelmatellina
Genus Pelmatellus
Species obtusus - Pelmatellus obtusus
Subtribe Anisodactylina
Genus Notiobia
Species brevicollis - Notiobia brevicollis
Species maculicornis - Notiobia maculicornis
Species mexicana - Notiobia mexicana
Species nitidipennis - Notiobia nitidipennis
Species purpurascens - Notiobia purpurascens
Species sayi - Notiobia sayi
Species terminata - Notiobia terminata
Genus Xestonotus
Species lugubris - Xestonotus lugubris
Genus Anisodactylus
No Taxon Subgenus Anisodactylus
Species binotatus - Anisodactylus binotatus
Species nemorivagus - Heath Short-spur
No Taxon californicus group
Species furvus - Anisodactylus furvus
Species similis - Anisodactylus similis
No Taxon carbonarius group
Species harrisii - Anisodactylus harrisii
Species nigerrimus - Anisodactylus nigerrimus
No Taxon melanopus group
Species agricola - Anisodactylus agricola
Species melanopus - Anisodactylus melanopus
No Taxon nigrita group
Species kirbyi - Anisodactylus kirbyi
Species nigrita - Anisodactylus nigrita
No Taxon Subgenus Gynandrotarsus
No Taxon dulcicollis group
Species dulcicollis - Anisodactylus dulcicollis
Species opaculus - Anisodactylus opaculus
No Taxon rusticus group
Species anthracinus - Anisodactylus anthracinus
Species haplomus - Anisodactylus haplomus
Species merula - Anisodactylus merula
Species ovularis - Anisodactylus ovularis
Species rusticus - Anisodactylus rusticus
No Taxon Subgenus Anadaptus
Species alternans - Anisodactylus alternans
Species discoideus - Anisodactylus discoideus
Species sanctaecrucis - Anisodactylus sanctaecrucis
Species verticalis - Anisodactylus (Spongopus) verticalis
No Taxon Subgenus Aplocentrus
Species caenus - Anisodactylus caenus
Species laetus - Anisodactylus (Pseudaplocentrus) laetus
Genus Geopinus
Species incrassatus - Geopinus incrassatus
Genus Amphasia
Species interstitialis - Amphasia interstitialis
Species sericea - Amphasia sericea
Genus Dicheirus
Species dilatatus - Dicheirus dilatatus
Subspecies dilatatus - Dicheirus dilatatus dilatatus
Species piceus - Dicheirus piceus
Species strenuus - Dicheirus strenuus
Subtribe Stenolophina
Genus Acupalpus
No Taxon subgenus Tachistodes
Species indistinctus - Acupalpus indistinctus
Species partiarius - Acupalpus partiarius
Species pauperculus - Acupalpus pauperculus
Species testaceus - Acupalpus testaceus
No Taxon subgenus Anthracus
No Taxon subgenus Acupalpus
Species canadensis - Acupalpus canadensis
Species carus - Acupalpus carus
Species hydropicus - Acupalpus hydropicus
Species meridianus - Acupalpus meridianus
Species nanellus - Acupalpus nanellus
Species pumilus - Acupalpus pumilus
Genus Agonoleptus
Species conjunctus - Agonoleptus conjunctus
Species rotundatus - Agonoleptus rotundatus
Species rotundicollis - Agonoleptus rotundicollis
Species thoracicus - Agonoleptus thoracicus
Genus Amerinus
Species linearis - Amerinus linearis
Genus Bradycellus
No Taxon subgenus Liocellus
No Taxon subgenus Bradycellus
Species harpalinus - Bradycellus harpalinus
No Taxon subgenus Catharellus
Species lecontei - Bradycellus lecontei
No Taxon subgenus Stenocellus
Species festinans - Bradycellus festinans
Species montanus - Bradycellus montanus
Species suavis - Bradycellus suavis
Species veronianus - Bradycellus veronianus
No Taxon nigriceps group
Species insulsus - Bradycellus insulsus
Species neglectus - Bradycellus neglectus
Species nigriceps - Bradycellus nigriceps
No Taxon rupestris group
Species congener - Bradycellus congener
Species nigerrimus - Bradycellus nigerrimus
Species nubifer - Bradycellus nubifer
Species rupestris - Bradycellus rupestris
No Taxon tantillus group
Species californicus - Bradycellus californicus
Species tantillus - Bradycellus tantillus
Species lineatus - Bradycellus lineatus
No Taxon subgenus Lipalocellus
Species nigrinus - Bradycellus nigrinus
No Taxon subgenus Triliarthrus
Species atrimedeus - Bradycellus atrimedeus
Species badipennis - Bradycellus badipennis
Species conformis - Bradycellus conformis
Species lugubris - Bradycellus lugubris
Genus Dicheirotrichus
Species cognatus - Dicheirotrichus cognatus
Species mannerheimii - Dicheirotrichus (Oreoxenus) mannerheimii
Genus Philodes
Species alternans - Philodes (s.str.) alternans
No Taxon subgenus Goniolophus
Species longulus - Philodes longulus
Species rectangulus - Philodes rectangulus
Genus Pogonodaptus
Species mexicanus - Pogonodaptus mexicanus
Genus Polpochila
Species erro - Polpochila erro
Genus Stenolophus - Seedcorn Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Stenolophus
Species anceps - Stenolophus anceps
Species dissimilis - Stenolophus dissimilis
Species fuliginosus - Stenolophus fuliginosus
Species fuscatus - Stenolophus fuscatus
Species ochropezus - Stenolophus ochropezus
Species plebejus - Stenolophus plebejus
Species spretus - Stenolophus spretus
No Taxon subgenus Agonoderus
Species binotatus - Stenolophus binotatus
Species comma - Stenolophus comma
Species infuscatus - Stenolophus infuscatus
Species lecontei - LeConte's Seedcorn Beetle
Species lineola - Stenolophus lineola
Subtribe Harpalina
Genus Piosoma
Species setosum - Piosoma setosum
Genus Euryderus
Species grossus - Euryderus grossus
Genus Ophonus
Species rufibarbis - Ophonus rufibarbis
Species puncticeps - Ophonus puncticeps
Genus Harpalus
No Taxon Subgenus Pseudoophonus
No Taxon rufipes group
Species faunus - Harpalus faunus
Species rufipes - Strawberry Seed Beetle
No Taxon compar group
Species actiosus - Harpalus actiosus
Species compar - Harpalus compar
Species erythropus - Harpalus erythropus
Species paratus - Harpalus paratus
Species vagans - Harpalus vagans
No Taxon pensylvanicus group
Species pensylvanicus - Pennsylvania Dingy Ground Beetle
Species protractus - Harpalus protractus
Species texanus - Harpalus texanus
No Taxon Subgenus Megapangus
Species caliginosus - Murky Ground Beetle
Species katiae - Harpalus katiae
No Taxon Subgenus Plectralidus
Species erraticus - Harpalus erraticus
No Taxon Subgenus Opadius
No Taxon nigritarsis group
Species nigritarsis - Harpalus nigritarsis
No Taxon spadiceus group
Species fulvilabris - Harpalus fulvilabris
Species reversus - Harpalus reversus
Species spadiceus - Harpalus spadiceus
No Taxon desertus group
Species gravis - Harpalus gravis
Species indianus - Harpalus indianus
No Taxon laticeps group
Species laticeps - Harpalus laticeps
Species providens - Harpalus providens
No Taxon cordatus group
Species cordifer - Harpalus cordifer
No Taxon Subgenus Harpalus
No Taxon atrichatus group
No Taxon affinis group
Species affinis - Harpalus affinis
Species rubripes - Harpalus rubripes
No Taxon obnixus group
No Taxon amputatus group
Species amputatus - Harpalus amputatus
No Taxon cautus group
Species ellipsis - Harpalus ellipsis
Species innocuus - Harpalus innocuus
No Taxon somnulentus group
Species herbivagus - Harpalus herbivagus
Species somnulentus - Harpalus somnulentus
No Taxon opacipennis group
Species opacipennis - Harpalus opacipennis
No Taxon Subgenus Glanodes
No Taxon Subgenus Harpalobius
Species fuscipalpis - Harpalus fuscipalpis
Genus Harpalobrachys
Species leiroides - Harpalobrachys leiroides
Genus Hartonymus
Species alternatus - Hartonymus alternatus
Species hoodi - Hartonymus hoodi
Genus Amblygnathus
Species subtinctus - Amblygnathus subtinctus
Species mexicanus - Amblygnathus mexicanus
Genus Athrostictus
Species punctatulus - Athrostictus punctatulus
Genus Selenophorus
No Taxon subgenus Selenophorus
Species aeneopiceus - Selenophorus aeneopiceus
Species fatuus - Selenophorus fatuus
Species gagatinus - Selenophorus gagatinus
Species hylacis - Selenophorus hylacis
Species opalinus - Selenophorus opalinus
Species palliatus - Selenophorus palliatus
Species pedicularius - Selenophorus pedicularius
Species planipennis - Selenophorus planipennis
Species trepidus - Selenophorus trepidus
Species striatopunctatus - Selenophorus striatopunctatus
No Taxon subgenus Celiamorphus
Species ellipticus - Selenophorus ellipticus
Species granarius - Selenophorus granarius
Species fossulatus - Selenophorus fossulatus
Genus Discoderus
Species aequalis - Discoderus aequalis
Species amoenus - Discoderus amoenus
Species cordicollis - Discoderus (Senalius) cordicollis
Species impotens - Discoderus impotens
Species parallelus - Discoderus parallelus
Species robustus - Discoderus robustus
Genus Stenomorphus
Species californicus - Stenomorphus californicus
Subspecies rufipes - Stenomorphus californicus rufipes
Species convexior - Stenomorphus convexior
Species sinaloae - Stenomorphus sinaloae
Genus Trichotichnus
No Taxon subgenus Iridessus
Species autumnalis - Trichotichnus autumnalis
Species fulgens - Trichotichnus fulgens
No Taxon subgenus Trichotichnus
Species dichrous - Trichotichnus dichrous
Species vulpeculus - Trichotichnus vulpeculus
Genus Aztecarpalus
Species schaefferi - Aztecarpalus schaefferi
Genus Cratacanthus
Species dubius - Cratacanthus dubius
Tribe Sphodrini
Genus Calathus
Species advena - Calathus (Acalathus) advena
Species fuscipes - Calathus (Calathus) fuscipes
No Taxon subgenus Neocalathus
Species gregarius - Calathus gregarius
Species ingratus - Calathus ingratus
Species opaculus - Calathus opaculus
Species ruficollis - Calathus ruficollis
Genus Laemostenus
Species complanatus - Laemostenus (Laemostenus) complanatus
Species terricola - Laemostenus (Pristonychus) terricola
Genus Synuchus
Species impunctatus - Synuchus impunctatus
Species dubius - Synuchus dubius
Genus Pseudamara
Species arenaria - Pseudamara arenaria
Tribe Platynini
Genus Olisthopus
Species parmatus - Olisthopus parmatus
Species micans - Olisthopus micans
Genus Elliptoleus
Species acutesculptus - Elliptoleus acutesculptus
Genus Sericoda
Species bembidioides - Sericoda bembidioides
Species bogemannii - Sericoda bogemannii
Species obsoleta - Sericoda obsoleta
Species quadripunctata - Sericoda quadripunctata
Genus Tetraleucus
Species picticornis - Tetraleucus picticornis
Genus Anchomenus
Species aeneolus - Anchomenus aeneolus
Species funebris - Anchomenus funebris
Species quadratus - Anchomenus quadratus
Genus Rhadine
Species babcocki - Rhadine babcocki
Species dissecta - Rhadine dissecta
Species howdeni - Rhadine howdeni
No Taxon dissecta species group
Species lindrothi - Rhadine lindrothi
No Taxon larvalis species group
Species caudata - Rhadine caudata
Species ozarkensis - Rhadine ozarkensis
No Taxon subterranea species group
Species austinica - Rhadine austinica
Species infernalis - Rhadine infernalis
No Taxon nivalis species group
Species nivalis - Rhadine nivalis
No Taxon perlevis species group
No Taxon jejuna species group
Species myrmecodes - Rhadine myrmecodes
Species jejuna - Rhadine jejuna
Genus Tanystoma
Species diabolica - Tanystoma diabolica
Species maculicolle - Tule Beetle
Genus Paranchus
Species albipes - Paranchus albipes
Genus Oxypselaphus
Species pusillus - Oxypselaphus pusillus
Genus Agonum
No Taxon Subgenus Agonum
Species muelleri - Agonum muelleri
Species piceolum - Agonum piceolum
Species placidum - Agonum placidum
No Taxon unsorted with green luster
No Taxon Subgenus Platynomicrus
Species ferruginosum - Agonum ferruginosum
Species nigriceps - Agonum nigriceps
No Taxon Subgenus Europhilus
Species anchomenoides - Agonum anchomenoides
Species canadense - Agonum canadense
Species consimile - Agonum consimile
Species darlingtoni - Agonum darlingtoni
Species galvestonicum - Agonum galvestonicum
Species gratiosum - Agonum gratiosum
Species limbatum - Agonum limbatum
Species lutulentum - Agonum lutulentum
Species palustre - Agonum palustre
Species retractum - Agonum retractum
Species sordens - Agonum sordens
Species thoreyi - Agonum thoreyi
No Taxon Subgenus Olisares
Species albicrus - Agonum albicrus
No Taxon cupripenne group
Species belleri - Beller's Ground Beetle
Species cupreum - Agonum cupreum
Species cupripenne - Agonum cupripenne
Species suturale - Agonum suturale
Species cyclifer - Agonum cyclifer
No Taxon errans group
Species errans - Agonum errans
Species ferreum - Agonum ferreum
Species excavatum - Agonum excavatum
No Taxon extensicolle group
Species cyanopis - Agonum cyanopis
Species decorum - Agonum decorum
Species extensicolle - Agonum extensicolle
Species texanum - Agonum texanum
No Taxon melanarium group
Species affine - Agonum affine
Species brevicolle - Agonum brevicolle
Species collare - Agonum collare
Species corvus - Agonum corvus
Species fidele - Agonum fidele
Species harrisii - Agonum harrisii
Species melanarium - Agonum melanarium
Species moerens - Agonum moerens
Species mutatum - Agonum mutatum
Species propinquum - Agonum propinquum
Species tenue - Agonum tenue
Species trigeminum - Agonum trigeminum
No Taxon nutans group
Species aeruginosum - Agonum aeruginosum
Species nutans - Agonum nutans
Species octopunctatum - Agonum octopunctatum
No Taxon pallipes group
Species crenistriatum - Agonum crenistriatum
Species pallipes - Agonum pallipes
Species punctiforme - Agonum punctiforme
Species rigidulum - Agonum rigidulum
Genus Platynus
No Taxon subgenus Microplatynus
No Taxon subgenus Platynus
Species brunneomarginatus - Platynus brunneomarginatus
Species daviesi - Platynus daviesi
Species decentis - Platynus decentis
Species opaculus - Platynus opaculus
Species ovipennis - Platynus ovipennis
Species parmarginatus - Platynus parmarginatus
Species tenuicollis - Platynus tenuicollis
Species trifoveolatus - Platynus trifoveolatus
No Taxon subgenus Batenus
Species angustatus - Platynus angustatus
Species cincticollis - Platynus cincticollis
Species hypolithos - Platynus hypolithos
Species mannerheimi - Platynus mannerheimii
No Taxon subgenus Glyptolenopsis
Species ovatulus - Platynus ovatulus
No Taxon subgenus Trapezodera
Species cohni - Platynus cohni
No Taxon subgenus Dyscolus
Species cazieri - Platynus cazieri
Species lyratus - Platynus lyratus
Species megalops - Platynus megalops
Species rufiventris - Platynus rufiventris
Genus Metacolpodes
Species buchanani - Metacolpodes buchanani
Tribe Perigonini
Genus Perigona
Species nigriceps - Perigona nigriceps
Tribe Atranini
Genus Atranus
Species pubescens - Atranus pubescens
Tribe Lachnophorini
Genus Anchonoderus
Species horni - Anchonoderus horni
Species quadrinotatus - Anchonoderus quadrinotatus
Species schaefferi - Anchonoderus schaefferi
Genus Ega
Species sallei - Ega sallei
Genus Euphorticus
Species pubescens - Euphorticus pubescens
Genus Eucaerus
Species varicornis - Eucaerus varicornis
Genus Lachnophorus
Species elegantulus - Lachnophorus elegantulus
Tribe Pentagonicini
Genus Pentagonica
Species felix - Pentagonica felix
Species flavipes - Pentagonica flavipes
Species picticornis - Pentagonica picticornis
Species marshalli - Pentagonica marshalli
Tribe Odacanthini
Genus Colliuris - Long-necked Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Cosnania
Species pensylvanica - Colliuris pensylvanica
No Taxon subgenus Calocolliuris
Species caymanensis - Colliuris caymanensis
Species lioptera - Colliuris lioptera
Species ludoviciana - Colliuris ludoviciana
Tribe Ctenodactylini
Genus Leptotrachelus
Species depressus - Leptotrachelus depressus
Species dorsalis - Leptotrachelus dorsalis
Tribe Cyclosomini
Genus Tetragonoderus
Species laevigatus - Tetragonoderus laevigatus
Species pallidus - Tetragonoderus pallidus
Species latipennis - Tetragonoderus latipennis
Species fasciatus - Tetragonoderus fasciatus
Species intersectus - Tetragonoderus intersectus
Tribe Lebiini
Subtribe Pericalina
Genus Mochtherus
Species tetraspilotus - Mochtherus tetraspilotus
Genus Phloeoxena
Species signata - Phloeoxena signata
Genus Eucheila
Species boyeri - Eucheila boyeri
Genus Somotrichus
Species unifasciatus - Somotrichus unifasciatus
Genus Coptodera
Species aerata - Coptodera aerata
Genus Cymindis
No Taxon Subgenus Tarulus
Species americana - Cymindis americana
Species borealis - Cymindis borealis
Species cribricollis - Cymindis cribricollis
Species elegans - Cymindis elegans
Species laticollis-or-interior - Cymindis laticollis-or-interior
Species neglecta - Cymindis neglecta
Species pilosa - Cymindis pilosa
Species planipennis - Cymindis planipennis
Species unicolor - Cymindis unicolor
Species uniseriata - Cymindis uniseriata
Species vaporariorum - Cymindis vaporariorum
No Taxon Subgenus Pinacodera
Species complanata - Cymindis complanata
Species limbata - Cymindis limbata
Species platicollis - Cymindis platicollis
Species rufostigma - Cymindis rufostigma
Species punctifera - Cymindis punctifera
Genus Apenes
Species coriacea - Apenes coriacea
Species hilariola - Apenes hilariola
Species lucidula - Apenes lucidula
Species nebulosa - Apenes nebulosa
Species parallela - Apenes parallela
Species sinuata - Apenes sinuata
Subtribe Dromiusina
Genus Dromius
Species fenestratus - Dromius fenestratus
Species piceus - Dromius piceus
Genus Philorhizus
Species melanocephalus - Philorhizus melanocephalus
Genus Microlestes
Species curtipennis - Microlestes curtipennis
Genus Apristus
Species latens - Apristus latens
Species laticollis - Apristus laticollis
Species constrictus - Apristus constrictus
Genus Syntomus
Species americanus - Syntomus americanus
Genus Axinopalpus
Species biplagiatus - Axinopalpus biplagiatus
Species fusciceps - Axinopalpus fusciceps
Subtribe Lebiina
Genus Lebia - Colorful Foliage Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Loxopeza
No Taxon atriventris group
Species atriceps - Lebia atriceps
Species atriventris - Lebia atriventris
No Taxon tricolor group
Species deceptrix - Lebia deceptrix
Species grandis - Large Foliage Ground Beetle
Species subgrandis - Lebia subgrandis
Species tricolor - Lebia tricolor
No Taxon subgenus Lamprias
Species divisa - Lebia divisa
No Taxon subgenus Lebia
Species analis - Lebia analis
Species bitaeniata - Lebia bitaeniata
No Taxon bivittata group
Species abdominalis - Lebia abdominalis
Species bilineata - Lebia bilineata
Species bivittata - Lebia bivittata
Species collaris - Lebia collaris
No Taxon fuscata group
Species abdita - Lebia abdita
Species calliope - Lebia calliope
Species esurialis - Lebia esurialis
Species fuscata - Lebia fuscata
Species guttula - Lebia guttula
Species lobulata - Lebia lobulata
Species ornata - Lebia ornata
Species subrugosa - Lebia subrugosa
Species bumeliae - Lebia bumeliae
Species pulchella - Beautiful Banded Lebia
Species pumila - Lebia pumila
Species rugatifrons - Lebia rugatifrons
Species scalpta - Lebia scalpta
Species scapula - Lebia scapula
Species variegata - Lebia variegata
Species viridipennis - Green-winged Lebia
No Taxon viridis group
Species arizonica - Lebia arizonica
Species cyanipennis - Lebia cyanipennis
Species marginicollis - Lebia marginicollis
Species moesta - Lebia moesta
Species perita - Lebia perita
Species rufopleura - Lebia rufopleura
Species tuckeri - Lebia tuckeri
Species viridis - Lebia viridis
No Taxon vittata group
Species histrionica - Lebia histrionica
Species miranda - Lebia miranda
Species pectita - Lebia pectita
Species solea - Lebia solea
Species vittata - Lebia vittata
Species uasm-lebia-fifty-three - Lebia uasm-lebia-fifty-three
Genus Hyboptera
Species auxiliadora - Hyboptera auxiliadora
Subtribe Calleidina
Genus Plochionus
Species amandus - Plochionus amandus
Species timidus - Plochionus timidus
Genus Tecnophilus
Species croceicollis - Tecnophilus croceicollis
Genus Calleida
No Taxon subgenus Calleida
Species decora - Calleida decora
Species fimbriata - Calleida fimbriata
Species planulata - Calleida planulata
Species platynoides - Calleida platynoides
Species punctata - Calleida punctata
Species punctulata - Calleida punctulata
Species purpurea - Calleida purpurea
Species viridipennis - Calleida viridipennis
Genus Philophuga
Species caerulea - Calleida caerulea
Species viridicollis - Philophuga viridicollis
Genus Onota
Species angulicollis - Onota angulicollis
Genus Cylindronotum
Species aeneum - Cylindronotum aeneum
Genus Agra
Species oblongopunctata - =NOT IN OUR AREA=
Genus Euproctinus
Species balli - Euproctinus balli
Species abjectus - Euproctinus abjectus
Genus Nemotarsus
Species rhombifer - Nemotarsus rhombifer
Species elegans - Nemotarsus elegans
Tribe Zuphiini
Genus Zuphium
Species americanum - Zuphium americanum
Species longicolle - Zuphium longicolle
Species mexicanum - Zuphium mexicanum
Genus Pseudaptinus
Species lecontei - Pseudaptinus lecontei
Species tenuicollis - Pseudaptinus tenuicollis
Genus Thalpius
Species dorsalis - Thalpius dorsalis
Species hoegei - Thalpius hoegei
Species horni - Thalpius horni
Species pygmaeus - Thalpius pygmaeus
Species rufulus - Thalpius rufulus
Species simplex - Thalpius simplex
Tribe Galeritini
Genus Galerita - False Bombardier Beetles
Species aequinoctialis - Galerita (Galerita) aequinoctialis
No Taxon subgenus Progaleritina
Species atripes - Galerita atripes
Species bicolor - Galerita bicolor
Species forreri - Galerita forreri
Species janus - Galerita janus
Species lecontei - Galerita lecontei
Species mexicana - Galerita mexicana
Species reichardti - Galerita reichardti
No Taxon larvae
Tribe Helluonini - Flat-horned Ground Beetles
Genus Helluomorphoides - Flat-horned Ground Beetles
Species clairvillei - Helluomorphoides clairvillei
Species ferrugineus - Helluomorphoides ferrugineus
Species latitarsis - Helluomorphoides latitarsis
Species nigripennis - Helluomorphoides nigripennis
Species praeustus - Helluomorphoides praeustus
Subspecies bicolor - Helluomorphoides praeustus bicolor
Subspecies praeustus - Helluomorphoides praeustus praeustus
Tribe Pseudomorphini
Genus Pseudomorpha - Western False-form Beetles
Species augustata - Pseudomorpha augustata
Supertribe Pterostichitae
Tribe Morionini
Genus Morion
Species monilicornis - Morion monilicornis
Tribe Abacetini
Genus Loxandrus
Species celeris - Loxandrus celeris
Species crenatus - Loxandrus crenatus
Species duryi - Loxandrus duryi
Species erraticus - Loxandrus erraticus
Species rectangulus - Loxandrus rectangulus
Species sculptilis - Loxandrus sculptilis
Genus Stolonis
Species intercepta - Oxycrepis intercepta
Tribe Pterostichini - Woodland Ground Beetles
Genus Abaris
Species splendidula - Abaris splendidula
Genus Abax
Species parallelepipedus - Abax parallelepipedus
Genus Cyclotrachelus
No Taxon Subgenus Evarthrus
Species blatchleyi - Cyclotrachelus blatchleyi
Species incisus - Cyclotrachelus incisus
Species sodalis - Cyclotrachelus sodalis
No Taxon seximpressus group
Species engelmani - Cyclotrachelus engelmani
Species seximpressus - Cyclotrachelus seximpressus
No Taxon sigillatus group
Species convivus - Cyclotrachelus convivus
Species sigillatus - Cyclotrachelus sigillatus
No Taxon substriatus group
Species constrictus - Cyclotrachelus constrictus
Species substriatus - Cyclotrachelus substriatus
No Taxon Subgenus Cyclotrachelus
No Taxon approximatus group
Species approximatus - Cyclotrachelus approximatus
Species freitagi - Cyclotrachelus freitagi
Species iuvenis - Cyclotrachelus iuvenis
Species laevipennis - Cyclotrachelus laevipennis
No Taxon spoliatus group
Species brevoorti - Cyclotrachelus brevoorti
Species fucatus - Cyclotrachelus fucatus
Species spoliatus - Cyclotrachelus spoliatus
Genus Gastrellarius
Species blanchardi - Gastrellarius blanchardi
Species honestus - Gastrellarius honestus
Species unicarum - Gastrellarius unicarum
Genus Hybothecus
Species flohri - Hybothecus flohri
Genus Lophoglossus
Species gravis - Lophoglossus gravis
Species scrutator - Lophoglossus scrutator
Species substrenuus - Lophoglossus substrenuus
Species tartaricus - Lophoglossus tartaricus
Genus Myas
Species coracinus - Myas coracinus
Species cyanescens - Myas cyanescens
Genus Piesmus
Species submarginatus - Piesmus submarginatus
Genus Poecilus
Species cursitor - Poecilus cursitor
Species lucublandus - Poecilus lucublandus
Subspecies lucublandus - Poecilus lucublandus lucublandus
No Taxon chalcites group
Species chalcites - Poecilus chalcites
Species diplophyrus - Poecilus diplophyrus
Species scitulus - Poecilus scitulus
Genus Pterostichus
No Taxon Subgenus Argutor
Species commutabilis - Pterostichus commutablis
Species praetermissus - Pterostichus praetermissus
Species vernalis - Pterostichus vernalis
No Taxon Subgenus Phonias
Species femoralis - Pterostichus femoralis
Species patruelis - Pterostichus patruelis
Species strenuus - Pterostichus strenuus
No Taxon Subgenus Bothriopterus
No Taxon adstrictus group
Species adstrictus - Pterostichus adstrictus
Species pensylvanicus - Pterostichus pensylvanicus
No Taxon mutus group
Species lustrans - Pterostichus lustrans
Species mutus - Pterostichus mutus
Species trinarius - Pterostichus trinarius
No Taxon Subgenus Melanius
Species corvinus - Pterostichus corvinus
No Taxon Subgenus Pseudomaseus
Species luctuosus - Pterostichus luctuosus
No Taxon subgenus Paraferonia
Species lubricus - Pterostichus lubricus
No Taxon Subgenus Gastrosticta
Species punctiventris - Pterostichus punctiventris
Species subacutus - Pterostichus subacutus
Species ventralis - Pterostichus ventralis
No Taxon Subgenus Morphnosoma
Species melanarius - Pterostichus melanarius
No Taxon Subgenus Euferonia
Species lachrymosus - Pterostichus lachrymosus
No Taxon stygicus group
Species coracinus - Pterostichus coracinus
Species novus - Pterostichus novus
Species relictus - Pterostichus relictus
Species stygicus - Pterostichus stygicus
No Taxon Subgenus Lenapterus
Species agonus - Pterostichus agonus
Species costatus - Pterostichus costatus
Species punctatissimus - Pterostichus punctatissimus
Species vermiculosus - Pterostichus vermiculosus
No Taxon Subgenus Metallophilus
Species sublaevis - Pterostichus sublaevis
No Taxon Subgenus Abacidus
Species atratus - Pterostichus atratus
Species permundus - Pterostichus permundus
Species sculptus - Pterostichus sculptus
No Taxon Subgenus Lamenius
Species caudicalis - Pterostichus caudicalis
No Taxon Subgenus Eosteropus
Species circulosus - Pterostichus circulosus
Species moestus - Pterostichus moestus
No Taxon Subgenus Monoferonia
Species diligendus - Pterostichus diligendus
No Taxon Subgenus Cylindrocharis
Species acutipes - Pterostichus acutipes
Species rostratus - Pterostichus rostratus
No Taxon Subgenus Leptoferonia
Species angustus - Pterostichus angustus
Species inanis - Pterostichus inanis
Species pumilus - Pterostichus pumilus
Species sphodrinus - Pterostichus sphodrinus
No Taxon Subgenus Anilloferonia
Species lanei - Pterostichus lanei
No Taxon Subgenus Hypherpes
Species amethystinus - Pterostichus amethystinus
Species castaneus - Pterostichus castaneus
Species lama - Pterostichus lama
Species menetriesii - Pterostichus menetriesii
Species morionides - Pterostichus morionides
Species nigrocoerulus - Pterostichus nigrocoerulus
Species tarsalis - Pterostichus tarsalis
No Taxon congestus group
Species congestus - Pterostichus congestus
Species crenicollis - Pterostichus crenicollis
No Taxon adoxus group
Species adoxus - Pterostichus adoxus
Species tristis - Pterostichus tristis
No Taxon herculaneus group
Species herculaneus - Pterostichus herculaneus
Species neobrunneus - Pterostichus neobrunneus
Species protractus - Pterostichus protractus
No Taxon vicinus group
Species algidus - Pterostichus algidus
Species californicus - Pterostichus californicus
No Taxon Subgenus Cryobius
No Taxon brevicornis group
Species brevicornis - Pterostichus brevicornis
Species empetricola - Pterostichus empetricola
No Taxon pinguedineus group
Species barryorum - Pterostichus barryorum
Species kotzebuei - Pterostichus kotzebuei
Species parasimilis - Pterostichus parasimilis
Species pinguedineus - Pterostichus pinguedineus
Species similis - Pterostichus similis
No Taxon ventricosus group
Species caribou - Pterostichus caribou
Species riparius - Pterostichus riparius
Species ventricosus - Pterostichus ventricosus
Genus Stereocerus
Species haematopus - Stereocerus haematopus
Species rubripes - Stereocerus rubripes
Genus Stomis
Species pumicatus - Stomis pumicatus
Species termitiformis - Stomis termitiformis
Tribe Zabrini - Seed-Eating Ground Beetles
Genus Amara - Seed-Eating Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Curtonotus
Species alpina - Amara alpina
Species aulica - Amara aulica
Species carinata - Amara carinata
Species hyperborea - Amara hyperborea
Species lacustris - Amara lacustris
Species pennsylvanica - Amara pennsylvanica
Species torrida - Amara torrida
No Taxon subgenus Bradytus
Species apricaria - Amara apricaria
Species avida - Amara avida
Species exarata - Amara exarata
Species fulva - Amara fulva
Species glacialis - Amara glacialis
Species latior - Amara latior
No Taxon subgenus Percosia
Species obesa - Amara obesa
No Taxon subgenus Xenocelia
Species chalcea - Amara chalcea
Species discors - Amara discors
No Taxon subgenus Reductocelia
Species colvillensis - Amara colvillensis
No Taxon subgenus Celia
Species bifrons - Amara bifrons
Species brunnea - Amara brunnea
Species idahoana - Amara idahoana
Species musculis - Amara musculis
Species pseudobrunnea - Amara pseudobrunnea
Species rubrica - Amara rubrica
Species sinuosa - Amara sinuosa
No Taxon subgenus Amarocelia
Species ellipsis - Amara ellipsis
Species erratica - Amara erratica
Species interstitialis - Amara interstitialis
Species laevipennis - Amara laevipennis
Species patruelis - Amara patruelis
No Taxon subgenus Amara
Species aenea - Common Sun Beetle
Species aeneopolita - Amara aeneopolita
Species anthobia - Amara anthobia
Species communis - Amara communis
Species convexa - Amara convexa
Species eurynota - Amara eurynota
Species familiaris - Amara familiaris
Species lunicollis - Amara lunicollis
No Taxon cupreolata group
Species crassispina - Amara crassispina
Species cupreolata - Amara cupreolata
Species neoscotica - Amara neoscotica
No Taxon impuncticollis group
Species impuncticollis - Amara impuncticollis
Species littoralis - Amara littoralis
Species otiosa - Amara otiosa
Species ovata - Amara ovata
No Taxon subgenus Paracelia
Species quenseli - Amara quenseli
No Taxon subgenus Zezea
No Taxon angustata group
Species angustata - Amara angustata
Species angustatoides - Amara angustatoides
No Taxon scitula group
Species pallipes - Amara pallipes
Species scitula - Amara scitula
Tribe Oodini
Genus Dercylinus
Species impressus - Dercylinus impressus
Genus Anatrichis
Species oblonga - Anatrichis oblonga
Genus Oodinus
Species alutaceus - Oodinus alutaceus
Genus Lachnocrepis
Species parallela - Lachnocrepis parallela
Genus Oodes
Species amaroides - Oodes amaroides
Species brevis - Oodes brevis
Species fluvialis - Oodes fluvialis
Genus Stenocrepis
Species cuprea - Stenocrepis cuprea
Species duodecimstriata - Stenocrepis duodecimstriata
Species mexicana - Stenocrepis mexicana
Species tibialis - Stenocrepis tibialis
Tribe Panagaeini - Hairy Ground Beetles
Genus Panagaeus
Species crucigerus - Panagaeus crucigerus
Species fasciatus - Panagaeus fasciatus
Species sallei - Panagaeus sallei
Genus Micrixys
Species distincta - Micrixys distincta
Tribe Chlaeniini
Genus Chlaenius - Vivid Metallic Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Pseudanomoglossus
No Taxon subgenus Eurydactylus
Species pimalicus - Chlaenius pimalicus
Species tomentosus - Chlaenius tomentosus
No Taxon subgenus Anomoglossus
Species amoenus - Chlaenius amoenus
Species emarginatus - Chlaenius emarginatus
Species pusillus - Chlaenius pusillus
No Taxon subgenus Chlaenius
Species sericeus - Chlaenius sericeus
No Taxon laticollis group
Species erythropus - Chlaenius erythropus
Species fuscicornis - Chlaenius fuscicornis
Species laticollis - Chlaenius laticollis
Species orbus - Chlaenius orbus
No Taxon cursor group
Species cumatilis - Chlaenius cumatilis
Species chaudoiri - Chlaenius chaudoiri
No Taxon aestivus group
Species aestivus - Chlaenius aestivus
Species augustus - Chlaenius augustus
Species platyderus - Chlaenius platyderus
Species viduus - Chlaenius viduus
No Taxon subgenus Lithochlaenius
Species cordicollis - Chlaenius cordicollis
Species leucoscelis - Chlaenius leucoscelis
Species prasinus - Chlaenius prasinus
Species purpureus - Chlaenius purpureus
No Taxon subgenus Chlaeniellus
Species circumcinctus - Chlaenius circumcinctus
Species impunctifrons - Chlaenius impunctifrons
Species obsoletus - Chlaenius obsoletus
No Taxon glaucus group
No Taxon pennsylvanicus group
Species flaccidus - Chlaenius flaccidus
Species nebraskensis - Chlaenius nebraskensis
Species pennsylvanicus - Say's Ground Beetle
Subspecies pennsylvanicus - Chlaenius pennsylvanicus pennsylvanicus
No Taxon vafer group
Species texanus - Chlaenius texanus
Species vafer - Chlaenius vafer
No Taxon nemoralis group
Species brevilabris - Chlaenius brevilabris
Species nemoralis - Chlaenius nemoralis
Species oxygonus - Chlaenius oxygonus
Species tricolor - Chlaenius tricolor
Subspecies vigilans - Chlaenius tricolor vigilans
Subspecies tricolor - Chlaenius tricolor tricolor
No Taxon subgenus Callistometus
Species ruficauda - Chlaenius ruficauda
No Taxon subgenus Brachylobus
Species lithophilus - Chlaenius lithophilus
No Taxon subgenus Agostenus
Species alternatus - Chlaenius alternatus
Species niger - Chlaenius niger
No Taxon subgenus Randallius
Species purpuricollis - Chlaenius purpuricollis
No Taxon unidentified larvae
Family Gyrinidae - Whirligig Beetles
Genus Spanglerogyrus
Species albiventris - Red Hills Unique Whirligig Beetle
Subfamily Gyrininae
Genus Gyrinus
No Taxon subgenus Gyrinulus
Species cavatus - Gyrinus cavatus
Species minutus - Gyrinus minutus
No Taxon subgenus Gyrinus
Species aeratus - Gyrinus aeratus
Species affinis - Gyrinus affinis
Species analis - Gyrinus analis
Species bifarius - Gyrinus bifarius
Species borealis - Gyrinus borealis
Species dichrous - Gyrinus dichrous
Species elevatus - Gyrinus elevatus
Species dubius - Gyrinus dubius
Species gehringi - Gyrinus gehringi
Species gibber - Gyrinus gibber
Species lecontei - Gyrinus lecontei
Species maculiventris - Gyrinus maculiventris
Species marginellus - Gyrinus marginellus
Species pachysomus - Gyrinus pachysomus
Species parcus - Gyrinus parcus
Species pectoralis - Gyrinus pectoralis
Species picipes - Gyrinus picipes
Species pleuralis - Gyrinus pleuralis
Species plicifer - Gyrinus plicifer
Species pugionis - Gyrinus pugionis
Species sayi - Gyrinus sayi
Species wallisi - Gyrinus wallisi
Species woodruffi - Gyrinus woodruffi
Genus Gyretes
Species iricolor - Gyretes iricolor
Genus Dineutus
Species angustus - Dineutus angustus
Species assimilis - Dineutus assimilis
Species carolinus - Dineutus carolinus
Species ciliatus - Dineutus ciliatus
Species discolor - Dineutus discolor
Species emarginatus - Dineutus emarginatus
Species hornii - Dineutus hornii
Species nigrior - Dineutus nigrior
Species sublineatus - Dineutus sublineatus
Family Haliplidae - Crawling Water Beetles
Genus Apteraliplus
Species parvulus - Apteraliplus parvulus
Genus Brychius
Species hornii - Brychius hornii
Species pacificus - Brychius pacificus
Genus Haliplus
Species apicalis - Haliplus apicalis
Species canadensis - Haliplus canadensis
Species concolor - Haliplus concolor
Species connexus - Haliplus connexus
Species cribrarius - Haliplus cribrarius
Species dorsomaculatus - Haliplus dorsomaculatus
Species fasciatus - Haliplus fasciatus
Species gracilis - Haliplus gracilis
Species immaculicollis - Haliplus immaculicollis
Species leechi - Haliplus leechi
Species lewisii - Haliplus lewisii
Species longulus - Haliplus longulus
Species pantherinus - Haliplus pantherinus
Species robertsi - Haliplus robertsi
Species salmo - Haliplus salmo
Species stagninus - Haliplus stagninus
Species subguttatus - Haliplus subguttatus
Species triopsis - Haliplus triopsis
Species tumidus - Haliplus tumidus
Genus Peltodytes
Species callosus - Peltodytes callosus
Species dietrichi - Peltodytes dietrichi
Species dunavani - Peltodytes dunavani
Species edentulus - Peltodytes edentulus
Species lengi - Peltodytes lengi
Species littoralis - Peltodytes littoralis
Species muticus - Peltodytes muticus
Species pedunctulatus - Peltodytes pedunctulatus
Species sexmaculatus - Peltodytes sexmaculatus
Species shermani - Peltodytes shermani
Species tortulosus - Peltodytes tortulosus
Family Trachypachidae - False Ground Beetles
Genus Trachypachus
Species gibbsii - Trachypachus gibbsii
Species inermis - Trachypachus inermis
Species slevini - Trachypachus slevini
Family Noteridae - Burrowing Water Beetles
Genus Hydrocanthus
Species atripennis - Hydrocanthus atripennis
Species iricolor - Hydrocanthus iricolor
Species oblongus - Hydrocanthus oblongus
Genus Notomicrus
Genus Pronoterus
Species semipunctatus - Pronoterus semipunctatus
Genus Suphis
Species inflatus - Suphis inflatus
Genus Suphisellus
Species puncticollis - Suphisellus puncticollis
Species bicolor - Suphisellus bicolor
Family Amphizoidae - Trout-Stream Beetles
Genus Amphizoa
Species insolens - Amphizoa insolens
Species lecontei - Amphizoa lecontei
Species striata - Amphizoa striata
Family Dytiscidae - Predaceous Diving Beetles
Subfamily Agabinae
Genus Agabinus
Species glabrellus - Agabinus glabrellus
Species sculpturellus - Agabinus sculpturellus
Genus Agabus
Species ajax - Agabus ajax
Species ambiguus - Agabus ambiguus
Species ancillus - Agabus ancillus
Species antennatus - Agabus antennatus
Species anthracinus - Agabus anthracinus
Species approximatus - Agabus approximatus
Species arcticus - Agabus arcticus
Species audeni - Agabus audeni
Species austinii - Agabus austinii
Species bicolor - Agabus bicolor
Species bifarius - Agabus bifarius
Species bjorkmanae - Agabus bjorkmanae
Species canadensis - Agabus canadensis
Species clavicornis - Agabus clavicornis
Species confinis - Agabus confinis
Species cordatus - Agabus cordatus
Species discolor - Agabus discolor
Species disintegratus - Disintegrated Diving Beetle
Species elongatus - Agabus elongatus
Species erythropterus - Agabus erythropterus
Species falli - Agabus falli
Species fuscipennis - Agabus fuscipennis
Species griseipennis - Agabus griseipennis
Species infuscatus - Agabus infuscatus
Species inscriptus - Agabus inscriptus
Species kootenai - Agabus kootenai
Species leptapsis - Agabus leptapsis
Species lutosus - Agabus lutosus
Species obliteratus - Agabus obliteratus
Subspecies nectris - Agabus obliteratus nectris
Species phaeopterus - Agabus phaeopterus
Species pisobius - Agabus pisobius
Species punctatus - Agabus punctatus
Species punctulatus - Agabus punctulatus
Species semipunctatus - Agabus semipunctatus
Species semivittatus - Agabus semivittatus
Species strigulosus - Agabus strigulosus
Species smithi - Agabus smithi
Species tristis - Agabus tristis
Species triton - Agabus triton
Species verisimilis - Agabus verisimilis
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Carrhydrus
Species crassipes - Carrhydrus crassipes
Genus Hydrotrupes
Species palpalis - Hydrotrupes palpalis
Genus Ilybius
Species angustior - Ilybius angustior
Species biguttulus - Ilybius biguttulus
Species discedens - Ilybius discedens
Species erichsoni - Ilybius erichsoni
Species fraterculus - Ilybius fraterculus
Species gagates - Ilybius gagates
Species hypomelas - Ilybius hypomelas
Species ignarus - Ilybius ignarus
Species incarinatus - Ilybius incarinatus
Species larsoni - Ilybius larsoni
Species lineellus - Ilybius lineellus
Species oblitus - Ilybius oblitus
Species opacus - Ilybius opacus
Species picipes - Ilybius picipes
Species pleuriticus - Ilybius pleuriticus
Species quadrimaculatus - Ilybius quadrimaculatus
Species subaeneus - Ilybius subaeneus
Species vancouverensis - Ilybius vancouverensis
Species wasatjernae - Ilybius wasatjernae
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Ilybiosoma
Species perplexus - Ilybiosoma perplexus
Species seriatum - Ilybiosoma seriatum
Genus Platambus
Species astrictovittatus - Platambus astrictovittatus
Species semivittatus - Agabus semivittatus
Subfamily Copelatinae
Genus Copelatus
Species caelatipennis - Copelatus caelatipennis
Species chevrolati - Chevrolat's Dytiscid
Species debilis - Copelatus debilis
Species distinctus - Copelatus distinctus
Species glyphicus - Copelatus glyphicus
Genus Hydrodytes
Species dodgei - Hydrodytes dodgei
Subfamily Colymbetinae
Tribe Colymbetini
Genus Colymbetes
Species dahuricus - Colymbetes dahuricus
Species densus - Colymbetes densus
Species dolabratus - Colymbetes dolabratus
Species exaratus - Colymbetes exaratus
Species incognitus - Colymbetes incognitus
Species paykulli - Colymbetes paykulli
Species sculptilis - Colymbetes sculptilis
Genus Hoperius
Species planatus - Hoperius planatus
Genus Neoscutopterus
Species angustus - Neoscutopterus angustus
Species hornii - Neoscutopterus hornii
Genus Rhantus
Species atricolor - Rhantus atricolor
Species binotatus - Rhantus binotatus
Species calidus - Rhantus calidus
Species consimilis - Rhantus consimilis
Species frontalis - Rhantus frontalis
Species gutticollis - Rhantus gutticollis
Species sericans - Rhantus sericans
Species sinuatus - Rhantus sinuatus
Species suturellus - Rhantus suturellus
Species wallisi - Rhantus wallisi
Subfamily Coptotominae
Genus Coptotomus
Species interrogatus - Coptotomus interrogatus
Species longulus - Coptotomus longulus
Species loticus - Coptotomus loticus
Species venustus - Coptotomus venustus
Subfamily Dytiscinae
Genus Dytiscus
Species alaskanus - Boreal Water Beetle
Species carolinus - Dytiscus carolinus
Species circumcinctus - Dytiscus circumcinctus
Species cordieri - Dytiscus cordieri
Species dauricus - Dytiscus dauricus
Species fasciventris - Understriped Diving Beetle
Species habilis - Dytiscus habilis
Species harrisii - Harris's Diving Beetle
Species hatchi - Dytiscus hatchi
Species hybridus - Dytiscus hybridus
Species marginicollis - Giant Green Water Beetle
Species verticalis - Vertical Diving Beetle
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Eretes
Species occidentalis - Eretes occidentalis
Tribe Aciliini
Genus Acilius
Species abbreviatus - Acilius abbreviatus
Species athabascae - Acilius athabascae
Species confusus - Acilius confusus
Species fraternus - Acilius fraternus
Species mediatus - Acilius mediatus
Species semisulcatus - Acilius semisulcatus
Species sylvanus - Acilius sylvanus
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Graphoderus
Species fascicollis - Graphoderus fascicollis
Species perplexus - Graphoderus perplexus
Species occidentalis - Graphoderus occidentalis
Species liberus - Graphoderus liberus
Genus Thermonectus
Species basillaris - Thermonectus basillaris
Species intermedius - Thermonectus intermedius
Species marmoratus - Sunburst Diving Beetle
Species nigrofasciatus - Thermonectus nigrofasciatus
Subspecies nigrofasciatus - Thermonectus nigrofasciatus nigrofasciatus
Subspecies ornaticollis - Thermonectus nigrofasciatus ornaticollis
Tribe Hydaticini
Genus Hydaticus
Species aruspex - Hydaticus aruspex
Species cinctipennis - Hydaticus cinctipennis
Species piceus - Hydaticus piceus
Genus Prodaticus
Species bimarginatus - Prodaticus bimarginatus
Tribe Cybistrini
Genus Cybister
Species fimbriolatus - Cybister fimbriolatus
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Megadytes
Species fraternus - Megadytes fraternus
Subfamily Hydroporinae
Genus Celina
Species angustata - Celina angustata
Species hubbelli - Celina hubbelli
Species imitatrix - Celina imitatrix
Species occidentalis - Celina occidentalis
Species slossoni - Celina slossoni
Genus Laccornis
Species conoideus - Laccornis conoideus
Species latens - Laccornis latens
Species pacificus - Laccornis pacificus
Genus Hydrovatus
Species brevipes - Hydrovatus brevipes
Species peninsularis - Hydrovatus peninsularis
Species pustulatus - Hydrovatus pustulatus
Tribe Hyphydrini
Genus Desmopachria
Species convexa - Desmopachria convexa
Species dispersa - Desmopachria dispersa
Species mexicana - Desmopachria mexicana
Species portmanni - Desmopachria portmanni
Genus Pachydrus
Species princeps - Pachydrus princeps
Tribe Hydroporini
Genus Boreonectes
Species aequinoctialis - Stictotarsus aequinoctialis
Species funereus - Stictotarsus funereus
Species griseostriatus - Stictotarsus griseostriatus
Species spenceri - Stictotarsus spenceri
Species striatellus - Stictotarsus striatellus
Genus Coelambus
Species compar - Coelambus compar
Species dissimilis - Coelambus dissimilis
Species falli - Coelambus falli
Species impressopunctatus - Coelambus impressopunctatus
Species infuscatus - Coelambus infuscatus
Species laccophilinus - Coelambus laccophilinus
Species lutescens - Coelambus lutescens
Species marklini - Marklin's Diving Beetle
Species masculinus - Coelambus masculinus
Species nubilus - Coelambus nubilus
Species patruelis - Coelambus patruelis
Species picatus - Coelambus picatus
Species punctilineatus - Coelambus punctilineatus
Species salinarius - Coelambus salinarius
Species sellatus - Coelambus sellatus
Species semivittatus - Coelambus semivittatus
Species suturalis - Coelambus suturalis
Species sylvanus - Coelambus sylvanus
Species tumidiventris - Coelambus tumidiventris
Species turbidus - Coelambus turbidus
Species unguicularis - Coelambus unguicularis
No Taxon pedalis group
Species fontinalis - Coelambus fontinalis
Genus Haedeoporus
Species texanus - Haedeoporus texanus
Genus Heterosternuta
Species cocheconis - Heterosternuta cocheconis
Species diversicornis - Heterosternuta diversicornis
Species ohionis - Heterosternuta ohionis
Species pulchra - Heterosternuta pulchra
Species wickhami - Heterosternuta wickhami
Genus Hydrocolus
Species deflatus - Hydrocolus deflatus
Species paugus - Hydrocolus paugus
Species persimilis - Hydrocolus persimilis
Species stagnalis - Hydrocolus stagnalis
Genus Hydroporus
Species appalachius - Hydroporus appalachius
Species badiellus - Hydroporus badiellus
Species columbianus - Hydroporus columbianus
Species dentellus - Hydroporus dentellus
Species despectus - Hydroporus despectus
Species fortis - Hydroporus fortis
Species fuscipennis - Hydroporus fuscipennis
Species gossei - Hydroporus gossei
Species mannerheimi - Hydroporus mannerheimi
Species melsheimeri - Hydroporus melsheimeri
Species morio - Hydroporus morio
Species niger - Hydroporus niger
Species notabilis - Hydroporus notabilis
Species occidentalis - Hydroporus occidentalis
Species pervicinus - Hydroporus pervicinus
Species puberulus - Hydroporus puberulus
Species rectus - Hydroporus rectus
Species rufilabris - Hydroporus rufilabris
Species rufinasus - Hydroporus rufinasus
Species signatus - Hydroporus signatus
Species striola - Hydroporus striola
Species subpubescens - Hydroporus subpubescens
Species tartaricus - Hydroporus tartaricus
Species tenebrosus - Hydroporus tenebrosus
Species tristis - Hydroporus tristis
Species larsoni - Hydroporus larsoni
Species lapponum - Hydroporus lapponum
Species longiusculus - Hydroporus longiusculus
Genus Hygrotus
Species sayi - Hygrotus sayi
Genus Lioporeus
Species pilatei - Lioporeus pilatei
Genus Nebrioporus
Species depressus - Nebrioporus depressus
Species macronychus - Nebrioporus macronychus
Genus Neoporus
Species aulicus - Neoporus aulicus
Species carolinus - Neoporus carolinus
Species clypealis - Neoporus clypealis
Species dimidiatus - Neoporus dimidiatus
Species shermani - Neoporus shermani
Species spurius - Neoporus spurius
Species sulcipennis - Neoporus sulcipennis
Species superioris - Neoporus superioris
Species undulatus - Neoporus undulatus
Species vitiosus - Neoporus vitiosus
Genus Oreodytes
Species alaskanus - Oreodytes alaskanus
Species angustior - Oreodytes angustior
Species congruus - Oreodytes congruus
Species crassulus - Oreodytes crassulus
Species laevis - Oreodytes laevis
Species obesus - Oreodytes obesus
Species picturatus - Oreodytes picturatus
Species quadrimaculatus - Oreodytes quadrimaculatus
Species sanmarkii - Oreodytes sanmarkii
Species scitulus - Oreodytes scitulus
Species snoqualmie - Oreodytes snoqualmie
Genus Sanfilippodytes
Species brumalis - Sanfilippodytes brumalis
Species compertus - Sanfilippodytes compertus
Species edwardsi - Sanfilippodytes edwardsi
Species latebrosus - Sanfilippodytes latebrosus
Species pacificus - Sanfilippodytes pacificus
Species pseudovilis - Sanfilippodytes pseudovilis
Species terminalis - Sanfilippodytes terminalis
Genus Stictotarsus
Species corvinus - Stictotarsus corvinus
Species decemsignatus - Stictotarsus decemsignatus
Species deceptus - Stictotarsus deceptus
Species roffi - Stictotarsus roffi
Genus Derovatellus
Species floridanus - Derovatellus floridanus
Tribe Bidessini
Genus Anodocheilus
Species exiguus - Anodocheilus exiguus
Genus Bidessonotus
Species inconspicuus - Bidessonotus inconspicuus
Species pulicarius - Bidessonotus pulicarius
Genus Brachyvatus
Species apicatus - Brachyvatus apicatus
Genus Comaldessus
Species stygius - Comal Springs Diving Beetle
Genus Liodessus
Species affinis - Liodessus affinis
No Taxon affinis complex
Species cantralli - Liodessus cantralli
Species crotchi - Liodessus crotchi
Species noviaffinis - Liodessus noviaffinis
Species obscurellus - Liodessus obscurellus
Genus Neobidessus
Species pulloides - Neobidessus pulloides
Species pullus - Neobidessus pullus
Genus Neoclypeodytes
Species cinctellus - Neoclypeodytes cinctellus
Species discretus - Neoclypeodytes discretus
Species fryii - Neoclypeodytes fryii
Species pictodes - Neoclypeodytes pictodes
Genus Uvarus
Species falli - Uvarus falli
Species granarius - Uvarus granarius
Species lacustris - Uvarus lacustris
Species subtilis - Uvarus subtilis
Species texanus - Uvarus texanus
Subfamily Laccophilinae
Genus Agabetes
Species acuductus - Agabetes acuductus
Genus Laccodytes
Species pumilio - Laccodytes pumilio
Genus Laccophilus
Species biguttatus - Laccophilus biguttatus
Species fasciatus - Laccophilus fasciatus
Species horni - Laccophilus horni
Species maculosus - Dingy Diver
Subspecies shermani - Laccophilus maculosus shermani
Subspecies maculosus - Laccophilus maculosus maculosus
Subspecies decipiens - Laccophilus maculosus decipiens
Species mexicanus - Laccophilus mexicanus
Species oscillator - Laccophilus oscillator
Species pictus - Laccophilus pictus
Subspecies coccinelloides - Laccophilus pictus coccinelloides
Subspecies insignis - Laccophilus pictus insignis
Species proximus - Laccophilus proximus
Species quadrilineatus - Laccophilus quadrilineatus
Species undatus - Laccophilus undatus
Species vacaensis - Laccophilus vacaensis
No Taxon Larvae
Subfamily Matinae
Genus Matus
Species bicarinatus - Matus bicarinatus
Species ovatus - Matus ovatus
No Taxon Unidentified Immature Stages
No Taxon Geadephaga taxa per Bousquet 2012 Catalog
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
No Taxon Series Staphyliniformia
Superfamily Hydrophiloidea - Water Scavenger and Clown Beetles
Family Hydrophilidae - Water Scavenger Beetles
Subfamily Epimetopinae
Genus Epimetopus
Subfamily Georissinae - Minute Mud-loving Beetles
Genus Georissus
Species californicus - Georissus californicus
Species pusillus - Georissus pusillus
Subfamily Helophorinae
Genus Helophorus
Species grandis - Helophorus (Helophorus) grandis
Species tuberculatus - Helophorus (Kyphohelophorus) tuberculatus
No Taxon subgenus Rhopalohelophorus
Species auricollis - Helophorus auricollis
Species linearoides - Helophorus linearoides
Species linearis - Helophorus linearis
Species lineatus - Helophorus lineatus
Species nitiduloides - Helophorus nitiduloides
Species oblongulus - Helophorus oblongulus
Species orientalis - Helophorus orientalis
Species sempervarians - Helophorus sempervarians
Species sibiricus - Helophorus (Gephelophorus) sibiricus
Subfamily Hydrochinae
Genus Hydrochus
Species currani - Hydrochus currani
Species excavatus - Hydrochus excavatus
Species granulatus - Hydrochus granulatus
Species pseudosquamifer - Hydrochus pseudosquamifer
Species rufipes - Hydrochus rufipes
Species scabratus - Hydrochus scabratus
Species simplex - Hydrochus simplex
Species squamifer - Hydrochus squamifer
Species subcupreus - Hydrochus subcupreus
Subfamily Hydrophilinae
Tribe Berosini
Genus Berosus
Species aculeatus - Berosus aculeatus
Species exiguus - Berosus exiguus
Species fraternus - Berosus fraternus
Species hatchi - Berosus hatchi
Species infuscatus - Berosus infuscatus
Species miles - Berosus miles
Species moerens - Berosus moerens
Species ordinatus - Berosus ordinatus
Species pantherinus - Berosus pantherinus
Species peregrinus - Berosus peregrinus
Species pugnax - Berosus pugnax
Species sayi - Berosus sayi
Species youngi - Berosus youngi
Genus Derallus
Species altus - Derallus altus
Tribe Anacaenini
Genus Anacaena
Species limbata - Anacaena limbata
Species lutescens - Anacaena lutescens
Species signaticollis - Anacaena signaticollis
Genus Crenitis
Species maculifrons - Crenitis maculifrons
Species morata - Crenitis morata
Genus Paracymus
Species confluens - Paracymus confluens
Species despectus - Paracymus despectus
Species subcupreus - Paracymus subcupreus
Tribe Hydrophilini
Genus Cymbiodyta
Species dorsalis - Cymbiodyta dorsalis
Species minima - Cymbiodyta minima
Species pacifica - Cymbiodyta pacifica
Species vindicata - Cymbiodyta vindicata
Genus Enochrus
Species blatchleyi - Enochrus blatchleyi
Species californicus - Enochrus californicus
Species cinctus - Enochrus cinctus
Species consors - Enochrus consors
Species consortus - Enochrus consortus
Species diffusus - Enochrus diffusus
No Taxon fimbriatus/interruptus group
Species hamiltoni - Enochrus hamiltoni
Species ochraceus - Enochrus ochraceus
Species pygmaeus - Enochrus pygmaeus
Species sayi - Enochrus sayi
Genus Helobata
Species larvalis - Helobata larvalis
Genus Helochares
Species maculicollis - Helochares maculicollis
Species normatus - Helochares normatus
Genus Helocombus
Species bifidus - Helocombus bifidus
Genus Hydrobiomorpha
Species casta - Hydrobiomorpha casta
Genus Hydrobius
Species melaenus - Hydrobius melaenus
Species fuscipes - Hydrobius fuscipes
Genus Hydrochara
Species lineata - Hydrochara lineata
Species obtusata - Hydrochara obtusata
Species occulta - Hydrochara occulta
Species soror - Hydrochara soror
Species spangleri - Hydrochara spangleri
Species brevipalpis - Hydrochara brevipalpis
Genus Hydrophilus - Giant Water Scavenger Beetles
Species triangularis - Giant Black Water Beetle
Species ovatus - Hydrophilus ovatus
Genus Tropisternus
Species blatchleyi - Tropisternus blatchleyi
Species collaris - Tropisternus collaris
Species columbianus - Tropisternus columbianus
Species ellipticus - Tropisternus ellipticus
Species glaber - Tropisternus glaber
Species lateralis - Tropisternus lateralis
Subspecies nimbatus - Tropisternus lateralis nimbatus
Subspecies marginatus - Tropisternus lateralis marginatus
Species mixtus - Tropisternus mixtus
Species natator - Tropisternus natator
Species quadristriatus - Tropisternus quadristriatus
Genus Laccobius
Species agilis - Laccobius agilis
Species borealis - Laccobius borealis
Species cinereus - Laccobius cinereus
Subspecies columbianus - Laccobius cinereus columbianus
Species teneralis - Laccobius teneralis
Species minutoides - Laccobius minutoides
Tribe Sperchopsini
Genus Ametor
Species scabrosus - Ametor scabrosus
Species latus - Ametor latus
Genus Sperchopsis
Species tessellata - Sperchopsis tessellata
Genus Chaetarthria
Species ochra - Chaetarthria ochra
Species pallida - Chaetarthria pallida
Subfamily Sphaeridiinae
Genus Sphaeridium
Species bipustulatum - Sphaeridium bipustulatum
Species lunatum - Sphaeridium lunatum
Species scarabaeoides - Sphaeridium scarabaeoides
Tribe Megasternini
Genus Cercyon
No Taxon Subgenus Cercyon
Species adumbratus - Cercyon adumbratus
Species assecla - Cercyon assecla
Species cinctus - Cercyon cinctus
Species connivens - Cercyon connivens
Species fimbriatus - Cercyon fimbriatus
Species floridanus - Cercyon floridanus
Species haemorrhoidalis - Cercyon haemorrhoidalis
Species herceus - Cercyon herceus
Species impressus - Cercyon impressus
Species lateralis - Cercyon lateralis
Species limbatus - Cercyon limbatus
Species littoralis - Cercyon littoralis
Species luniger - Cercyon luniger
Species marinus - Cercyon marinus
Species mendax - Cercyon mendax
Species nevadanus - Cercyon nevadanus
Species occallatus - Cercyon occallatus
Species praetextatus - Cercyon praetextatus
Species pubescens - Cercyon pubescens
Species pygmaeus - Cercyon pygmaeus
Species quisquilius - Cercyon quisquilius
Species unipunctatus - Cercyon unipunctatus
Species versicolor - Cercyon versicolor
No Taxon Subgenus Dicyrtocercyon
Species ustulatus - Cercyon ustulatus
No Taxon Subgenus Paracercyon
Species analis - Cercyon analis
Species minusculus - Cercyon minusculus
No Taxon Subgenus Paracycreon
Species laminatus - Cercyon laminatus
No Taxon Subgenus Prostercyon
Species roseni - Cercyon roseni
Genus Cryptopleurum
Species minutum - Cryptopleurum minutum
Species subtile - Cryptopleurum subtile
Genus Deltostethus
Species columbiensis - Deltostethus columbiensis
Genus Megasternum
Species concinnum - Megasternum concinnum
Species obscurum - Megasternum obscurum
Species posticatum - Megasternum posticatum
Genus Oosternum
Species attacomis - Oosternum attacomis
Species costatum - Oosternum costatum
Genus Tectosternum
Species naviculare - Tectosternum naviculare
Tribe Coelostomatini
Genus Dactylosternum
Species abdominale - Dactylosternum abdominale
Species cacti - Dactylosternum cacti
Genus Pelosoma
Species prosternale - Pelosoma prosternale
Genus Phaenonotum
Species exstriatum - Phaenonotum exstriatum
No Taxon Unidentified Immature Stages
Family Sphaeritidae - False Clown Beetles
Genus Sphaerites
Species politus - Sphaerites politus
Family Histeridae - Clown Beetles
Subfamily Tribalinae
Genus Caerosternus
Species americanus - Caerosternus americanus
Genus Epierus
Species cornutus - Epierus cornutus
Species decipiens - Epierus decipiens
Species mehicanus - Epierus mehicanus
Species pulicarius - Epierus pulicarius
Species regularis - Epierus regularis
Genus Idolia
Species gibba - Idolia gibba
Genus Plagiogramma
Species subtropica - Plagiogramma subtropica
Genus Pseudepierus
Species gentilis - Pseudepierus gentilis
Genus Stictostix
Species californicus - Stictostix californicus
Subfamily Histerinae
Tribe Histerini
Genus Atholus
Species americanus - Atholus americanus
Species bimaculatus - Atholus bimaculatus
Species falli - Atholus falli
Species minutus - Atholus minutus
Species nubilus - Atholus nubilus
Species perplexus - Atholus perplexus
Species relictus - Atholus relictus
Species sedecimstriatus - Atholus sedecimstriatus
Genus Hister
Species civilis - Hister civilis
Species curtatus - Hister curtatus
Species depurator - Hister depurator
Species dispar - Hister dispar
Species furtivus - Hister furtivus
Species incertus - Hister incertus
No Taxon servus group
Species comes - Hister comes
Species defectus - Hister defectus
Species indistinctus - Hister indistinctus
Species servus - Hister servus
No Taxon militaris group
Species humilis - Hister humilis
Species militaris - Hister militaris
Species sarcinatus - Hister sarcinatus
No Taxon coenosus group
Species abbreviatus - Hister abbreviatus
Species coenosus - Hister coenosus
Species laevipes - Hister laevipes
Genus Margarinotus
No Taxon subgenus Margarinotus
Species guttifer - Margarinotus guttifer
No Taxon subgenus Paralister
Species cognatus - Margarinotus cognatus
Species ephemeralis - Margarinotus ephemeralis
Species faedatus - Margarinotus faedatus
Species lecontei - Margarinotus lecontei
Species purpurascens - Margarinotus purpurascens
Species umbrosus - Margarinotus umbrosus
No Taxon subgenus Promethister
Species confusus - Margarinotus confusus
Species felipae - Margarinotus felipae
Species marginicollis - Margarinotus marginicollis
No Taxon subgenus Ptomister
Species brunneus - Margarinotus brunneus
Species egregius - Margarinotus egregius
Species harrisii - Margarinotus harrisii
Species hudsonicus - Margarinotus hudsonicus
Species immunis - Margarinotus immunis
Species merdarius - Margarinotus merdarius
Species stygicus - Margarinotus stygicus
Species thomomysi - Margarinotus thomomysi
No Taxon subgenus Stenister
Species obscurus - Margarinotus obscurus
Genus Merohister
Species arboricavi - Merohister arboricavi
Species osculatus - Merohister osculatus
Genus Psiloscelis
Species abnormalis - Psiloscelis abnormalis
Species corrosa - Psiloscelis corrosa
Species perpunctata - Psiloscelis perpunctata
Species planipes - Psiloscelis planipes
Species subopaca - Psiloscelis subopaca
Genus Spilodiscus
Species arcuatus - Spilodiscus arcuatus
Species biplagiatus - Spilodiscus biplagiatus
Species flohri - Spilodiscus flohri
Species gloveri - Spilodiscus gloveri
Species instratus - Spilodiscus instratus
Species sellatus - Spilodiscus sellatus
Species ulkei - Spilodiscus ulkei
Tribe Omalodini
Genus Omalodes
Species grossus - Omalodes grossus
Tribe Exosternini
Genus Baconia
Species aeneomicans - Baconia aeneomicans
Species venusta - Baconia venusta
Genus Phelister
Species brevistriatus - Phelister brevistriatus
Species haemorrhous - Phelister haemorrhous
Species mobiliensis - Phelister mobiliensis
Species subrotundus - Phelister subrotundus
Species vernus - Phelister vernus
Genus Operclipygus
Species geometricus - Operclipygus geometricus
Species marginellus - Operclipygus marginellus
Species striatellus - Operclipygus striatellus
Genus Strigister
Species tecolotito - Strigister tecolotito
Genus Yarmister
Species barberi - Yarmister barberi
Tribe Platysomatini
Genus Eblisia
Species nigra - Eblisia nigra
Species carolina - Eblisia carolina
Genus Platysoma
No Taxon subgenus Platysoma
Species aequum - Platysoma aequum
Species aurelianum - Platysoma aurelianum
Species leconti - Platysoma leconti
No Taxon subgenus Cylistus
Species attenuatum - Platysoma attenuatum
Species cylindricum - Platysoma cylindricum
Species deficiens - Platysoma deficiens
Species gracile - Platysoma gracile
No Taxon subgenus Cylister
Species coarctatum - Platysoma coarctatum
Species parallelum - Platysoma parallelum
Species punctigerum - Platysoma punctigerum
Tribe Hololeptini
Genus Hololepta - Clown Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Leionota
Species minuta - Hololepta minuta
Species quadridentata - Hololepta quadridentata
Species vernicis - Hololepta vernicis
Species vicina - Hololepta vicina
Species yucateca - Hololepta yucateca
No Taxon subgenus Hololepta
Species aequalis - Hololepta aequalis
Species lucida - Hololepta lucida
Species populnea - Hololepta populnea
Genus Iliotona
Species cacti - Iliotona cacti
Subfamily Haeteriinae
Genus Aritaerius
Species pallidus - Aritaerius pallidus
Genus Haeterius
Species californicus - Haeterius californicus
Species blanchardi - Haeterius blanchardi
Species brunneipennis - Haeterius brunneipennis
Species exiguus - Haeterius exiguus
Species morsus - Haeterius morsus
Species tristriatus - Haeterius tristriatus
Species wagneri - Haeterius wagneri
Species zelus - Haeterius zelus
Genus Hippeutister
Species californicus - Hippeutister californicus
Genus Pinaxister
Species decipiens - Pinaxister decipiens
Species setiger - Pinaxister setiger
Genus Renclasea
Species falli - Renclasea falli
Genus Reninus
Species salvini - Reninus salvini
Genus Terapus
Genus Ulkeus
Species intricatus - Ulkeus intricatus (Horn)
Subfamily Onthophilinae
Genus Onthophilus
Species alternatus - Onthophilus alternatus
Species deflectus - Onthophilus deflectus
Species giganteus - Onthophilus giganteus
Species intermixtus - Onthophilus intermixtus
Species kirni - Onthophilus kirni
Species lecontei - Onthophilus lecontei
Species nodatus - Onthophilus nodatus
Species pluricostatus - Onthophilus pluricostatus
Species wenzeli - Onthophilus wenzeli
Genus Peploglyptus
Species belfragei - Peploglyptus belfragei
Subfamily Dendrophilinae
Genus Anapleus
Species marginatus - Anapleus marginatus
Genus Dendrophilus
Species kiteleyi - Dendrophilus kiteleyi
Species opacus - Dendrophilus opacus
Species punctatus - Dendrophilus punctatus
Species xavieri - Dendrophilus xavieri
Tribe Bacaniini
Genus Bacanius
Species acuminatus - Bacanius (Gomyister) acuminatus
No Taxon subgenus Bacanius
Species globulinus - Bacanius globulinus
Species hatchi - Bacanius hatchi
Species punctiformis - Bacanius punctiformis
Species tantillus - Bacanius tantillus
Genus Geocolus
Species caecus - Geocolus caecus
Tribe Paromalini
Genus Carcinops
Species opuntiae - Carcinops (Carcinopsida) opuntiae
Species pumilio - Carcinops pumilio
Species tejonicus - Carcinops tejonicus
Species viridicollis - Carcinops viridicollis
Species undescribed-near-opuntiae - Carcinops undescribed-near-opuntiae
Genus Paromalus
No Taxon subgenus Isolomalus
Species complexus - Paromalus complexus
Species durangoensis - Paromalus durangoensis
No Taxon subgenus Paromalus
Species bistriatus - Paromalus bistriatus
Species debilis - Paromalus debilis
Species mancus - Paromalus mancus
Species seeversi - Paromalus seeversi
Species seminulum - Paromalus seminulum
Species teres - Paromalus teres
Genus Platylomalus
Species aequalis - Platylomalus aequalis
Genus Xestipyge
Species conjunctum - Xestipyge conjunctum
Species geminatum - Xestipyge geminatum
Subfamily Saprininae
Genus Aphelosternus
Species interstitialis - Aphelosternus interstitialis
Genus Chelyoxenus
Species xerobatis - Chelyoxenus xerobatis
Genus Eremosaprinus
Species falli - Eremosaprinus falli
Species hubbardi - Eremosaprinus hubbardi
Species minimus - Eremosaprinus minimus
Species unguiculatus - Eremosaprinus unguiculatus
Genus Euspilotus
No Taxon subgenus Hesperosaprinus
Species assimilis - Euspilotus assimilis
Species auctus - Euspilotus auctus
Species azurescens - Euspilotus azurescens
Species conformis - Euspilotus conformis
Species cribrum - Euspilotus cribrum
Species placidus - Euspilotus placidus
Species rossi - Euspilotus rossi
Species scissus - Euspilotus scissus
Species simulatus - Euspilotus simulatus
No Taxon subgenus Neosaprinus
Species scrupularis - Euspilotus scrupularis
Genus Geomysaprinus
No Taxon subgenus Geomysaprinus
Species goffi - Geomysaprinus goffi
Species rugosifrons - Geomysaprinus rugosifrons
No Taxon subgenus Priscosaprinus
Species castanipennis - Geomysaprinus castanipennis
Species cheyennensis - Geomysaprinus cheynnensis
Species floridae - Geomysaprinus floridae
Species formicus - Geomysaprinus formicus
Species moniliatus - Geomysaprinus moniliatus
Species parumpunctatus - Geomysaprinus parumpunctatus
Species posthumus - Geomysaprinus posthumus
Species triangulifer - Geomysaprinus triangulifer
Genus Gnathoncus
Species barbatus - Gnathoncus barbatus
Species rotundatus - Gnathoncus rotundatus
Genus Hypocacculus
Species metallescens - Hypocacculus metallescens
Genus Hypocaccus
No Taxon subgenus Hypocaccus
Species bigemmeus - Hypocaccus bigemmeus
Species bigener - Hypocaccus bigener
Species brasiliensis - Hypocaccus brasiliensis
Species estriatus - Hypocaccus estriatus
Species fitchi - Hypocaccus fitchi
Species fraternus - Hypocaccus fraternus
Species iris - Hypocaccus iris
Species lucidulus - Hypocaccus lucidulus
Species patruelis - Hypocaccus patruelis
Species seminitens - Hypocaccus seminitens
Species sparsus - Hypocaccus sparsus
No Taxon kincaidi or lucidulus
No Taxon subgenus Baeckmanniolus
Species dimidiatipennis - Hypocaccus dimidiatipennis
Species gaudens - Hypocaccus gaudens
Genus Neopachylopus
Species sulcifrons - Neopachylopus sulcifrons
Genus Philoxenus
Species desertorum - Philoxenus desertorum
Genus Saprinus
Species discoidalis - Saprinus discoidalis
Species distinguendus - Saprinus distinguendus
Species felipae - Saprinus felipae
Species impressus - Saprinus impressus
Species lugens - Saprinus lugens
Species oregonensis - Saprinus oregonensis
Species pensylvanicus - Saprinus pensylvanicus
Species profusus - Saprinus profusus
Species subnitescens - Saprinus subnitescens
Genus Xerosaprinus
Species acilinea - Xerosaprinus acilinea
Species ciliatus - Xerosaprinus (Vastosaprinus) ciliatus
Species coerulescens - Xerosaprinus coerulescens
Species fimbriatus - Xerosaprinus fimbriatus
Species ignotus - Xerosaprinus ignotus
Species lubricus - Xerosaprinus lubricus
Species martini - Xerosaprinus martini
Species orbicularis - Xerosaprinus orbicularis
Species psyche - Xerosaprinus psyche
Species vestitus - Xerosaprinus vestitus
Species vitiosus - Xerosaprinus vitiosus
Subfamily Abraeinae
Tribe Abraeini
Genus Abraeus
Species bolteri - Abraeus bolteri
Genus Chaetabraeus
Species chandleri - Chaetabraeus chandleri
Genus Plegaderus
Species barbelini - Plegaderus barbelini
Species confusus - Plegaderus confusus
Species nitidus - Plegaderus nitidus
Species sayi - Plegaderus sayi
Species transversus - Plegaderus transversus
Tribe Acritini
Genus Acritus
No Taxon subgenus Pycnacritus
Species discus - Acritus discus
No Taxon subgenus Acritus
Species acaroides - Acritus acaroides
Species attaphilus - Acritus attaphilus
Species exiguus - Acritus exiguus
Species komai - Acritus komai
Species nigricornis - Acritus nigricornis
Species arizonae - Acritus arizonae
Genus Aeletes
No Taxon subgenus Aeletes
Species politus - Aeletes politus
Species simplex - Aeletes simplex
Species floridae - Aeletes (Acritinus) floridae
Genus Arizonacritus
Species talayesvai - Arizonacritus talayesvai
Genus Halacritus
Species maritimus - Halacritus maritimus
Tribe Teretriini
Genus Teretriosoma
Species chalybaeum - Teretriosoma chalybaeum
Species paradoxum - Teretriosoma paradoxum
Species conigerum - Teretriosoma conigerum
Genus Teretrius
Species latebricola - Teretrius latebricola
Species orbus - Teretrius orbus
Species placitus - Teretrius placitus
Species montanus - Teretrius montanus
Superfamily Staphylinoidea - Rove, Carrion and Fungus Beetles
Family Hydraenidae - Minute Moss Beetles
Genus Hydraena
Species angulicollis - Hydraena angulicollis
No Taxon circulata group
Species circulata - Hydraena circulata
Species pennsylvanica - Hydraena pennsylvanica
No Taxon arizonica or leechi
Genus Limnebius
Species alutaceus - Limnebius alutaceus
Subfamily Ochthebiinae
Genus Gymnochthebius
Species fossatus - Gymnochthebius fossatus
Genus Neochthebius
Species vandykei - Neochthebius vandykei
Genus Ochthebius
Species lineatus - Ochthebius lineatus
Species marinus - Ochthebius marinus
Species puncticollis - Ochthebius puncticollis
No Taxon rectus or rectusalsus
Family Ptiliidae - Featherwing[ed] Beetles
Subfamily Acrotrichinae
Tribe Acrotrichini
Genus Acrotrichis
Species xanthocera - Acrotrichis xanthocera
Tribe Nephanini
Subfamily Cephaloplectinae - Horseshoe Crab Beetles
Genus Limulodes
Species paradoxus - Limulodes paradoxus
Subfamily Ptiliinae
Tribe Nanosellini
Genus Cylindroselloides
Species dybasi - Cylindroselloides dybasi
Genus Nanosella
Tribe Nossidini
Genus Motschulskium
Species sinuaticolle - Motschulskium sinuaticolle
Genus Nossidium
Tribe Ptiliini
Genus Micridium
Genus Ptenidium
Genus Ptiliola
Tribe Ptinellini
Genus Pteryx
Genus Ptinella
Family Agyrtidae - Primitive Carrion Beetles
Genus Agyrtes
Species longulus - Agyrtes longulus
Genus Apteroloma
Species caraboides - Apteroloma caraboides
Species tahoecum - Apteroloma tahoecum
Species tenuicorne - Apteroloma tenuicorne
Genus Ipelates
Species latus - Ipelates latus
Genus Lyrosoma
Species opacum - Lyrosoma opacum
Genus Necrophilus
Species pettiti - Small Scavenger Beetle
Species hydrophiloides - Flat Brown Scavenger Beetle
Genus Pteroloma
Species nebroides - Pteroloma nebroides
Family Leiodidae - Round Fungus Beetles
Subfamily Catopocerinae
Genus Glacicavicola
Species bathyscioides - Idaho ice cave beetle
Tribe Catopocerini - Eyeless Soil Fungivore Beetles
Genus Catopocerus
Genus Pinodytes
Species gibbosus - Pinodytes gibbosus
Species newelli - Pinodytes newelli
Species newtoni - Pinodytes newtoni
Species rothi - Pinodytes rothi
Subfamily Cholevinae - Small Carrion Beetles
Genus Platycholeus
Species leptinoides - Platycholeus leptinoides
Genus Ptomaphagus
Species brevior - Ptomaphagus brevior
Species californicus - Ptomaphagus californicus
Species cavernicola - Ptomaphagus cavernicola
Species nevadicus - Ptomaphagus nevadicus
Species ulkei - Ptomaphagus ulkei
No Taxon subgenus Appadelopsis
Species appalachianus - Ptomaphagus appalachianus
Species fumosus - Ptomaphagus fumosus
Species merritti - Ptomaphagus merritti
Tribe Anemadini
Genus Nemadus
Species brachyderus - Nemadus brachyderus
Species hornii - Nemadus hornii
Species pusio - Nemadus pusio
Species triangulum - Nemadus triangulum
Tribe Cholevini
Genus Catops
Species alsiosus - Catops alsiosus
Species americanus - Catops americanus
Species basilaris - Catops basilaris
Species geomysi - Catops geomysi
Species paramericanus - Catops paramericanus
Species simplex - Catops simplex
Genus Catoptrichus
Species frankenhauseri - Catoptrichus frankenhauseri
Genus Prionochaeta
Species opaca - Prionochaeta opaca
Genus Sciodrepoides
Species terminans - Sciodrepoides terminans
Species watsoni - Sciodrepoides watsoni
Subfamily Leiodinae
Genus Colenis
Species impunctata - Colenis impunctata
Tribe Agathidiini
Genus Anisotoma
Species amica - Anisotoma amica
Species blanchardi - Anisotoma blanchardi
Species discolor - Anisotoma discolor
Species errans - Anisotoma errans
Species geminata - Anisotoma geminata
Species globososa - Anisotoma globososa
Species horni - Anisotoma horni
Species humeralis - Anisotoma humeralis
Species inops - Anisotoma inops
Genus Agathidium
Species depressum - Agathidium depressum
Species difforme - Agathidium difforme
Species fawcettae - Agathidium fawcettae
Species mollinum - Agathidium mollinum
Species oniscoides - Agathidium oniscoides
Species pulchrum - Agathidium pulchrum
Species repentinum - Agathidium repentinum
Species rubellum - Agathidium rubellum
Species rusticum - Agathidium rusticum
Genus Gelae
Species parile - Gelae parile
Tribe Sogdini
Genus Hydnobius
Species kiseri - Hydnobius kiseri
Species longidens - Hydnobius longidens
Species substriatus - Hydnobius substriatus
Genus Kalohydnobius
Species dentatus - Kalohydnobius dentatus
Species strigilatus - Kalohydnobius strigilatus
Species southeastern-non-dentatus - Kalohydnobius southeastern-non-dentatus
Genus Macrohydnobius
Species simulator - Macrohydnobius simulator
Species matthewsii - Macrohydnobius matthewsii
Genus Platyhydnobius
Species arizonensis - Platyhydnobius arizonensis
Genus Triarthron
Species lecontei - Triarthron lecontei
Tribe Leiodini
Genus Anogdus
Species dissimilis - Anogdus dissimilis
Genus Cyrtusa
Species subtestacea - Cyrtusa subtestacea
Genus Liocyrtusa
Genus Leiodes
Species appalachiana - Leiodes appalachiana
Species assimilis - Leiodes assimilis
Species horni - Leiodes horni
Species neglecta - Leiodes neglecta
Species puncticollis - Leiodes puncticollis
Species punctostriata - Leiodes punctostriata
Species rufipes - Leiodes rufipes
Genus Zeadolopus
Tribe Scotocryptini
Genus Aglyptinus
Species laevis - Aglyptinus laevis
Subfamily Platypsyllinae
Genus Platypsyllus
Species castoris - Beaver Parasite Beetle
Genus Leptinillus
Species validus - Beaver Nest Beetle
Genus Leptinus - Mouse Nest Beetles
Species americanus - Leptinus americanus
Species occidentamericanus - Leptinus occidentamericanus
Species orientamericanus - Leptinus orientamericanus
Subfamily Coloninae
Genus Colon
Species thoracicum - Colon (Striatocolon) thoracicum
No Taxon subgenus Colon
Species asperatum - Colon asperatum
No Taxon subgenus Myloechus
Species dentatum - Colon dentatum
Species forceps - Colon forceps
Species hubbardi - Colon hubbardi
Species longitorsum - Colon longitorsum
Species megasetosum - Colon megasetosum
Species schwarzi - Colon schwarzi
No Taxon subgenus Eurycolon
Species magnicolle - Colon magnicolle
Species oblongum - Colon oblongum
Family Silphidae - Carrion Beetles
Genus Aclypea
Species bituberosa - Western Spinach Carrion Beetle
Species opaca - Aclypea opaca
Genus Heterosilpha
Species aenescens - Heterosilpha aenescens
Species ramosa - Garden Carrion Beetle
Genus Necrodes
Species surinamensis - Red-lined Carrion Beetle
Genus Necrophila
Species americana - American Carrion Beetle
Genus Nicrophorus - Sexton Beetles
Species americanus - American Burying Beetle
Species carolinus - Nicrophorus carolinus
Species defodiens - Nicrophorus defodiens
Species guttula - Yellow-bellied Burying Beetle
Species hybridus - Nicrophorus hybridus
Species investigator - Banded Sexton Beetle
Species marginatus - Margined Burying Beetle
Species mexicanus - Nicrophorus mexicanus
Species nigrita - Black Burying Beetle
Species obscurus - Nicrophorus obscurus
Species orbicollis - Roundneck Sexton Beetle
Species pustulatus - Nicrophorus pustulatus
Species sayi - Nicrophorus sayi
Species tomentosus - Tomentose Burying Beetle
Species vespilloides - Boreal Carrion Beetle
No Taxon hybridus or investigator
Genus Oiceoptoma
Species inaequale - Ridged Carrion Beetle
Species noveboracense - Margined Carrion Beetle
Species rugulosum - Oiceoptoma rugulosum
Genus Oxelytrum - Oxelytrum - FALSE US RECORD
Species discicolle - Oxelytrum discicolle
Genus Silpha
Species tristis - Silpha tristis
Genus Thanatophilus
Species coloradensis - Thanatophilus coloradensis
Species lapponicus - Northern Carrion Beetle
Species sagax - Thanatophilus sagax
Species trituberculatus - Thanatophilus trituberculatus
Species truncatus - Thanatophilus truncatus
Family Staphylinidae - Rove Beetles
Subfamily Aleocharinae
Genus Anacyptus
Species testaceus - Anacyptus testaceus
Genus Halobrecta
Species algophila - Halobrecta algophila
Genus Beyeria
Species vespa - Beyeria vespa
Genus Deinopsis
Genus Gymnusa
Species grandiceps - Gymnusa grandiceps
Species atra - Gymnusa atra
Genus Myllaena
Species cuneata - Myllaena cuneata
Genus Philotermes
Species pilosus - Philotermes pilosus
Genus Placusa
Tribe Aleocharini
Genus Aleochara
No Taxon subgenus Aleochara
Species curtula - Aleochara curtula
Species lata - Aleochara lata
Species lustrica - Aleochara lustrica
No Taxon subgenus Calochara
Species rubripennis - Aleochara rubripennis
No Taxon subgenus Coprochara
Species sulcicollis - Aleochara sulcicollis
No Taxon subgenus Emplenota
Species littoralis - Aleochara littoralis
No Taxon subgenus Maseochara
No Taxon subgenus Xenochara
Species sculptiventris - Aleochara sculptiventris
Tribe Athetini
Subtribe Dadobiina - "Sea shore genera"
Genus Pontomalota
Species opaca - Pontomalota opaca
Genus Tarphiota
Species fucicola - Tarphiota fucicola
Species geniculata - Tarphiota geniculata
Genus Thinusa
Species fletcheri - Thinusa fletcheri
Subtribe Athetina
Genus Atheta
Species ventricosa - Atheta ventricosa
Species novaescotiae - Atheta novaescotiae
No Taxon subgenus Microdota
Species pennsylvanica - Atheta pennsylvanica
No Taxon subgenus Coprothassa
Species sordida - Atheta sordida
Genus Dinaraea
Species angustula - Dinaraea angustula
Genus Microdota
Genus Nehemitropia
Species lividipennis - Nehemitropia lividipennis
Genus Philhygra
Genus Stethusa
Genus Acrotona
Species austiniana - Acrotona austiniana
Genus Amischa
Genus Goniusa
Species caseyi - Goniusa caseyi
Genus Meronera
Species venustula - Meronera venustula
Genus Tetradonia
Species megalops - Tetradonia megalops
Genus Thamiaraea
Genus Trichiusa
Tribe Autaliini
Genus Autalia
Tribe Falagriini
Genus Aleodorus
Species bilobatus - Aleodorus bilobatus
Species intricatus - Aleodorus intricatus
Genus Cordalia
Species obscura - Cordalia obscura
Genus Falagria
Species dissecta - Falagria dissecta
Species sulcata - Falagria sulcata
Genus Lissagria
Species laeviuscula - Lissagria laeviuscula
Genus Myrmecocephalus
Species concinnus - Myrmecocephalus concinnus
Tribe Geostibini
Genus Callicerus
Genus Geostiba
Tribe Homalotini
Subtribe Bolitocharina
Genus Pleurotobia
Species trimaculata - Pleurotobia trimaculata
Genus Phymatura
Species blanchardi - Phymatura blanchardi
Genus Silusida
Species marginella - Silusida marginella
Subtribe Leptusina
Genus Leptusa
Species gimmeli - Leptusa gimmeli
Species carolinensis - Leptusa carolinensis
Species pusio - Leptusa pusio
Subtribe Gyrophaenina
Genus Eumicrota
Genus Gyrophaena
Species flavicornis - Gyrophaena flavicornis
Genus Phanerota
Species fasciata - Phanerota fasciata
Subtribe Homalotina
Genus Homalota
Species plana - Homalota plana
Tribe Hoplandriini
Genus Hoplandria
Species lateralis - Hoplandria lateralis
Genus Microlia
Genus Platandria
Tribe Hypocyphtini
Genus Cypha
Genus Oligota
Genus Holobus
Tribe Liparocephalini
Genus Liparocephalus
Species cordicollis - Liparocephalus cordicollis
Genus Diaulota
Species fulviventris - Diaulota fulviventris
Tribe Lomechusini
Genus Apalonia
Species seticornis - Apalonia seticornis
Genus Dinocoryna
Species arizonensis - Dinocoryna arizonensis
Genus Drusilla
Species canaliculata - Drusilla canaliculata
Genus Ecitonidia
Species wheeleri - Ecitonidia wheeleri
Genus Ecitoxenidia
Species alabamae - Ecitoxenidia alabamae
Genus Microdonia
Species nitidiventris - Microdonia nitidiventris
Genus Myrmedonota
Species aidani - Myrmedonota aidani
Genus Myrmoecia
Species lauta - Myrmoecia lauta
Genus Pella
Species fauveli - Pella fauveli
Species planifer - Pella planifer
Genus Platyusa
Species sonomae - Platyusa sonomae
Genus Xenodusa
Species cava - Xenodusa cava
Species reflexa - Xenodusa reflexa
Genus Xesturida
Species laevis - Xesturida laevis
Genus Zyras
Species obliquus - Zyras obliquus
Species rudis - Zyras rudis
Tribe Oxypodini
Genus Alisalia
Species austiniana - Alisalia austiniana
Subtribe Oxypodina
Genus Devia
Species congruens - Devia congruens
Genus Gennadota
Species canadensis - Gennadota canadensis
Genus Ilyobates
Genus Ocyusa
Genus Oxypoda
Genus Parocyusa
Genus Thiasophila
Subtribe Dinardina
Genus Phloeopora
Tribe Sceptobiini
Genus Dinardilla
Species liometopi - Dinardilla liometopi
Genus Sceptobius
Species dispar - Sceptobius dispar
Species schmitti - Sceptobius schmitti
Species lativentris - Sceptobius lativentris
Tribe Tachyusini
Genus Gnypeta
Genus Paradilacra
Species densissima - Paradilacra densissima
Genus Tachyusa
Tribe Trichopseniini
Subfamily Dasycerinae
Genus Dasycerus
Species angulicollis - Dasycerus angulicollis
Species carolinensis - Dasycerus carolinensis
Subfamily Empelinae
Genus Empelus
Species brunnipennis - Empelus brunnipennis
Subfamily Euaesthetinae
Genus Stictocranius
Species puncticeps - Stictocranius puncticeps
Genus Edaphus
Species nitidus - Edaphus nitidus
Genus Euaesthetus
Species americanus - Euaesthetus americanus
Species brevipennis - Euaesthetus brevipennis
Subfamily Habrocerinae
Genus Habrocerus
Species capillaricornis - Habrocerus capillaricornis
Subfamily Leptotyphlinae
Subfamily Megalopsidiinae
Genus Megalopinus
Species caelatus - Megalopinus caelatus
Species rufipes - Megalopinus rufipes
Subfamily Micropeplinae
Genus Kalissus
Species nitidus - Kalissus nitidus
Genus Micropeplus
Species browni - Micropeplus browni
Species cribratus - Micropeplus cribratus
Species laticollis - Micropeplus laticollis
Species neotomae - Micropeplus neotomae
Species punctatus - Micropeplus punctatus
Species sculptus - Micropeplus sculptus
Species tesserula - Micropeplus tesserula
Subfamily Olisthaerinae
Genus Olisthaerus
Species substriatus - Olisthaerus substriatus
Subfamily Omaliinae - Ocellate Rove Beetles
Tribe Eusphalerini
Genus Eusphalerum
Species convexum - Eusphalerum convexum
Species fenyesi - Eusphalerum fenyesi
Species horni - Eusphalerum horni
Species orientale - Eusphalerum orientale
Species pothos - Eusphalerum pothos
Species rugulosum - Eusphalerum rugulosum
Species near-subangulatum - Eusphalerum near-subangulatum
Species swauki - Eusphalerum swauki
No Taxon pothos group
Tribe Coryphiini
Genus Boreaphilus
Species henningianus - Boreaphilus hennigianus
Genus Coryphium
Species nigrum - Coryphium nigrum
Genus Ephelinus
Species notatus - Ephelinus notatus
Species guttatus - Ephelinus guttatus
Genus Haida
Species keeni - Haida keeni
Genus Subhaida
Tribe Omaliini
Genus Acrolocha
Genus Acruliopsis
Species tumidula - Acruliopsis tumidula
Genus Carcinocephalus
Species sp - Carcinocephalus sp
Species flavidus - Carcinocephalus flavidus
Genus Dropephylla
Species longula - Dropephylla longula
Species cacti - Dropephylla cacti
Genus Hapalaraea
Species hamata - Hapalaraea hamata
Genus Micralymma
Species brevilingue - Micralymma brevilingue
Genus Omalium
Species fractum - Omalium fractum
Species repandum - Omalium repandum
Species rivulare - Omalium rivulare
Species cribrum - Omalium cribrum
Genus Phloeonomus
Species laesicollis - Phloeonomus laesicollis
Species suffusus - Phloeonomus suffusus
Genus Phloeostiba
Species lapponicus - Phloeostiba lapponicus
Genus Phyllodrepa
Species humerosa - Phyllodrepa humerosa
Species punctiventris - Phyllodrepa punctiventris
Genus Pycnoglypta
Species fracta - Pycnoglypta fracta
Species campbelli - Pycnoglypta campbelli
Genus Xylodromus
Species depressus - Xylodromus depressus
Tribe Anthophagini
Genus Acidota
Species crenata - Acidota crenata
Species subcarinata - Acidota subcarinata
Genus Amphichroum
Species maculatum - Amphichroum maculatum
Genus Anthobium
Genus Arpedium
Species cribratum - Arpedium cribratum
Species schwarzi - Arpedium schwarzi
Genus Artochia
Genus Brathinus
Species nitidus - Brathinus nitidus
Species varicornis - Brathinus varicornis
Genus Deinopteroloma
Species subcostatum - Deinopteroloma subcostatum
Species pictum - Deinopteroloma pictum
Genus Eucnecosum
Species brachypterum - Eucnecosum brachypterum
Species brunnescens - Eucnecosum brunnescens
Genus Geodromicus
Species brunneus - Geodromicus brunneus
Species plagiatus - Geodromicus plagiatus
Species strictus - Geodromicus strictus
Genus Lesteva
Species pallipes - Lesteva pallipes
Genus Microedus
Species fenderi - Microedus fenderi
Species austinianus - Microedus austinianus
Genus Olophrum
Species boreale - Olophrum boreale
Species latum - Olophrum latum
Species obtectum - Olophrum obtectum
Genus Orobanus
Genus Orochares
Species tumidus - Orochares tumidus
Species suteri - Orochares suteri
Genus Porrhodites
Species inflatus - Porrhodites inflatus
Genus Pelecomalium
Genus Phlaeopterus
Species lagrandeuri - Phlaeopterus lagrandeuri
Genus Tanyrhinus
Species singularis - Tanyrhinus singularis
Genus Trigonodemus
Species striatus - Trigonodemus striatus
Genus Unamis
Genus Xenicopoda
Species helenae - Xenicopoda helenae
Subfamily Osoriinae - Unmargined Rove Beetles
Tribe Thoracophorini
Genus Thoracophorus
Species brevicristatus - Thoracophorus brevicristatus
Species costalis - Thoracophorus costalis
Species guadalupensis - Thoracophorus guadalupensis
Genus Clavilispinus
Species exiguus - Clavilispinus exiguus
Species rufescens - Clavilispinus rufescens
Genus Nacaeus
Tribe Eleusinini
Genus Eleusis
Species pallida - Eleusis pallida
Genus Renardia
Tribe Osoriini
Genus Mimogonia
Genus Osorius
Subfamily Oxyporinae - Cross-toothed Rove Beetles
Genus Oxyporus
No Taxon subgenus Oxyporus
Species ashei - Oxyporus ashei
Species elegans - Oxyporus elegans
Species femoralis - Oxyporus femoralis
Species kiteleyi - Oxyporus kiteleyi
Species major - Oxyporus major
Species rufipennis - Oxyporus rufipennis
Species stygicus - Oxyporus stygicus
Species vittatus - Oxyporus vittatus
No Taxon subgenus Pseudoxyporus
Species lateralis - Oxyporus lateralis
Species occipitalis - Oxyporus occipitalis
Species quinquemaculatus - Oxyporus quinquemaculatus
Subfamily Oxytelinae - Spiny-legged Rove Beetles
Tribe Euphaniini
Genus Deleaster
Species dichrous - Deleaster dichrous
Genus Mitosynum
Species vockerothi - Mitosynum vockerothi
Genus Syntomium
Tribe Blediini
Genus Bledius
Species annularis - Bledius annularis
Species mandibularis - Bledius mandibularis
Species philadelphicus - Bledius philadelphicus
No Taxon sp. 1
No Taxon armatus group
No Taxon semiferrugineus group
Tribe Coprophilini
Genus Coprophilus
Species sexualis - Coprophilus sexualis
Species striatulus - Coprophilus striatulus
Tribe Oxytelini
Genus Anotylus
Species insecatus - Anotylus insecatus
Species insignitus - Anotylus insignitus
Species rugosus - Anotylus rugosus
Genus Aploderus
Genus Apocellus
Species analis - Apocellus analis
Species sphaericollis - Apocellus sphaericollis
Genus Carpelimus
No Taxon fulvipes Group
No Taxon exiguus Group
Species aridus - Carpelimus aridus
Species obliquus - Carpelimus obliquus
Species occiduus - Carpelimus occiduus
Species pertenuis - Carpelimus pertenuis
Species probus - Carpelimus probus
Species quadripunctatus - Carpelimus quadripunctatus
Species vancouverensis - Carpelimus vancouverensis
Species weissi - Carpelimus weissi
Genus Manda
Species nearctica - Manda nearctica
Genus Ochthephilus
Species biimpressus - Ochthephilus biimpressus
Genus Oxytelus
Species laqueatus - Oxytelus laqueatus
Genus Neoxus
Species crassicornis - Neoxus crassicornis
Genus Platystethus
Species americanus - Platystethus americanus
Species degener - Platystethus degener
Genus Thinobius
Genus Thinodromus
No Taxon Anotylus or Oxytelus
Subfamily Paederinae
Tribe Paederini
Subtribe Paederina
Genus Paederus
Species littorarius - Paederus littorarius
Subtribe Astenina
Genus Astenus
Species americanus - Astenus americanus
Species brevipennis - Astenus brevipennis
Species cinctus - Astenus cinctus
Species discopunctatus - Astenus discopunctatus
No Taxon Astenus EGR sp. 1
Subtribe Stilicopsina
Genus Stamnoderus
Species monstrosus - Stamnoderus monstrosus
Genus Stilicopsis
Subtribe Lathrobiina
Genus Acalophaena
Genus Dacnochilus
Species angularis - Dacnochilus angularis
Species compacta - Dacnochilus compacta
Genus Lathrobium
No Taxon subgenus Lathrobioma
Species scolopaceum - Lathrobium scolopaceum
No Taxon subgenus Lathrobium
Species fauveli - Lathrobium fauveli
Species fulvipenne - Lathrobium fulvipenne
Species washingtoni - Lathrobium washingtoni
No Taxon Subgenus Lathrolepta
Species debile - Lathrobium debile
Genus Lobrathium
Species atriventris - Lobrathium atriventris
Species collare - Lobrathium collare
Species dimidiatum - Lobrathium dimidiatum
Species famelica - Lobrathium famelica
Species grande - Lobrathium grande
Genus Pseudolathra
Genus Tetartopeus
Species convolutus - Tetartopeus convolutus
Species niger - Tetartopeus niger
Species tetricus - Tetartopeus tetricus
Subtribe Stilicina
Genus Eustilicus
Species tristis - Eustilicus tristis
Genus Megastilicus
Species formicarius - Megastilicus formicarius
Genus Pachystilicus
Species hanhami - Pachystilicus hanhami
Genus Rugilus
Species angularis - Rugilus angularis
Species angustatus - Rugilus angustatus
Species ceylanensis - Rugilus ceylanensis
Species orbiculatus - Rugilus orbiculatus
Species rufipes - Rugilus rufipes
Subtribe Cryptobiina
Genus Biocrypta
Species prospiciens - Biocrypta prospiciens
Genus Homaeotarsus
Species badius - Homaeotarsus badius
Species bicolor - Homaeotarsus bicolor
Species cinctus - Homaeotarsus cinctus
Species cribratus - Homaeotarsus cribratus
Species floridanus - Homaeotarsus floridanus
Species pallipes - Homaeotarsus pallipes
Species parallelus - Homaeotarsus parallelus
Species strenuus - Homaeotarsus strenuus
Species sellatus - Homaeotarsus sellatus
Genus Lissobiops
Species serpentinus - Lissobiops serpentinus
Genus Ochthephilum
Species fracticorne - Ochthephilum fracticorne
Subtribe Scopaeina
Genus Orus
Species armiger - Orus armiger
Species dentiger - Orus dentiger
Species fraternus - Orus fraternus
Genus Scopaeus
Subtribe Echiasterina
Genus Echiaster
Genus Myrmecosaurus
Species ferrugineus - Myrmecosaurus ferrugineus
Genus Sphaeronum
Subtribe Medonina
Genus Achenomorphus
Species corticinus - Achenomorphus corticinus
Genus Lithocharis
Species ochracea - Lithocharis ochracea
Species thoracica - Lithocharis thoracica
Species tricolor - Lithocharis tricolor
Genus Medon
Species rufipenne - Medon rufipenne
Species insulanus - Medon insulanus
Genus Sunius
Species debilicornis - Sunius debilicornis
Species confluentus - Sunius confluentus
Species rufipes - Sunius rufipes
Genus Thinocharis
Tribe Pinophilini
Genus Lathropinus
Species obsidianus - Lathropinus obsidianus
Genus Palaminus
Species larvalis - Palaminus larvalis
Genus Pinophilus
Species gracilis - Pinophilus gracilis
Species latipes - Pinophilus latipes
Species parcus - Pinophilus parcus
Subfamily Phloeocharinae
Genus Charhyphus
Species picipennis - Charhyphus picipennis
Genus Vicelva
Species vandykei - Vicelva vandykei
Genus Phloeocharis
Species californica - Phloeocharis californica
Subfamily Piestinae - Flat Rove Beetles
Genus Piestus
Genus Siagonium
Species punctatum - Siagonium punctatum
Subfamily Proteininae
Genus Megarthrus
Species pictus - Megarthrus pictus
Genus Proteinus
Species basalis - Proteinus basalis
Species brachypterus - Proteinus brachypterus
Subfamily Pselaphinae - Ant-loving Beetles
Supertribe Clavigeritae
Genus Adranes
Species coecus - Adranes coecus
Species lecontei - Adranes lecontei
Genus Fustiger
Species fuchsii - Fustiger fuchsii
Supertribe Euplectitae
Tribe Trogastrini
Genus Rhexius
Species insculptus - Rhexius insculptus
Species schmitti - Rhexius schmitti
Species substriatus - Rhexius substriatus
Subtribe Trogastrina
Genus Conoplectus
Species susae - Conoplectus susae
Species canaliculatus - Conoplectus canaliculatus
Genus Euboarhexius
Species perscitus - Euboarhexius perscitus
Genus Oropus
Species cavicauda - Oropus cavicauda
Species striatus - Oropus striatus
Genus Rhexidius
Species incomptus - Rhexidius incomptus
Tribe Metopiasini
Tribe Euplectini
Genus Euplectus
Species duryi - Euplectus duryi
Species karstenii - Euplectus karstenii
Genus Leptoplectus
Species pertenuis - Leptoplectus pertenuis
Genus Pycnoplectus
Species spinifer - Pycnoplectus spinifer
Genus Thesiastes
Species debilis - Thesiastes debilis
Tribe Trichonychini
Subtribe Panaphantina
Genus Bibloplectus
Species ruficeps - Bibloplectus ruficeps
Genus Eutyphlus
Species dybasi - Eutyphlus dybasi
Genus Pseudactium
Species arcuatum - Pseudactium arcuatum
Genus Ramecia
Species crinita - Ramecia crinita
Genus Thesium
Genus Trimioplectus
Species obsoletus - Trimioplectus obsoletus
Subtribe Trimiina
Genus Actiastes
Species globiferum - Actiastes globiferum
Species fundatum - Actiastes fundatum
Genus Actium
Genus Dalmosanus
Species steevesi - Dalmosanus steevesi
Genus Dalmosella
Species tenuis - Dalmosella tenuis
Genus Melba
Species parvula - Melba parvula
Species sulcatula - Melba sulcatula
Genus Trimiomelba
Species dubia - Trimiomelba dubia
Genus Trimium
Species brevicorne - Trimium brevicorne
Subtribe Trichonychina
Genus Morius
Species occidens - Morius occidens
Genus Oropodes
Species chumash - Oropodes chumash
Genus Trichonyx
Species sulcicollis - Trichonyx sulcicollis
Tribe Jubini
Genus Sebaga
Species ocampi - Sebaga ocampi
Tribe Mayetiini
Genus Mayetia
Supertribe Faronitae
Genus Sonoma
Species parviceps - Sonoma parviceps
Species isabellae - Sonoma isabellae
Supertribe Pselaphitae
Genus Caccoplectus
Species spinipes - Caccoplectus spinipes
Genus Ceophyllus
Species monilis - Ceophyllus monilis
Genus Pselaphus
Species bellax - Pselaphus bellax
Species erichsoni - Pselaphus erichsoni
Genus Tmesiphorus
Species costalis - Tmesiphorus costalis
Species carinatus - Tmesiphorus carinatus
Tribe Ctenistini
Genus Atinus
Species monilicornis - Atinus monilicornis
Genus Biotus
Species formicarius - Biotus formicarius
Genus Ctenisis
Species phylanderi - Ctenisis phylanderi
Genus Ctenisodes
Species ocularis - Ctenisodes ocularis
Species piceus - Ctenisodes piceus
Species pulvereus - Ctenisodes pulvereus
Tribe Tyrini
Subtribe Hamotina
Genus Upoluna
Species batrisioides - Circocerus batrisioides
Genus Hamotus
Species electrae - Hamotus electrae
Species elongatus - Hamotus elongatus
Species opimus - Hamotus opimus
Subtribe Tyrina
Genus Cedius
Species spinosus - Cedius spinosus
Genus Mipseltyrus
Species nicolayi - Mipseltyrus nicolayi
Genus Tyrus
Species corticinus - Tyrus corticinus
Species semiruber - Tyrus semiruber
Supertribe Batrisitae
Genus Arianops
Genus Arthmius
Species bulbifer - Arthmius bulbifer
Species globicollis - Arthmius globicollis
Species involutus - Arthmius involutus
Species morsus - Arthmius morsus
Genus Batriasymmodes
Genus Batrisodes
Species albionicus - Batrisodes albionicus
Species beyeri - Batrisodes beyeri
Species declivis - Batrisodes declivis
Species denticollis - Batrisodes denticollis
Species frontalis - Batrisodes frontalis
Species ionae - Batrisodes ionae
Species lineaticollis - Batrisodes lineaticollis
Species mendocino - Batrisodes mendocino
Species texanus - Coffin Cave Mold Beetle
Species venyivi - Helotes Mold Beetle
Genus Texamaurops
Species reddelli - Kretschmarr Cave Mold Beetle
Supertribe Goniaceritae
Genus Valda
Species frontalis - Valda frontalis
Tribe Tychini
Genus Custotychus
Genus Cylindrarctus
Species crinifer - Cylindrarctus crinifer
Genus Lucifotychus
Species testaceus - Lucifotychus testaceus
Genus Nearctitychus
Species sternalis - Nearctitychus sternalis
Genus Tychus
Species macclayi - Tychus macclayi
Tribe Brachyglutini
Genus Decarthron
Species abnorme - Decarthron abnorme
Species discolor - Decarthron discolor
Species longulum - Decarthron longulum
Species stigmosum - Decarthron stigmosum
Species velutinum - Decarthron velutinum
Genus Eupsenius
Species glaber - Eupsenius glaber
Genus Eutrichites
Species zonatus - Eutrichites zonatus
Subtribe Brachyglutina
Genus Brachygluta
Species abdominalis - Brachygluta abdominalis
Species belfragei - Brachygluta belfragei
Species foveata - Brachygluta foveata
Species terebrata - Brachygluta terebrata
Species wickhami - Brachygluta wickhami
Genus Nisaxis
Species caudata - Nisaxis caudata
Genus Reichenbachia
Species appendiculata - Reichenbachia appendiculata
Species arthritica - Reichenbachia arthritica
Species borealis - Reichenbachia borealis
Species corporalis - Reichenbachia corporalis
Species facilis - Reichenbachia facilis
Species spatulifer - Reichenbachia spatulifer
Genus Rybaxis
Species clavata - Rybaxis clavata
Species conjuncta - Rybaxis conjuncta
Species mystica - Rybaxis mystica
Tribe Bythinini
Genus Machaerodes
Species carinatus - Machaerodes carinatus
Genus Pselaptrichus
Species similis - Pselaptrichus similis
Genus Tychobythinus
Subfamily Pseudopsinae
Genus Nanobius
Species serricollis - Nanobius serricollis
Genus Pseudopsis
Species sagitta - Pseudopsis sagitta
Species subulata - Pseudopsis subulata
Genus Zalobius
Species nancyae - Zalobius nancyae
Species spinicollis - Zalobius spinicollis
Subfamily Scaphidiinae - Shining Fungus Beetles
Genus Cyparium
Species ater - Cyparium ater
Species concolor - Cyparium concolor
Genus Scaphium
Species castanipes - Scaphium castanipes
Genus Scaphidium
Species piceum - Scaphidium piceum
Species quadriguttatum - Scaphidium quadriguttatum
Tribe Scaphisomatini
Genus Baeocera
Species falsata - Baeocera falsata
Species pallida - Baeocera pallida
Genus Scaphisoma
Species rubens - Scaphisoma rubens
Species suturale - Scaphisoma suturale
Genus Toxidium
Species gammaroides - Toxidium gammaroides
Subfamily Scydmaeninae - Ant-like Stone Beetles
Genus Chevrolatia
Species amoena - Chevrolatia amoena
Genus Scydmaenus
Tribe Cephenniini
Genus Chelonoidum
Genus Cephennium
Species aridum - Cephennium aridum
Species canestroi - Cephennium canestroi
Species gallicum - Cephennium gallicum
Species grandarboreum - Cephennium grandarboreum
Tribe Cyrtoscydmini
Genus Brachycepsis
Species subpunctatus - Brachycepsis subpunctatus
Genus Euconnus
Species salinator - Euconnus salinator
No Taxon subgenus Euconnus
No Taxon subgenus Napochus
Species pecki - Euconnus pecki
No Taxon subgenus Napoconnus
No Taxon subgenus Psomophus
No Taxon subgenus Pycnophus
Species rasus - Euconnus rasus
No Taxon subgenus Scopophus
Genus Lophioderus
Genus Microscydmus
Species tenuis - Microscydmus tenuis
Genus Parascydmus
Genus Stenichnus
Genus Taphroscydmus
Tribe Eutheiini
Genus Eutheia
Genus Veraphis
Subfamily Staphylininae - Large Rove Beetles
Tribe Diochini
Genus Diochus
Species schaumi - Diochus schaumi
Tribe Othiini
Genus Atrecus
Species americanus - Atrecus americanus
Species macrocephalus - Atrecus macrocephalus
Species megacephalus - Atrecus megacephalus
Tribe Platyprosopini
Genus Platyprosopus
Species mexicanus - Platyprosopus mexicanus
Tribe Staphylinini
Subtribe Amblyopinina
Genus Heterothops
Species pusio - Heterothops pusio
Species fusculus - Heterothops fusculus
Subtribe Quediina
Genus Acylophorus
Species pratensis - Acylophorus pratensis
Species pronus - Acylophorus pronus
Genus Anaquedius
Species vernix - Anaquedius vernix
Genus Beeria
Species nematocera - Beeria nematocera
Genus Hemiquedius
Species ferox - Hemiquedius ferox
Genus Quedius
No Taxon subgenus Distichalius
Species capucinus - Quedius capucinus
Species cinctus - Quedius cinctus
Species pediculus - Quedius pediculus
Species explanatus - Quedius (Megaquedius) explanatus
No Taxon subgenus Microsaurus
Species canadensis - Quedius canadensis
Species cruentus - Quedius cruentus
Species erythrogaster - Quedius erythrogaster
Species limbifer - Quedius limbifer
Species peregrinus - Quedius peregrinus
Species plagiatus - Quedius (Quedionuchus) plagiatus
No Taxon subgenus Quedius
Species curtipennis - Quedius curtipennis
Species laticollis - Quedius laticollis
Species molochinoides - Quedius molochinoides
No Taxon subgenus Raphirus
Species brunnipennis - Quedius brunnipennis
Species fulvicollis - Quedius fulvicollis
Species prostans - Quedius prostans
Species simulator - Quedius simulator
Subtribe Staphylinina
Genus Creophilus
Species maxillosus - Hairy Rove Beetle
Genus Dinothenarus
Species capitatus - Dinothenarus (Dinothenarus) capitatus
No Taxon subgenus Parabemus
Species badipes - Dinothenarus badipes
Species luteipes - Dinothenarus luteipes
Species nigrellus - Dinothenarus nigrellus
Species pleuralis - Dinothenarus pleuralis
Species saphyrinus - Dinothenarus saphyrinus
Genus Hadrotes
Species crassus - Hadrotes crassus
Genus Ocypus
Species aeneocephalus - Ocypus aeneocephalus
Species nitens - Ocypus nitens
Species olens - Devil's Coach Horse
Genus Ontholestes
Species cingulatus - Gold-and-brown Rove Beetle
Genus Platydracus
Species caliginosus - Platydracus caliginosus
No Taxon cinnamopterus complex
Species cinnamopterus - Platydracus cinnamopterus
Species praetermissus - Platydracus praetermissus
Species zonatus - Platydracus zonatus
Species centralis - Platydracus centralis
Species exulans - Platydracus exulans
Species femoratus - Platydracus femoratus
Species fossator - Red-spotted Rove Beetle
Species immaculatus - Platydracus immaculatus
Species maculosus - Platydracus maculosus
Species mysticus - Platydracus mysticus
Species phoenicurus - Platydracus phoenicurus
Species pinorum - Platydracus pinorum
Species praelongus - Platydracus praelongus
Species sepulchralis - Platydracus sepulchralis
Species tarsalis - Platydracus tarsalis
Species tomentosus - Platydracus tomentosus
Species violaceus - Platydracus violaceus
Species viridanus - Platydracus viridanus
Species undescribed-fla - Platydracus undescribed-fla
Species undescribed-fla-b - Platydracus undescribed-fla-b
Genus Tasgius
Species ater - Tasgius ater
Species melanarius - Tasgius melanarius
Species winkleri - Tasgius winkleri
Genus Thinopinus
Species pictus - Pictured Rove Beetle
Subtribe Xanthopygina
Genus Xanthopygus
Species xanthopygus - Xanthopygus xanthopygus
Subtribe Anisolinina
Genus Tympanophorus
Species puncticollis - Tympanophorus puncticollis
Subtribe Philonthina
Genus Belonuchus
Species agilis - Belonuchus agilis
Species rufipennis - Belonuchus rufipennis
Genus Bisnius
Species fimetarius - Bisnius fimetarius
Species blandus - Bisnius blandus
Species siegwaldii - Bisnius siegwaldii
Genus Cafius
Species aguayoi - Cafius aguayoi
Species bistriatus - Cafius bistriatus
Species canescens - Cafius canescens
Species lithocharinus - Cafius lithocharinus
Species luteipennis - Cafius luteipennis
Species seminitens - Cafius seminitens
Species sulcicollis - Cafius sulcicollis
Genus Erichsonius
Species patella - Erichsonius patella
Species brachycephalus - Erichsonius brachycephalus
Genus Flohria
Species subcoerulea - Flohria subcoerulea
Genus Gabrius
Species brevipennis - Gabrius brevipennis
Species fallaciosus - Gabrius fallaciosus
Species micropthalmus - Gabrius micropthalmus
Species ovaliceps - Gabrius ovaliceps
Species picipennis - Gabrius picipennis
Species splendidulus - Gabrius splendidulus
Genus Gabronthus
Species thermarum - Gabronthus thermarum
Genus Hesperus
Species apicialis - Hesperus apicialis
Species arizonicus - Hesperus arizonicus
Species baltimorensis - Hesperus baltimorensis
Species stehri - Hesperus stehri
Genus Laetulonthus
Species laetulus - Laetulonthus laetulus
Genus Neobisnius
Species gratus - Neobisnius gratus
Species jocosus - Neobisnius jocosus
Species occidentoides - Neobisnius occidentoides
Species paederoides - Neobisnius paederoides
Species sobrinus - Neobisnius sobrinus
Species terminalis - Neobisnius terminalis
Genus Philonthus
Species asper - Philonthus asper
Species aurulentus - Philonthus aurulentus
Species boreas - Philonthus boreas
Species caeruleipennis - Philonthus caeruleipennis
Species caucasicus - Philonthus caucasicus
Species cautus - Philonthus cautus
Species cognatus - Philonthus cognatus
Species couleensis - Philonthus couleensis
Species cruentatus - Philonthus cruentatus
Species debilis - Philonthus debilis
Species flumineus - Philonthus flumineus
Species gopheri - Philonthus gopheri
Species hepaticus - Philonthus hepaticus
Species lomatus - Philonthus lomatus
Species monaeses - Philonthus monaeses
Species palliatus - Philonthus palliatus
Species politus - Philonthus politus
Species quadricollis - Philonthus quadricollis
Species rectangulus - Philonthus rectangulus
Species rufulus - Philonthus rufulus
Species sericans - Philonthus sericans
Species sericinus - Philonthus sericinus
Species triangulum - Philonthus triangulum
Species vulgatus - Philonthus vulgatus
No Taxon furvus-group
Subtribe Hyptiomina
Genus Holisus
Subtribe Tanygnathinina
Tribe Xantholinini
Genus Gauropterus
Species fulgidus - Gauropterus fulgidus
Genus Gyrohypnus
Species fracticornis - Gyrohypnus fracticornis
Genus Hypnogyra
Genus Lepitacnus
Species pallidulus - Lepitacnus pallidulus
Genus Leptacinus
Species intermedius - Leptacinus intermedius
Genus Lissohypnus
Species texanus - Lissohypnus texanus
Genus Lithocharodes
Species longicollis - Lithocharodes longicollis
Species ruficollis - Lithocharodes ruficollis
Genus Neohypnus
Species beckeri - Neohypnus beckeri
Species hamatus - Neohypnus hamatus
Species lecontei - Neohypnus lecontei
Species melanops - Neohypnus melanops
Species monstrosus - Neohypnus monstrosus
Species obscurus - Neohypnus obscurus
Genus Nudobius
Species luridipennis - Nudobius luridipennis
Species cephalus - Nudobius cephalus
Genus Oxybleptes
Species davisi - Oxybleptes davisi
Species kiteleyi - Oxybleptes kiteleyi
Genus Phacophallus
Species tricolor - Phacophallus tricolor
Genus Stenistoderus
Species rubripennis - Stenistoderus rubripennis
Genus Stictolinus
Species flavipes - Stictolinus flavipes
Genus Xantholinus
Species linearis - Xantholinus linearis
Species longiventris - Xantholinus longiventris
Genus Xestolinus
Species abdominalis - Xestolinus abdominalis
Subfamily Steninae - Water Skaters
Genus Stenus
No Taxon Subgenus Nestus
No Taxon Subgenus Hypostenus
Species flavicornis - Stenus flavicornis
Species reconditus - Stenus reconditus
No Taxon Subgenus Stenus
Species angustus - Stenus angustus
Species clavicornis - Stenus clavicornis
Species colon - Stenus colon
Species comma - Stenus comma
Species erythropus - Stenus erythropus
Species juno - Stenus juno
Species laccophilus - Stenus laccophilus
Species mammops - Stenus mammops
Species pauperculus - Stenus pauperculus
Species sculptilis - Stenus sculptilis
Species semicolon - Stenus semicolon
Species stygicus - Stenus stygicus
Genus Dianous
Species nitidulus - Dianous nitidulus
Subfamily Tachyporinae - Crab-like Rove Beetles
Tribe Mycetoporini
Genus Bolitobius
Species cingulatus - Bolitobius cingulatus
Genus Bolitopunctus
Species punctatissimus - Bolitopunctus punctatissimus
Genus Bryoporus
Species rufescens - Bryoporus rufescens
Species testaceus - Bryoporus testaceus
Genus Carphacis
Species dimidiatus - Carphacis dimidiatus
Species effrenatus - Carphacis effrenatus
Genus Ischnosoma
Species fimbriatum - Ischnosoma fimbriatum
Species flavicolle - Ischnosoma flavicolle
Species hospitale - Ischnosoma hospitale
Species lecontei - Ischnosoma lecontei
Species pictum - Ischnosoma pictum
Species splendidum - Ischnosoma splendidum
Species virginicum - Ischnosoma virginicum
Genus Lordithon
Species anticus - Lordithon anticus
Species appalachianus - Lordithon appalachianus
Species campbelli - Lordithon campbelli
Species cinctus - Girdled Lordithon
Species facilis - Lordithon facilis
Species fungicola - Lordithon fungicola
Species kelleyi - Lordithon kelleyi
Species niger - Black Lordithon Rove Beetle
Species obsoletus - Lordithon obsoletus
Species oregonus - Lordithon oregonus
Species quaesitor - Lordithon quaesitor
Genus Neobolitobius
Species varians - Neobolitobius varians
Genus Mycetoporus
Species consors - Mycetoporus consors
Species neotomae - Mycetoporus neotomae
Tribe Tachyporini
Genus Cilea
Species silphoides - Cilea silphoides
Genus Coproporus
Species laevis - Coproporus laevis
Species pulchellus - Coproporus pulchellus
Species rutilus - Coproporus rutilus
Species ventriculus - Coproporus ventriculus
Genus Nitidotachinus
Species agilis - Nitidotachinus agilis
Species scrutator - Nitidotachinus scrutator
Species tachyporoides - Nitidotachinus tachyporoides
Genus Sepedophilus
Species bisignatus - Sepedophilus bisignatus
Species crassus - Sepedophilus crassus
Species cinctulus - Sepedophilus cinctulus
Species frosti - Sepedophilus frosti
Species littoreus - Sepedophilus littoreus
Species marshami - Sepedophilus marshami
Species scriptus - Sepedophilus scriptus
Species testaceus - Sepedophilus testaceus
Species velocipes - Sepedophilus velocipes
Genus Tachinomorphus
Genus Tachinus
Species addendus - Tachinus addendus
Species axillaris - Tachinus axillaris
Species basalis - Tachinus basalis
Species corticinus - Tachinus corticinus
Species crotchi - Tachinus crotchi
Species fimbriatus - Tachinus fimbriatus
Species frigidus - Tachinus frigidus
Species fumipennis - Tachinus fumipennis
Species limbatus - Tachinus limbatus
Species luridus - Tachinus luridus
Species maculicollis - Tachinus maculicollis
Species memnonius - Tachinus memnonius
Species picipes - Tachinus picipes
Species semirufus - Tachinus semirufus
Genus Tachyporus
No Taxon subgenus Palporus
Species nitidulus - Tachyporus nitidulus
No Taxon subgenus Tachyporus
Species abdominalis - Tachyporus abdominalis
Species browni - Tachyporus browni
Species canadensis - Tachyporus canadensis
Species dispar - Tachyporus dispar
Species elegans - Tachyporus elegans
Species jocosus - Tachyporus jocosus
Species lecontei - Tachyporus lecontei
Species maculicollis - Tachyporus maculicollis
Species transversalis - Tachyporus transversalis
Species pulchrus - Tachyporus pulchrus
Subfamily Trichophyinae
Genus Trichophya
Species pilicornis - Trichophya pilicornis
Species tarsalis - Trichophya tarsalis
Subfamily Trigonurinae
Genus Trigonurus
Species rugosus - Trigonurus rugosus
Species crotchi - Trigonurus crotchi
Species sharpi - Trigonurus sharpi
Species edwardsi - Trigonurus edwardsi
No Taxon Larvae
No Taxon missing genera - snippets
Superfamily Scarabaeoidea - Scarab, Stag and Bess Beetles
Family Lucanidae - Stag Beetles
Subfamily Aesalinae
Genus Nicagus
Species obscurus - Nicagus obscurus
Species occultus - Nicagus occultus
Subfamily Lucaninae
Tribe Lucanini
Genus Dorcus
Species brevis - Dorcus brevis
Species parallelus - Dorcus parallelus
Genus Lucanus
Species capreolus - Reddish-brown Stag Beetle
Species elaphus - Giant Stag Beetle
Species mazama - Cottonwood Stag Beetle
Species placidus - Lucanus placidus
Tribe Platyceroidini
Genus Platyceroides
Species aeneus - Platyceroides aeneus
Species agassii - Platyceroides agassii
Species laticollis - Platyceroides laticollis
Species latus - Platyceroides latus
Species marshalli - Platyceroides marshalli
Species opacus - Platyceroides opacus
Species potax - Platyceroides potax
Species thoracicus - Platyceroides thoracicus
Species viriditinctus - Platyceroides viriditinctus
Genus Platyceropsis
Species keeni - Platyceropsis keeni
Tribe Platycerini
Genus Platycerus
Species cribripennis - Platycerus cribripennis
Species depressus - Aspen Stag Beetle
Species marginalis - Platycerus marginalis
Species oregonensis - Platycerus oregonensis
Species virescens - Oak Stag Beetle
Subfamily Syndesinae
Genus Ceruchus
Species piceus - Ceruchus piceus
Species punctatus - Ceruchus punctatus
Species striatus - Ceruchus striatus
Genus Sinodendron
Species rugosum - Rugose Stag Beetle
Family Diphyllostomatidae - False Stag Beetles
Genus Diphyllostoma
Species fimbriatum - Diphyllostoma fimbriatum
Family Passalidae - Bess Beetles
Genus Odontotaenius
Species disjunctus - Horned Passalus
Family Glaresidae - Enigmatic Scarab Beetles
Genus Glaresis
Species canadensis - Glaresis canadensis
Species ecostata - Glaresis ecostata
Species inducta - Glaresis inducta
Species medialis - Glaresis medialis
Family Trogidae - Hide Beetles
Genus Omorgus - Hastate Hide Beetles
Species asper - Omorgus asper
Species carinatus - Omorgus carinatus
Species fuliginosus - Omorgus fuliginosus
Species howelli - Omorgus howelli
Species inflatus - Omorgus inflatus
Species monachus - Omorgus monachus
Species nodosus - Omorgus nodosus
Species punctatus - Omorgus punctatus
Species rubricans - Omorgus rubricans
Species scabrosus - Omorgus scabrosus
Species scutellaris - Omorgus scutellaris
Species suberosus - Omorgus suberosus
Species tesselatus - Omorgus tesselatus
Species texanus - Omorgus texanus
Species tytus - Omorgus tytus
Species umbonatus - Omorgus umbonatus
Genus Trox - Hide Beetles
Species aequalis - Trox aequalis
Species affinis - Trox affinis
Species atrox - Trox atrox
Species capillaris - Trox capillaris
Species contractus - Trox contractus
Species fascifer - Trox fascifer
Species floridanus - Trox floridanus
Species foveicollis - Trox foveicollis
Species frontera - Trox frontera
Species gemmulatus - Trox gemmulatus
Species hamatus - Trox hamatus
Species laticollis - Trox laticollis
Species plicatus - Trox plicatus
Species robinsoni - Trox robinsoni
Species scaber - Trox scaber
Species sonorae - Trox sonorae
Species sordidus - Trox sordidus
Species spinulosus - Trox spinulosus
Species striatus - Trox striatus
Species terrestris - Trox terrestris
Species tuberculatus - Trox tuberculatus
Species unistriatus - Trox unistriatus
Species variolatus - Trox variolatus
No Taxon foveicollis or spinulosus
Family Pleocomidae - Rain Beetles
Genus Pleocoma - Rain Beetles
Species australis - Southern Rain Beetle
Species badia - Pleocoma badia
Subspecies badia - Pleocoma badia badia
Subspecies hirsuta - Pleocoma badia hirsuta
Species behrensi - Pleocoma behrensi
Species bicolor - Pleocoma bicolor
Species blaisdelli - Pleocoma blaisdelli
Species carinata - Pleocoma carinata
Species conjungens - Santa Cruz Rain Beetle
Subspecies conjungens - Pleocoma conjungens conjungens
Species crinita - Pleocoma crinita
Species dubitabilis - Pleocoma dubitabilis
Subspecies leachi - Pleocoma dubitabilis leachi
Species fimbriata - Pleocoma fimbriata
Species hirticollis - Pleocoma hirticollis
Subspecies vandykei - Pleocoma hirticollis vandykei
Species hovorei - Pleocoma hovorei
Species linsleyi - Pleocoma linsleyi
Species marquai - Pleocoma marquai
Species minor - Pleocoma minor
Species octopagina - Pleocoma octopagina
Species oregonensis - Pleocoma oregonensis
Species puncticollis - Black Rain Beetle
Species rickseckeri - Pleocoma rickseckeri
Species rubiginosa - Pleocoma rubiginosa
Species sonomae - Pleocoma sonomae
Species shastensis - Pleocoma shastensis
Species simi - Pleocoma simi
Species staff - Pleocoma staff
Species tularensis - Pleocoma tularensis
Species hoppingi - Pleocoma hoppingi
Family Geotrupidae - Earth-Boring Scarab Beetles
Subfamily Geotrupinae
Genus Ceratophyus
Species gopherinus - Gopher Beetle
Genus Geotrupes
Species balyi - Baly's Earth Boring Beetle
Species blackburnii - Blackburn's Earth Boring Beetle
Subspecies blackburnii - Geotrupes blackburnii blackburnii
Subspecies excrementi - Geotrupes blackburnii excrementi
Species egeriei - Eger's Earth Boring Beetle
Species hornii - Horn's Earth Boring Beetle
Species opacus - Opaque Earth Boring Beetle
Species semiopacus - Geotrupes semiopacus
Species splendidus - Splendid Earth Boring Beetle
Species stercorarius - Dor Beetle
Species ulkei - Ulke's Earth Boring Beetle
Genus Mycotrupes
Species cartwrighti - Mycotrupes cartwrighti
Species gaigei - Mycotrupes gaigei
Species lethroides - Mycotrupes lethroides
Species retusus - Sandhills Earth Boring Scarab Beetle
Genus Peltotrupes
Species youngi - Young's Deepdigger Scarab
Species profundus - Florida Deepdigger Scarab
Subfamily Bolboceratinae
Genus Bolbelasmus
Species minor - Bolbelasmus minor
Species hornii - Bolbelasmus hornii
Genus Bolbocerastes
Species regalis - Bolbocerastes regalis
Species imperialis - Bolbocerastes imperialis
Subspecies kansanus - Bolbocerastes imperialis kansanus
Genus Bolbocerosoma
Species bruneri - Bolbocerosoma bruneri
Species confusum - Bolbocerosoma confusum
Species farctum - Bolbocerosoma farctum
Species hamatum - Bolbocerosoma hamatum
Species lepidissimum - Bolbocerosoma lepidissimum
Species pusillum - Bolbocerosoma pusillum
Species tumefactum - Bolbocerosoma tumefactum
Genus Bolborhombus
Species sallei - Bolborhombus sallei
Genus Bradycinetulus
Species fossatus - Bradycinetulus fossatus
Species ferrugineus - Bradycinetulus ferrugineus
Species rex - Bradycinetulus rex
Genus Eucanthus
Species greeni - Eucanthus greeni
Species impressus - Eucanthus impressus
Species lazarus - Eucanthus lazarus
Species subtropicus - Eucanthus subtropicus
Genus Odonteus
Species alabamensis - Odonteus alabamensis
Species darlingtoni - Odonteus darlingtoni
Species falli - Odonteus falli
Species filicornis - Odonteus filicornis
Species floridensis - Odonteus floridensis
Species liebecki - Odonteus liebecki
Species obesus - Odonteus obesus
Species thoracicornis - Odonteus thoracicornis
Family Ochodaeidae - Sand-loving Scarab Beetles
Genus Codocera
Species gnatho - Codocera gnatho
Genus Cucochodaeus
Species sparsus - Cucochodaeus sparsus
Genus Neochodaeus
Species frontalis - Neochodaeus frontalis
Species praesidii - Neochodaeus praesidii
Species repandus - Neochodaeus repandus
Species striatus - Neochodaeus striatus
Genus Parochodaeus
Species biarmatus - Parochodaeus biarmatus
Species californicus - Parochodaeus californicus
Species duplex - Parochodaeus duplex
Species inarmatus - Parochodaeus inarmatus
Species pectoralis - Parochodaeus pectoralis
Species pixius - Pixie sand-loving scarab
Genus Pseudochodaeus
Species estriatus - Pseudochodaeus estriatus
Genus Xenochodaeus
Species americanus - Xenochodaeus americanus
Species musculus - Xenochodaeus musculus
Family Hybosoridae - Scavenger Scarab Beetles
Subfamily Hybosorinae - Scavenger Scarab Beetles
Genus Hybosorus
Species roei - Hybosorus roei
Subfamily Pachyplectrinae - Thick Scavenger Scarab Beetles
Genus Pachyplectrus
Species laevis - Pachyplectrus laevis
Subfamily Ceratocanthinae - Pill Scarab Beetles
Genus Ceratocanthus
Species aeneus - Ceratocanthus aeneus
Genus Germarostes
Species aphodioides - Germarostes aphodioides
Species globosus - Germarostes globosus
Family Glaphyridae - Bumble Bee Scarab Beetles
Genus Lichnanthe
Species apina - Lichnanthe apina
Species rathvoni - Lichnanthe rathvoni
Species ursina - Lichnanthe ursina
Species vulpina - Cranberry Root Grub
Family Scarabaeidae - Scarab Beetles
Subfamily Aphodiinae - Aphodiine Dung Beetles
Tribe Aegialiini
Genus Aegialia
Species arenaria - Aegialia arenaria
Species blanchardi - Aegialia blanchardi
Species cartwrighti - Aegialia cartwrighti
Species concinna - Ciervo Aegialian Scarab
Species conferta - Aegialia conferta
Species convexa - Aegialia convexa
Species crescenta - Aegialia crescenta
Species lacustris - Aegialia lacustris
Species latispina - Aegialia latispina
Species spinosa - Aegialia spinosa
Genus Caelius
Species montanus - Caelius montanus
Genus Rhysothorax
Species rufus - Rhysothorax rufus
Genus Micraegialia
Species pusilla - Micraegialia pusilla
Tribe Aphodiini
Genus Aphodius
No Taxon Subgenus Acrossus
Species rubripennis - Aphodius (Acrossus) rubripennis
Species rufipes - Night-flying Dung Beetle
No Taxon Subgenus Agoliinus
Species canadensis - Aphodius canadensis
Species congregatus - Aphodius congregatus
Species corruptor - Aphodius corruptor
Species leopardus - Aphodius (Agoliinus) leopardus
Species plutonicus - Aphodius plutonicus
Species sigmoideus - Aphodius (Agoliinus) sigmoideus
No Taxon Subgenus Alloblackburneus
Species aegrotus - Aphodius (Alloblackburneus) aegrotus
Species cynomysi - Aphodius cynomysi
Species geomysi - Aphodius geomysi
Species lentus - Aphodius (Alloblackburneus) lentus
Species rubeolus - Aphodius (Alloblackburneus) rubeolus
Species tenuistriatus - Aphodius (Alloblackburneus) tenuistriatus
Species troglodytes - Aphodius (Alloblackburneus) troglodytes
No Taxon Subgenus Aphodius
Species fimetarius - Aphodius (Aphodius) fimetarius
Species pedellus - Aphodius pedellus
No Taxon Subgenus Ballucus
Species barri - Aphodius barri
No Taxon Subgenus Blackburneus
Species cavidomus - Aphodius cavidomus
Species stercorosus - Aphodius (Blackburneus) stercorosus
No Taxon Subgenus Calamosternus
Species granarius - Aphodius (Calamosternus) granarius
No Taxon Subgenus Caligodorus
Species opacus - Aphodius opacus
Species vandykei - Aphodius (Caligodorus) vandykei
No Taxon Subgenus Cephalocyclus
Species hogei - Aphodius hogei
Species luteolus - Aphodius luteolus
No Taxon Subgenus Chilothorax
Species distinctus - Maculated Dung Beetle
No Taxon Subgenus Cinacanthus
Species ulkei - Aphodius ulkei
Species militaris - Aphodius (Cinacanthus) militaris
No Taxon Subgenus Coelotrachelus
Species rudis - Aphodius (Coelotrachelus) rudis
No Taxon Subgenus Colobopterus
Species erraticus - Aphodius (Colobopterus) erraticus
No Taxon Subgenus Cryptoscatomaseter
Species acuminatus - Aphodius acuminatus
Species cacabatus - Aphodius cacabatus
Species criddlei - Aphodius criddlei
Species depressiusculus - Aphodius depressiusculus
Species haldemani - Aphodius haldemani
Species incomptus - Aphodius incomptus
Species magnificens - Aphodius magnificens
Species oklahomensis - Aphodius oklahomensis
Species paulseni - Aphodius paulseni
Species rossi - Aphodius rossi
Species salsburyi - Aphodius salsburyi
Species umbricollis - Aphodius umbricollis
No Taxon Subgenus Dellacasiellus
Species claudus - Aphodius claudus
Species concavus - Aphodius concavus
Species fucosus - Aphodius fucosus
Species griffini - Aphodius griffini
Species kirni - Aphodius kirni
Species laevigatus - Aphodius laevigatus
Species pseudofucosus - Aphodius pseudofucosus
Species ruficlarus - Aphodius ruficlarus
No Taxon Subgenus Dialytodius
Species decipiens - Aphodius decipiens
No Taxon Subgenus Drepanocanthoides
Species walshii - Aphodius walshii
No Taxon Subgenus Eupleurus
Species subterraneus - Aphodius (Eupleurus) subterraneus
No Taxon Subgenus Flaviellus
Species perfimbriatus - Aphodius perfimbriatus
Species phalerioides - Aphodius phalerioides
No Taxon Subgenus Geomyphilus
Species rubiginosus - Aphodius rubiginosus
Species insolitus - Aphodius insolitus
No Taxon Subgenus Haroldiellus
Species sallei - Aphodius sallei
No Taxon Subgenus Hornosus
Species larreae - Aphodius larreae
No Taxon Subgenus Irrasinus
Species stupidus - Aphodius (Irrasinus) stupidus
No Taxon Subgenus Labarrus
Species lividus - Aphodius (Labarrus) lividus
Species pseudolividus - Aphodius (Labarrus) pseudolividus
No Taxon Subgenus Lechorodius
Species lutulentus - Aphodius lutulentus
Species terminalis - Aphodius terminalis
No Taxon Subgenus Liothorax
Species alternatus - Aphodius (Liothorax) alternatus
Species subaenus - Aphodius (Liothorax) subaenus
No Taxon Subgenus Luxolinus
Species luxatus - Aphodius (Luxolinus) luxatus
No Taxon Subgenus Maculaphodius
Species conspersus - Aphodius (Maculaphodius) conspersus
No Taxon Subgenus Melinopterus
Species consentaneus - Aphodius consentaneus
Species femoralis - Aphodius femoralis
Species prodromus - Aphodius (Melinopterus) prodromus
No Taxon Subgenus Mendidaphodius
No Taxon Subgenus Mendidius
Species aculeatus - Aphodius aculeatus
No Taxon Subgenus Merogyrus
Species rotundiceps - Aphodius rotundiceps
No Taxon Subgenus Neotrichonotulus
Species inurbanus - Aphodius inurbanus
No Taxon Subgenus Nialaphodius
Species nigrita - Aphodius nigrita
No Taxon Subgenus Orodaliscoides
Species giulianii - Aphodius giulianii
No Taxon Subgenus Oscarinus
Species abusus - Aphodius abusus
Species bottimeri - Aphodius bottimeri
Species brimleyi - Aphodius brimleyi
Species crassuloides - Aphodius (Oscarinus) crassuloides
Species matiganae - Aphodius matiganae
Species rusicola - Aphodius (Oscarinus) rusicola
Species stuessyi - Aphodius stuessyi
Species texensis - Aphodius texensis
Species welderi - Aphodius (Oscarinus) welderi
No Taxon Subgenus Otophorus
Species haemorrhoidalis - Aphodius (Otophorus) haemorrhoidalis
No Taxon Subgenus Pardalosus
Species pardalis - Aphodius (Pardalosus) pardalis
Species pumilio - Aphodius pumilio
Species sayi - Aphodius sayi
Species serval - Aphodius serval
Species slevini - Aphodius (Pardalosus) slevini
No Taxon Subgenus Phaeaphodius
Species rectus - Aphodius (Phaeaphodius) rectus
No Taxon Subgenus Planolinellus
Species vittatus - Aphodius (Planolinellus) vittatus
No Taxon Subgenus Planolinoides
Species borealis - Aphodius borealis
Species pectoralis - Aphodius (Planolinoides) pectoralis
Species neotomae - Aphodius (Planolinoides) neotomae
No Taxon Subgenus Planolinus
Species tenellus - Aphodius (Planolinus) tenellus
No Taxon Subgenus Pseudagolius
Species bicolor - Aphodius (Pseudagolius) bicolor
Species coloradensis - Aphodius coloradensis
No Taxon Subgenus Rugaphodius
Species rugatus - Aphodius rugatus
No Taxon Subgenus Scabrostomus
Species peculiosus - Aphodius peculiosus
Species sepultus - Aphodius (Scabrostomus) sepultus
No Taxon Subgenus Schaefferellus
Species arizonensis - Aphodius arizonensis
No Taxon Subgenus Setodius
Species diogenes - Aphodius diogenes
No Taxon Subgenus Stenotothorax
Species badipes - Aphodius (Stenotothorax) badipes
Species gardneri - Aphodius gardneri
Species oriens - Aphodius (Stenotothorax) oriens
Species ovipennis - Aphodius ovipennis
Species parapyriformis - Aphodius parapyriformis
Species sparsus - Aphodius (Stenotothorax) sparsus
No Taxon Subgenus Strigodius
Species robinsoni - Aphodius robinsoni
No Taxon Subgenus Tetraclipeoides
Species acutissimus - Aphodius (Tetraclipeoides) acutissimus
Species aemulus - Aphodius aemulus
Species anomaliceps - Aphodius anomaliceps
Species denticulatus - Aphodius denticulatus
Species dentiger - Aphodius dentiger
Species dentigerulus - Aphodius dentigerulus
Species formidatus - Aphodius formidatus
Species moquinus - Aphodius moquinus
Species testaceiventris - Aphodius testaceiventris
Species texanus - Aphodius texanus
No Taxon Subgenus Teuchestes
Species fossor - Aphodius (Teuchestes) fossor
No Taxon Subgenus Trichonotuloides
Species aphoderrans - Aphodius aphoderrans
No Taxon Subgenus Trichonotulus
Species scrofa - Aphodius scrofa
Genus Dialytellus
Species dialytoides - Dialytellus dialytoides
Species tragicus - Dialytellus tragicus
Genus Dialytes
Species striatulus - Dialytes striatulus
Species truncatus - Dialytes truncatus
Species ulkei - Dialytes ulkei
Genus Diapterna
Species pinguella - Diapterna pinguella
Species hamata - Diapterna hamata
Genus Hornietus
Species ventralis - Hornietus ventralis
Genus Oxyomus
Species sylvestris - Oxyomus sylvestris
Genus Xeropsamobeus
Species acerbus - Xeropsamobeus acerbus
Species ambiguus - Xeropsamobeus ambiguus
Species asellus - Xeropsamobeus asellus
Species desertus - Xeropsamobeus desertus
Species scabriceps - Xeropsamobeus scabriceps
Tribe Didactyliini
Genus Aidophus
Species parcus - Aidophus parcus
Species skelleyi - Aidophus skelleyi
Tribe Eupariini
Genus Aphotaenius
Species carolinus - Aphotaenius carolinus
Genus Ataeniopsis
Species figurator - Ataeniopsis figurator
Genus Ataenius
Species abditus - Ataenius abditus
Species alternatus - Ataenius alternatus
Species carinator - Ataenius carinator
Species cognatus - Slender Dung Beetle
Species confertus - Ataenius confertus
Species desertus - Ataenius desertus
Species exiguus - Ataenius exiguus
Species fattigi - Ataenius fattigi
Species gracilis - Ataenius gracilis
Species hesperius - Ataenius hesperius
Species hirsutus - Ataenius hirsutus
Species imbricatus - Ataenius imbricatus
Species inquisitus - Ataenius inquisitus
Species insculptus - Ataenius insculptus
Species miamii - Ataenius miamii
Species ovatulus - Ataenius ovatulus
Species picinus - Ataenius picinus
Species platensis - Ataenius platensis
Species robustus - Ataenius robustus
Species setiger - Ataenius setiger
Species stephani - Ataenius stephani
No Taxon strigatus species group
Species spretulus - Black Turfgrass Ataenius
Species strigatus - Ataenius strigatus
Species wenzelii - Ataenius wenzelii
Genus Euparia
Species castanea - Euparia castanea
Genus Euparixia
Species duncani - Euparixia duncani
Species moseri - Euparixia moseri
Genus Haroldiataenius
Species convexus - Haroldiataenius convexus
Species griffini - Haroldiataenius griffini
Species limbatus - Haroldiataenius limbatus
Species semipilosus - Haroldiataenius semipilosus
Genus Martineziana
Species dutertrei - Martineziana dutertrei
Genus Odontolytes
Species denominatus - Odontolytes denominatus
Genus Parataenius
Species simulator - Parataenius simulator
Genus Pseudataenius
Species socialis - Pseudataenius socialis
Tribe Proctophaniini
Genus Australaphodius
Species frenchi - Australaphodius frenchi
Tribe Psammodiini
Genus Geopsammodius
Species unsidensis - Geopsammodius unsidensis
Species hydropicus - Geopsammodius hydropicus
Species subpedalis - Underfoot Tiny Sand-loving Scarab
Species relictillus - Geopsammodius relictillus
Genus Leiopsammodius
Species malkini - Leiopsammodius malkini
Species ocmulgeei - Leiopsammodius ocmulgeei
Genus Neopsammodius
Species werneri - Neopsammodius werneri
Species quinqueplicatus - Neopsammodius quinqueplicatus
Species interruptus - Neopsammodius interruptus
Genus Odontopsammodius
Species cruentus - Odontopsammodius cruentus
Genus Parapsammodius
Species bidens - Parapsammodius bidens
Species puncticollis - Parapsammodius puncticollis
Genus Platytomus
Species atlanticus - Platytomus atlanticus
Species longulus - Platytomus longulus
Species micros - Platytomus micros
Genus Pleurophorus
Species caesus - Pleurophorus caesus
Genus Psammodius
Species basalis - Psammodius basalis
Genus Rhyssemus
Species germanus - Rhyssemus germanus
Species scaber - Rhyssemus scaber
Species sonatus - Rhyssemus sonatus
Genus Tesarius
Species caelatus - Tesarius caelatus
Species mcclayi - Tesarius mcclayi
Species oregonensis - Tesarius oregonensis
Genus Trichiorhyssemus
Species riparius - Trichiorhyssemus riparius
No Taxon Incertae Sedis Genera
Genus Annegialia
Species ataeniformis - Annegialia ataeniformis
Subfamily Scarabaeinae - Dung Beetles
Tribe Canthonini
Genus Canthon - Tumblebugs
Species viridis - Canthon (Glaphyrocanthon) viridis
No Taxon subgenus Canthon
Species chalcites - Canthon (Canthon) chalcites
Species cyanellus - Canthon (Canthon) cyanellus
Species humectus - Canthon humectus
Species imitator - Canthon (Canthon) imitator
Species indigaceus - Canthon (Canthon) indigaceus
Species pilularius - Canthon (Canthon) pilularius
Species vigilans - Canthon (Canthon) vigilans
No Taxon subgenus Boreocanthon
Species depressipennis - Canthon (Boreocanthon) depressipennis
Species ebenus - Canthon (Boreocanthon) ebenus
Species lecontei - Canthon (Boreocanthon) lecontei
Species melanus - Canthon (Boreocanthon) melanus
Species praticola - Canthon (Boreocanthon) praticola
Species simplex - Canthon (Boreocanthon) simplex
Subspecies simplex - Canthon simplex simplex
Subspecies militaris - Canthon simplex militaris
Genus Deltochilum
Species gibbosum - Humpback Dung Beetle
Species scabriusculum - Deltochilum scabriusculum
Genus Malagoniella
Species astyanax - Malagoniella astyanax
Genus Melanocanthon
Species bispinatus - Melanocanthon bispinatus
Species granulifer - Melanocanthon granulifer
Species nigricornis - Melanocanthon nigricornis
Genus Pseudocanthon
Species perplexus - Pseudocanthon perplexus
Tribe Coprini
Genus Copris
Species arizonensis - Copris arizonensis
Species fricator - Copris fricator
Species howdeni - Copris howdeni
Species inemarginatus - Copris inemarginatus
Species lecontei - Copris lecontei
Species minutus - Small Black Dung Beetle
Species remotus - Copris remotus
Genus Dichotomius
Species colonicus - Dichotomius colonicus
Species carolinus - Dichotomius carolinus
Tribe Ateuchini
Genus Ateuchus
Species histeroides - Ateuchus histeroides
Species lecontei - Ateuchus lecontei
Species texanus - Ateuchus texanus
Genus Canthidium
Species macclevei - Canthidium macclevei
Tribe Oniticellini
Genus Euoniticellus
Species intermedius - Euoniticellus intermedius
Genus Liatongus
Species californicus - Liatongus californicus
Genus Onitis
Species alexis - Onitis alexis
Tribe Onthophagini
Genus Onthophagus
Species alluvius - Onthophagus alluvius
Species batesi - Onthophagus batesi
Species browni - Onthophagus browni
Species cavernicollis - Onthophagus cavernicollis
Species concinnus - Onthophagus concinnus
Species coproides - Onthophagus coproides
Species cynomysi - Onthophagus cynomysi
Species depressus - Onthophagus depressus
Species hecate - Scooped Scarab
Subspecies blatchleyi - Onthophagus hecate blatchleyi
Species hoepfneri - Onthophagus hoepfneri
Species knausi - Onthophagus knausi
Species landolti - Onthophagus landolti
Species medorensis - Onthophagus medorensis
Species nuchicornis - Onthophagus nuchicornis
Species oklahomensis - Onthophagus oklahomensis
Species orpheus - Onthophagus orpheus
Subspecies pseudorpheus - Onthophagus orpheus pseudorpheus
Species pennsylvanicus - Onthophagus pennsylvanicus
Species polyphemi - Gopher Tortoise Onthophagus Beetle
Species schaefferi - Onthophagus schaefferi
Species striatulus - Onthophagus striatulus
Species subaeneus - Onthophagus subaeneus
Species subopacus - Onthophagus subopacus
Species subtropicus - Onthophagus subtropicus
Species taurus - Bull Headed Dung Beetle
Species tuberculifrons - Onthophagus tuberculifrons
Species velutinus - Onthophagus velutinus
Genus Digitonthophagus
Species gazella - Gazelle Scarab
Tribe Phanaeini
Genus Coprophanaeus
Species pluto - Coprophanaeus pluto
Genus Phanaeus - Rainbow Scarabs
Species adonis - Phanaeus adonis
Species amithaon - Phanaeus amithaon
Species difformis - Phanaeus difformis
Species igneus - Phanaeus igneus
Species triangularis - Phanaeus triangularis
Subspecies triangularis - Phanaeus triangularis triangularis
Subspecies texensis - Phanaeus triangularis texensis
Species vindex - Rainbow Scarab
Species quadridens - Phanaeus quadridens
Subfamily Melolonthinae - May Beetles and Junebugs
Tribe Hopliini
Genus Hoplia - Monkey Beetles
Species callipyge - Hoplia callipyge
Species dispar - Hoplia dispar
Species laticollis - Hoplia laticollis
Species modesta - Hoplia modesta
Species mucorea - Hoplia mucorea
Species sackenii - Hoplia sackenii
Species trifasciata - Three lined Hoplia
Species trivialis - Dark Hoplia
Tribe Podolasiini
Genus Podostena
Species bottimeri - Podostena bottimeri
Genus Podolasia
Species stillwellorum - Podolasia stillwellorum
Tribe Oncerini
Genus Oncerus
Species floralis - Oncerus floralis
Tribe Sericini
Genus Serica
Species aemula - Serica aemula
Species anthracina - Serica anthracina
Species aspera - Serica aspera
Species atracapilla - Serica atracapilla
Species blatchleyi - Serica blatchleyi
Species campestris - Serica campestris
Species fimbriata - Serica fimbriata
Species georgiana - Serica georgiana
Species howdeni - Serica howdeni
Species intermixta - Serica intermixta
Species iricolor - Serica iricolor
No Taxon iricolor or sericea
Species ligulata - Serica ligulata
Species laguna - Serica laguna
Species mystaca - Serica mystaca
Species opposita - Serica opposita
Species parallela - Serica parallela
Species porcula - Serica porcula
Species sericea - Serica sericea
Species sponsa - Serica sponsa
Species texana - Serica texana
Species tristis - Serica tristis
Species trociformis - Serica trociformis
Species vespertina - Serica vespertina
Subspecies acola - Serica vespertina acola
Genus Maladera
Species castanea - Asiatic Garden Beetle
Genus Nipponoserica
Species peregrina - Nipponoserica peregrina
Tribe Melolonthini
Genus Phyllophaga - May Beetles
No Taxon Subgenus Chlaenobia
Species vexata - Phyllophaga vexata
No Taxon Subgenus Cnemarachis
Species bruneri - Cuban May Beetle
No Taxon Subgenus Listrochelus
Species chapini - Phyllophaga chapini
Species curialis - Phyllophaga curialis
Species cushmani - Phyllophaga cushmani
Species disparilis - Phyllophaga disparilis
Species fimbripes - Phyllophaga fimbripes
Species granti - Phyllophaga granti
Species huachuca - Phyllophaga huachuca
Species koehleriana - Phyllophaga koehleriana
Species opacicollis - Phyllophaga opacicollis
Species mimicana - Phyllophaga mimicana
Species planeta - Phyllophaga planeta
Species reinhardi - Phyllophaga reinhardi
Species scoparia - Phyllophaga scoparia
Species snowi - Phyllophaga snowi
Species tarsalis - Phyllophaga tarsalis
Species texensis - Phyllophaga texensis
Species timida - Phyllophaga timida
No Taxon Subgenus Phyllophaga
Species aemula - Phyllophaga aemula
Species amplicornis - Phyllophaga amplicornis
Species antennata - Phyllophaga antennata
Species anxia - Cranberry White Grub
Species apicata - Phyllophaga apicata
Species arcta - Phyllophaga arcta
Species balia - Phyllophaga balia
Species beckeri - Phyllophaga beckeri
Species bipartita - Phyllophaga bipartita
Species calceata - Phyllophaga calceata
Species congrua - Phyllophaga congrua
Species crassissima - Phyllophaga crassissima
Species crenulata - Phyllophaga crenulata
Species cribrosa - Phyllophaga cribrosa
Species crinita - Phyllophaga crinita
Species debilis - Phyllophaga debilis
Species dentex - Phyllophaga dentex
Species drakii - Phyllophaga drakii
Species ephilida - Phyllophaga ephilida
Species epigaea - Phyllophaga epigaea
Species farcta - Phyllophaga farcta
Species fervida - Phyllophaga fervida
Species floridana - Phyllophaga floridana
Species forbesi - Phyllophaga forbesi
Species forsteri - Phyllophaga forsteri
Species fraterna - Phyllophaga fraterna
Species fusca - Northern June Beetle
Species futilis - Lesser June Beetle
Species glaberrima - Phyllophaga glaberrima
Species glabricula - Phyllophaga glabricula
Species gracilis - Phyllophaga gracilis
Species hirsuta - Phyllophaga hirsuta
Species hirticula - Phyllophaga hirticula
Species hirtiventris - Phyllophaga hirtiventris
Species hornii - Phyllophaga hornii
Species ignava - Phyllophaga ignava
Species ilicis - Phyllophaga ilicis
Species implicita - Phyllophaga implicita
Species inepta - Phyllophaga inepta
Species inversa - Phyllophaga inversa
Species invisa - Phyllophaga invisa
Species juvenilis - Phyllophaga juvenilis
Species karlsioei - Phyllophaga karlsioei
Species kentuckiana - Phyllophaga kentuckiana
Species latidens - Phyllophaga latidens
Species latifrons - Phyllophaga latifrons
Species lenis - Phyllophaga lenis
Species longispina - Phyllophaga longispina
Species longitarsa - Phyllophaga longitarsa
Species lota - Phyllophaga lota
Species luctuosa - Phyllophaga luctuosa
Species marginalis - Phyllophaga marginalis
Species micans - Phyllophaga micans
Species mucorea - Phyllophaga mucorea
Species nebulosa - Phyllophaga nebulosa
Species nidita - Phyllophaga nidita
Species opaca - Phyllophaga opaca
Species parvidens - Phyllophaga parvidens
Species pleroma - Phyllophaga pleroma
Species postrema - Phyllophaga postrema
Species profunda - Phyllophaga profunda
Species prunina - Phyllophaga prunina
Species prununculina