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Do's and Don'ts

You may find this list of do's and don'ts helpful in working with the BugGuide website and community.
  • Do conduct yourself in a courteous, mature, and respectful manner.
  • Do remember that this is a family friendly site and that people of all ages visit.
  • Do read over the help pages.
  • Do use this site to try to identify your specimens before submitting them to ID Request.
  • Do consider turning on 'auto subscribe' on your account page.
  • Do provide a full name on your account page so your copyright reflects your name instead of your handle.
  • Do consider providing other details on your account page, especially if it will help us recognize you as an expert.
  • Do crop your image to emphasize the bug so we can make out details.
  • Do provide accurate image details, especially location, date and size, to enhance the value of our virtual collection.
  • Do consider measuring your specimen. Size estimates are easily exagerated.
  • Do manage your own 'ID Request' submissions by moving them to frass or to an appropriate spot in the guide.
  • Do indicate how you arrived at an identification.
  • Do link images of the same specimen (individual) or group of specimens.
  • Do submit images in jpeg format, preferably 1024 pixels on the longest side (it will be resized to 560 pixels but in the future it is planned to resize to 1024 pixels)
  • Don't submit images that were taken outside of the United States or Canada.
  • Don't delete and resubmit the same image, even a cropped version. Simply edit the original one.
  • Don't post more than three 'ID Requests' per day. Otherwise we get overwhelmed and things get overlooked.
  • Don't post mutilated bugs. It offends some of us and makes identification difficult.
  • Don't spend all your time here posting photos without taking time to help others by offering encouragement, pointing them in the direction of an identification, or helping to organize the guide.
  • Don't link images of different specimens. Instead use the thumb markup.
  • Don't delete your image after comments have been made. We'd rather you move it to frass and give us a chance to decide whether or not it would be a useful addition to the guide.
  • Don't submit multiple images of the same specimen that don't add any value to the images already submitted. Submit only your best image or images.
  • Don't submit images with decorations such as borders or with text other than your copyright notice.
  • Don't submit images that are not your own unless you have permission from the copyright holder.
  • Don't use a "signature" in your comments (like "Joe for President" or "Click here for my DIY flooring plans").