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Preliminary key to the Pasimachus (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Scaritini) of Florida

Schott C. Iconographie des coléoptères Carabidae d'Alsace

Cychrus hemphilli rickseckeri LeConte (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Oregon James R. LaBonte

Florida Wrinkled Bark Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Rhysodini)

Carabidae of the World

Database of Carabidae found on Plummers Island Maryland

The ground beetles of Florida (Coleoptera: Carabidae) including tiger beetles, tribe Cicindelini, by P.M. Choate

Insects of Northeastern Iowa

Matching guides:

Matching books:

Carabidae of Vermont and New Hampshire

George Britton Vogt (1920–1990).

A new Selenophorus (Coleoptera: Carabidae) from the Rio Grande in Texas.

Four new species of the genus Anillinus Casey (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Anillini) from Alabama, U.S.A., with a revised key [...]

Phylogeny of the beetle supertribe Trechitae (Coleoptera: Carabidae): Unexpected clades, isolated lineages, and [...]

Unifying systematics & taxonomy: Nomenclatural changes to Nearctic tiger beetles based on phylogenetics/morphology/life history

Cryptic diversity in the North American Dromochorus tiger beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Cicindelinae)...

Range update for eight species of the subfamily Elaphrinae (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Ontario's Far North & Nunavut, Canada

Systematics of the north american beetle subgenus Pseudoperyphus (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Bembidion) [...]

Agra Fabricius (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Harpalinae: Lebiini), arboreal beetles of Neotropical forests: The rare Texas species.

New species of Anillinus Casey (Carabidae : Trechinae : Bembidiini) from Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA and [...]

New Species Of Anillinus Casey (Carabidae: Trechinae: Bembidiini) From The Southern Appalachians And Phylogeography Of The [...]

Species of Anillinus Casey (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Trechinae) Described from Brazil and their Relation to North American [...]

Anillinus alleni Sokolov and Carlton (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Trechinae: Bembidiini), a New Species from the Ozark [...]

A taxonomic review of the Selenophori group (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Harpalini) in the West Indies, with descriptions of new ...

Additions to the knowledge of Nevada carabid beetles (Carabidae) & preliminary list of carabids from the Great Basin National Pk

Taxonomic review of New World Tachyina (Coleoptera, Carabidae): descriptions of new genera, subgenera, and species, with ...

Natural History of Plummers Island, Maryland. XXVI. The Ground Beetles of a Temperate Forest Site (Coleoptera: Carabidae):[...]

The New World genus Stenomorphus Dejean (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Harpalini)...

A key to adult Nearctic Pasimachus (Pasimachus) Bonelli (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Scaritini)...

A taxonomic revision of the Cymindis (Pinacodera) limbata species group (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiini)...

Cladistic analysis of North American Platynini and revision of the Agonum extensicolle group (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Description and behaviour of Goniotropis kuntzeni larvae (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Paussinae: Ozaenini) and a key to....

The nearctic species of Nebria Latreille (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Nebriini): classification, phylogeny, zoogeography, and...

A new and endemic species of Nebria Latreille (Insecta: Coleoptera: Carabidae: Nebriini), threatened by climate change...

A re-consideration of the taxonomic status of Nebria lacustris Casey (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Nebriini) based on...

New North American Platynus Bonelli (Coleoptera: Carabidae), a key to species north of Mexico...

A natural history of the ground-beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) of America north of Mexico.

Studies on the Subtribe Tachyina (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Bembidiini), Part III: Systematics, Phylogeny, and Zoogeography of....

The ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) of the Maritime Provinces of Canada...

Species delimitation in the ground beetle subgenus Liocosmius (Bembidion), including standard and next-generation sequencing

Bembidion ambiguum (Coleoptera: Carabidae) is established in California

A revision of the genus Loxandrus LeConte (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in North America

Phylogeny and classification of the genus-group taxa of Loxandrina (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Abacetini)

New synonymies and notes on North American Loxandrus LeConte (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Species delimitation, classical taxonomy and genome skimming: a review of the ground beetle genus Lionepha (Col.: Carabidae)

Geographically structured genetic diversity in the cave beetle Darlingtonea kentuckensis Valentine, 1952 (Coleoptera, ...

Species delimitation, classical taxonomy & genome skimming: a review of the ground beetle genus Lionepha (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

A new petrophilous tiger beetle from the Trans-Pecos region of Texas and revised key to the genus Amblycheila (Cicindelinae).

Records of Coleoptera as prey of robber flies (Diptera: Asilidae) in eastern New Mexico and west Texas.

Beetles associated with Atta and Acromyrmex ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Attini)

Eight Ground Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) New to Virginia, with Additional Records for West Virginia and Maryland

Classification of the North and Middle American species of the genus Pelmatellus Bates (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Harplaini)

Classification of the species of the Harpalus subgenus Glanodes Casey (Carabidae: Coleoptera)

Rediscovery and distribution of Bembidion plagiatum Zimmerman (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Notes on Pterostichus punctiventris (Chaudoir) (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Arkansas, with a New State Record

Species of Anillinus Casey (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Trechinae) described from Brazil and their Relation to North American [...]

Description of a new species of Clivina Latreille from Southeastern United States with a key to North American species...

The taxonomy of the Nearctic species of the genus Calathus Bonelli (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Agonini)

Illustrated Key and Photo Atlas of the Snail-eating Ground Beetles of the Genus Scaphinotus Dejean ...

Hyboptera Chaudoir, 1872 of the Cryptobatida group of subtribe Agrina: A taxonomic revision with notes on their ways of life ...

Three carabid beetles (Coleoptera:Carabidae) new to Maryland & a preliminary annotated checklist for Cove Point, Calvert County

Two new species of blind, forest litter-inhabiting ground beetles from the subtribe Anillina [...]

A New Species and the First Record of the Genus Anillinus (Carabidae: Trechinae: Bembidiini) from the Ozark Region

A New Species of Anillinus Casey from the Oak Ridge Area West of the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee [...]

Trechoblemus in North America, With a Key to North American Genera of Trechinae (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

A treatise on the Western Hemisphere Caraboidea (Coleoptera): Their classification, distributions, and ways of life. Vol. III

A treatise on the Western Hemisphere Caraboidea (Coleoptera): Their classification, distributions, and ways of life. Vol. I

A new Selenophorus (Coleoptera: Carabidae) from The Rio Grande in Texas

Evolution of the (Coleoptera) Carabidae of the Southern Appalachians.

On Some Carabidae, Including New Species, from the Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee.

On Some Carabidae, Including New Species, from the Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee.

On the Occurrence of Several Species of Pterostichine Ground Beetles in Virginia (Carabidae: Pterostichini)

The Carabidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) of Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge, Maryland

Systematics and zoogeography of the genus Lophoglossus Leconte (Coleoptera Carabidae Pterostichini)

Review of the species of Ardistomina (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Clivinini) in America north of Mexico

A new fossil species of the genus Coptodera Dejean, 1825 (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Lebiinae) from Baltic amber

A synopsis of the tribe Lachnophorini, with a new genus of Neotropical distribution and a revision of the Neotropical genus...

Ground Beetles from the Quantico Marine Corps Base: 2. Thirty Additional Species from Recent Collections (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Ground Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) from Quantico Marine Corps Base, Virginia

The North American Pterostichus of the Subgenus Cylindrocharis Casey (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

Five new species of Anillinus Casey from Alabama with a key to the Alabama species (Carabidae: Trechinae: Bembidiini)

Richness and abundance of Carabidae and Staphylinidae (Coleoptera), in northeastern dairy pastures under intensive grazing

The Ground Beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) Fauna of Maine, USA

Additions to the Checklist of Wisconsin Ground Beetles (Carabidae), including Adventive Harpalus rubripes among 7 New Records

Life beneath the surface of the central Texan Balcones Escarpment: genus Anillinus Casey, 1918 (Coleoptera, Carabidae...)

Synopsis of the species of subgenus Progaleritina Jeannel, including reconstructed phylogeny and geographical history...

Invertebrate enemies and nest associates of the leaf-cutting ant Atta texana (Buckley) (Formicudae, Attini).

Ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of the Hanford Nuclear Site in south-central Washington State

New and Additional Records of Ground Beetles and Wrinkled Bark Beetles for Virginia (Coleoptera: Carabidae, Rhysodidae).

A revision of the genus Chlaenius Bonelli (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in North America.

Beetles that live with ants (Carabidae, Pseudomorphini, Pseudomorpha Kirby, 1825): A revision of the santarita species group

North American caterpillar hunters of the genera Calosoma and Callisthenes (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

A quarter of a century succession of epigaeic beetle assemblages in remnant habitats in an urbanized matrix (Col., Carabidae)

Review of Anillinus, with descriptions of 17 new species and a key to soil and litter species (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Trechinae:

New Coleoptera records from New Brunswick, Canada: Gyrinidae, Carabidae, and Dytiscidae

Phylogeny of Bembidion and related ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Trechinae: Bembidiini: Bembidiina)

Distribution and conservation status of Omus submetallicus G. Horn and its confusion with Omus californicus lecontei...

The plateau giant tiger beetle, Amblycheila picolominii Reiche, 1839, in Utah: new state record.....

Pseudaptinus (Thalpius) nobilis Liebke, new to the United States, and a key to the species of subgenus Thalpius LeConte...

Classification, phylogeny, and zoogeography of Schizogenius Putzeys (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Scaritini)

A reclassification of bombardier beetles and a taxonomic revision of the North and Middle American species...

Notiophilus palustris (Coleoptera, Carabidae), a Eurasian carabid beetle new to North america

A new species of Nebria Latreille (Insecta: Coleoptera: Carabidae: Nebriini) from the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

A revision of the ground beetles belonging to Scaphinotus, subgenus Brennus (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

A monographic revision of the American Galeritini (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Review of the Nearctic, Mexican and West Indian (Greater Antilles) species of Colliuris Degeer (Col.: Carabidae: Odacanthini)

Synopsis of adventive species of Coleoptera (Insecta) recorded from Canada. Part 1: Carabidae

Taxonomic review of the New World Pogonini (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

A revision of the species of the genus Evarthrus LeConte (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Description of a new species of Platynus Bonelli from the Appalachian Mountains of eastern North America (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

Rediscovery of Clivina morio Dejean with the description of Leucocara, a new subgenus of Clivina Latreille...

Dyschirius of America north of Mexico: descriptions of new species with keys to species groups and species...

Two new taxa of Clinidium (Coleoptera: Rhysodidae or Carabidae) from the eastern U.S., with a revised key to U.S. Clinidium.

Catalogue of the Geadephaga (Coleoptera: Trachypachidae, Rhysodidae, Carabidae including Cicindelini) of America north of Mexico

Redescription of Stenolophus thoracicus Casey (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Harpalini), a valid species

The ground-beetles (Carabidae, excl. Cicindelinae) of Canada and Alaska, parts 1—6

Genus Nippononebria in the Nearctic region, with description of a new subgenus, Vancouveria (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Taxonomic revision of Nearctic, Mexican, and West Indian Oodini (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

A revision of the genus Omophron (Coleoptera: Carabidae) of North America north of Mexico.

Checklist of adult carabid beetles known from Indiana

Revision of ground beetles of American genus Cychrus and four subgenera of genus Scaphinotus (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

Review of the Nearctic species of the Holarctic subgenus Argutor (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Phylogeny and classification of Hypherpes auctorum (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Pterostichini: Pterostichus)

A review of the Bembidion (Odontium) aenulum subgroup (Coleoptera: Carabidae), with description of a new species

Arthropods of Canadian Grasslands (Volume 1): Ecology and Interactions in Grassland Habitats

Review of adventive species of Coleoptera (Insecta) recorded from eastern Canada

An annotated checklist of Wisconsin ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Description of a New Species of Scarites Fabricius (Coleoptera: Carabidae) from Florida

Phylogeny and biogeography of the Laurasian genus Agonum Bonelli (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Platynini)

Identification of New World Agonum, review of the Mexican fauna, and description of Incagonum, new genus, from South America

Illustrated Identification Guide to Adults and Larvae of Northeastern North American Ground Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

A treatise on the Western Hemisphere Caraboidea (Coleoptera): Their classification, distributions, and ways of life. Vol. II

A revision of the genus Lebia Latreille in America North of México (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

Manuel d'identification des Carabidae du Québec (Curdulia, Supplément 1)

Matching comments ranked in order of relevance:

A time traveler and her message

Errata noted below:

Looks like either Carabidae o

Best single reference for geographic distributions

The recent paper...

Carabidae, not Staphylinidae, larvae

Carabidae larva.

Family Carabidae, predacious

Family Carabidae.


Ground Beetle - Carabidae

Ground beetle: Carabidae. Loo


"Unifying Systematics & Taxonomy of Nearctic Tiger Beetles"

Carabidae of some sort?


Carabidae, near Elaphropus (I


A ground beetle (Carabidae) i

Please submit a good overhead photo or two

L. dorsalis and Sugar Cane



Platynus paramarginarus

Dr Liebherr says,

Carabidae: Scaphinotus sp.

Like John said, Carabidae ie

I am almost tempted!

Carabidae (Carabini or Cychri

"v belov email function"?

It is a Carabidae beetle, may

Where are you?

Amerinus linearis



Next question

Looks like Lebia (Carabidae)

Scarites sp. Carabidae

What list?

Poecilus chalcites

Family Carabidae - Ground Beetles



not a stag beetle. Carabidae

Carabidae : Bembidiini : Tachyta

Deciding on subfamily ranks for BugGuide

not quite what I wanted

carabid larva, not staphylinid


Carabidae: Elaphrus


Carabidae: Omophron... not su

Carabidae identification key

Carabids divided into subfamilies, tribes



Still seems wrong to me


Carabidae - Scaritini - Scarites

Yes, Curt's approach would work but perhaps not needed.

Consider tribe "Harpalini"

Carabidae: Pseudomorpha sp.

Ground beetle

I received my copy and found it to be quite enjoyable


Ground Beetle




looks like....

I don't believe a PDF is freely available online,

looks like a ground beetle, Carabidae sp.


A Ground Beetle in the family Carabidae


Thank you Peter for your help!

Blapstinus sp.

Carabidae; no id potential here

Ground Beetle Larva


Carabidae, gen. sp.

carabidae thanks

Carabidae, actually

looks like

Metacolpodes buchanani is likely.

Yes, I still accept mailed carabid specimens

the ID actually

That's all I wanted

Hard to tell,

Woo hoo, awesome!



Discoderus robustus


V - the only change was a genus listing of "Semiclivina"

Frassed, Carabidae, gen. sp.


Looks like Harpalus?

Ground Beetle




Thanks once again. A few final comments:

This is a Ground Beetle, Family Carabidae

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

See Kippenhan 2007

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

Kudos on excellent presentation of Scaphinotus johnsoni --

Advanced Searches


Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.

The Horn (1880) key to American Selenophorus species is outdated



Moved to Carabidae for expert attention.



Ground beetle (Carabidae)


not a scarab...

This is a ground beetle

Omus sp.?

Thalassotrechus barbarae is new to BugGuide!

Beetle larva

Ground beetle



Not Dytiscidae

Carabidae, genus Calosoma


Carabidae: Harpalinae, gen. sp.

You can move your photos

My concerns about calling this Brachinus "phaeocerus".

Ground beetle of some kind (C

Your current flurry of valuable contributions to Carabidae

Definitely not Amara pennsylvanica because

Yes, subg Curtonotus

ground beetle

Carabidae actually, Ega sallei



Great Macro Shots of Harpalus (Pseudoophonus)

Carabidae grub?

That looks like a match to me

Carabidae actually, Panagaeus species

Carabidae; no further potential

Carabidae; no further potential

Carabidae; no further potential here

Ground beetle?


Thank you Curt!

Carabid beetle larva

I prefer BugGuide's treatment of genus "Callisthenes" be ...

from top

Amara is the genus

Perhaps Poecilus?


Ground Beetle

My help would be best via representative specimens mailed


most likely Carabidae

Tiger Beetles

It's a Harpalus,

Carabidae: genus Harpalus

Carabidae: genus Brachinus

Carabidae: genus Brachinus


Photos of ground beetles (Carabidae) are my personal bias

I would guess Carabidae or Staphylinidae

Ground beetle

What’s it eating?

Pterostichus (Abacidus) species

I knew that was Bembidion, bu

maybe Bembidion bifossulatum (Carabidae)

Great ! This is a new carabi



Please r/o Pterostichus novus

Carabidae, maybe an Amara?

Carabus nemoralis, not sylvosus.



Carabidae, maybe Anisodactylus

I just got four different spe

Experimental subject - do you have an opinion

Alphabetical ToC by family "Latin" name

Alphabetical ToC by family common name

You can live trap with pitfalls


I had considered

Moved for expert review in Carabidae

Moved for expert review to Carabidae (Amara?)

Dicaelus sp.

Moved tentatively to Carabidae (larvae)

Moved for expert review to Carabidae

Carabidae, Oodes?

Moved for expert review to Carabidae (Harpalus, Pseudoophonus?)




Thank you Peter!

Moved for expert review in Carabidae

Moved for expert review in Carabidae

Moved for expert review in Carabidae



Moved, looks predaceous. Carabidae? Staphy?



Try False Bombadier Beetle.


Carabidae actually; Hellumorphoides ?


I saw something similar duck

Erwin & Pearson

Looks to me like a

Ega sallei

Stenolophus maculatus ID source




Looks like Carabidae

Thanks, I was not even aware

Not carabidae

Yes, Carabidae

No need for large impressive specimens!

Pasimachus sp. (Carabidae)

Find your taxon in BPNW


A new article published by Pensoft about Tiger Beetles

This is Selenophorus = one of my genera of intense research

here we go; not related to Carabidae

A New Tiger Beetle

An interesting proposal for new North American record,

Vegetarian behaviour on Tiger Beetles (Carabidae: Cicindelinae)

Cychrini larva


Anisodactylus dulcicollis vs haplomus

My wish: Beetle Forum heading atop the following subforums

I'm hesitant to say more about your "Calosoma" for now.

Two lists, only one Loricera in SK

Looks like Harpalini (Carabidae).

Ground Beetle

My take on why "guttula" may remain tied to masculinity.

Coleoptera of course, family Carabidae

Which carabid?




That's a difficult question

Thank you Peter!

Carabidae, cf Zuphium (?)


beetle larva, yes --in the family Carabidae


totally unrelated to Carabidae, as far as beetles go

UPDATE June 2014: Any news on locating this specimen?

Not in labeled vial


Moved tentatively; nice shot

Potential new caraboid records for Oklahoma!

About tibial spurs

Tibial spurs?

Antennae are different as well

Indeed Bousquet

Eleodes suturalis


Beetle larva, I reckon

Carabidae actually

I do the same thing...

some Coleoptera and Diplopoda databases


The two best published sources to cover Pterostichus in PA

Tiger Beetle of some sort



weevil, rather; nice shot

I think so

Not new for New Brunswick



You can browse through the Carabidae



Hmm... spelling "angustata" is used

Hawaii Biological Survey Databases

Carabidae of Hawaii


Cicindela ancocisconensis.

Carabidae actually

Duran concluded in his 2010 d

abstract (part) and citation


Finally got it published.

The ground-beetles (Carabidae, excl. Cicindelinae) of Canada and

Ground beetle (Carabidae)

As an editor & expert on Carbidae (ground beetles)

I don't understand technically

Request for use of your image



Hello, if you still have the


yes, this is Anthicidae not Carabidae


Moved & cropped

Elaphrus sp.


thats cool

Yes, amazingly Apenes lucidula

was in Carabidae for some reason

Oooh, nice!

Ground beetle (Carabidae)

Chemical defenses

Answers in behalf of Elaphropus ferrugineus:

Carabidae, Dromiina


Caution in distinguishing this from Bembidion nigrocoeruleum.

Carabidae: Galerita sp.

Carabidae, actually


beetle larvae in the fam. Carabidae

Calleida sp. (Carabidae)

The best way to receive an id

Carabidae, genus Chlaenius

ground beetle

Carabidae -- Stenolophina

Ground Beetle (Carabidae)

May or may not happen.


Small ground beetle..

Lebia, Carabidae





Carabidae, Harpalinae

Just added 7 new entries

Diplochaetus rutilus

It is in Bousquet's Carabidae of Canada...

Agree - Somotrichus unifasciatus.

Yes, Diplochaetus rutilus

Beetle larva

I found support for my assertion


Though I have not formally an

I see what you mean

So that's why I couldn't find it in the Carabidae!

Your recent upsurge in carabid interest

More Scaphinotus update:

Elaphropus parvulus first time in northeastern North America.

No luck

Internet is loaded with images of Chinese "Carabus".

Hi Guy,

Separate project::


Artjom Zaitsev says,

Nice historical dialogue here

Peltotrupes profundus

Agonum anchomenoides

CARABIDAE: compare to "Stenolophus lineola".



From Kip Will -

Are we thinking it is an unidentifiable Staphylinid

Carabidae rather

Calleida spec. (Carabidae).

Carabidae: Cincindelinae

The catch phrase is your "if we're sure".

Scarites ground beetles can look similar


looks like Polopinus

Similar looking larvae under Carabidae

Ground Beetles (Carabidae) -- always abundant,


It looks like the hind tarsi have five segments,



Best is "Calleida punctata vs C. decora"

Best is "Calleida punctata vs C. decora"

Best is "Calleida punctata vs C. decora"

Best is "Calleida punctata vs C. decora"

Carabid checklists for Indiana:

Carabid identification in Indiana.

The impasse A. angustatoides vs A. angustata








Re: beetle

looks like Scaphinotus

rove beetle in the tribe Xantholinini

Don't know the minimum set

I encourage more photo-vouchering


from Yves Bousquet:

Southeastern quadrant carabid fauna

I would love to confirm the identification


Beetle larva

Not to burst your bubble v,

Anisodactylus binotatus

Carabidae: Harpalinae: Harpalini

Two points:


Carabidae: Harpalini

sure, a Nicrophorus

Cyclotrachelus brevoorti


looks like Pasimachus to me too

Stenomorphus = Carabidae / Harpalini

"BugGuide's Phototype" vs "photo-voucher"

Voucher specimens linked to photos


Thanks Peter,

"Apparent body length" (ABL)

Carabidae: Scaritinae: Clivinini



I don't understand...




Calosoma sp.


Aren't they cool?

From a taxonomic point of view

Carabidae : Harpalini

Title of PhD dissertation.

Carabidae -

Gender treatment.

Harpalus is a genus in the gr


Looks like Scarites, a ground

i'd say, Calathus

Thank you

Here is a summary from a reas

Taxonomic caution:

Carabidae: Clivina...


I can help, but wrong place for images.

Dr. Deyrup

A "published" state record for AB?

Ambitious plan for BugGuide - Carabidae.

"morphotype" is an important and helpful concept

These images fall into my concept of "morphotype" status

My hopeful envision of the ideal BugGuide Image Library



Here again angle of view is so important


The guide is not complete!

Carabidae, maybe Agonum

Notiobia sp. - det confirmed...

Ground beetle.




Carabidae : subtribe of Harpalini

Carabidae : tribe Lebiini

Ground beetles ... of South Carolina

Ground beetle (Carabidae)

-is ending in a biological name signifies feminine gender.

The families of Coleoptera have always [?]

Carabidae: Pterostichini

My recommendation

What is needed is a consensus among our "experts"

Four more "introduced" ground beetles


Fooled ya!

A ground beetle (Carabidae)

right; can be moved to Carabidae

can be moved to Carabidae

Carabidae -

Why not just move to likely genus "Scarites"

Peter- Thanks! Moved to Carab



Cool beetle!

I recommend that you continue to attach best IDs,

Zacotus matthewsi!

Carabidae, Galerita sp.










Lebia sp.







Carabidae - Licinini - Dicaelus


Carabidae - Licinini - Dicaelus

Looks like a ground beetle, C

I welcome carabid specimens




Beetle larva.

Rare and previously unreported for Saskatchewan!

I agree rare and previously unreported for Saskatchewan!


Thanks for the ID

Carabidae - Pterostichus

I found the southern New Mexican desert

These carabidae, Cychrini


a straight

Carabidae: Scaritinae: Clivinini

Harpalus rubripes


Ground beetle


Beetle larva.

Carabidae - tribe Harpalini

Carabidae - Platynini - Agonum



Carabidae - Licinini - Diplocheila



Carabidae (Ground Beetle)



Ground Beetle (Carabidae) - genus Scarites

Carabidae - Zabrini - Amara convexa

Carabidae: Pterostichus or Anisodactylus or Harpalus

Carabidae : tribe Harpalini

Nomina Insecta Nearctica

Carabidae : Harpalini


Notiophilus sp.

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Afterthoughts on single references for western carabids.


Other than

Carabidae : Cychrini : Sphaeroderus




Ground beetle

Ground beetle

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Ground beetle

ID - Carabidae

Carabidae : Brachinus sp.

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Ground beetle (Carabidae)


Ground Beetle

Carabidae : Pterostichini : Pterostichus

Carabidae : Licinini : Dicaelus sculptilis


Carabidae : Pterostichini : Pterostichus - subg. Abacidus



Yes, Carabidae sp.

Carabidae : Scaritini : Scarites

Carabidae : Scaritini : Scarites

Carabidae : Pterostichini : Cyclotrachelus sodalis

Carabidae : Pterostichini : Cyclotrachelus sodalis

Interesting behavior

Carabidae : Carabini : Carabus nemoralis

Carabidae : Platynini : Agonum


Changed spelling to rupestis

Carabidae : Harpalini : Bradycellus rupestris

Carabidae : Lebiini : Lebia solea

Carabidae: Harpalus affinis?

Bronzed Tiger Beetle


Bombardier beetle.

Pedunculate Ground Beetle

Carabidae larva

not a staphylinid - a carabid

Ground beetle

Not carabidae

tentative ID

ground beetle

Not blister beetle



Introduced, I believe.

Internet ref: Ground Beetles of Canada

weevils and other beetles

two suborbital punctures

Carabidae larva

Carabidae: Harpalinae; Harpalini?

Carabidae: Amara sp.

Carabidae / Harpalinae - Pterostichini?

Carabidae, Harpalini tribe.


very instructive picture!

Yes it does, actually

The species description in Li


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Another ground beetle, family

A ground beetle, family Carab





American Beetles


Key for California Carabid?

Carabidae, tribe Harpalini

No leaf beetle

Darkling beetle


Carabidae: Pterostichus sp.

Carabidae: Agonum sp.

Nemotarsus elegans

Not Galerita

Carabid beetle


Ground beetle

Leptotrachelus dorsalis

Ground beetle

Ground beetle

Carabidae: Calleida punctata

Carabidae: Bembidion sp.

Calosoma scrutator

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Pterostichus lama.

American Beetles



Carabidae: Bembidion sp.

Carabidae: Harpalus sp.


Carabidae, Galerita bicolor


It is an immature

This is a ground beetle (Cara


Carabidae: Agonum sp.

European ground beetle

Ground Beetle.


Carabidae: Agonum sp.

Carabidae: Bembidion sp.

Carabidae: Bembidion sp.

Carabidae: Lebia sp.

Carabidae: Oxypselaphus pusillus


Carabidae: Agonum cupripenne

Carabidae: Bembidion sp.

Carabidae: Chlaenius sp.

Carabidae: Chlaenius sericeus

Carabidae: Agonum sp.

Carabidae: Agonum extensicolle

Carabidae: Bembidion sp.

Carabidae: Agonum sp.

Carabidae: Bradycellus sp.

Carabidae: Anisodactylus rusticus

Carabidae: Anisodactylus sp.

Carabidae: Harpalus herbivagus

Carabidae: Bradycellus sp.

Carabidae: Agonum sp.

A Beauty

Carabidae: Agonum sp.

Carabidae: Trechinae: Bembidiini: Asaphidion curtum

Carabidae: Lophoglossus vernix

Carabidae: Bembidion sp.

Carabidae: Agonum sp.

Carabidae: Agonum sp.

Carabidae: Apristus sp.

Will leave at Carabidae then.

Ground beetle.

Carabidae: Agonum sp.

Carabidae: Bembidion sp.

Carabidae: Bembidion sp.

Carabidae: Elaphropus sp.

Carabidae: Bradycellus sp.

Carabidae: Apristus sp.

Carabidae: Elaphropus sp.

Carabidae: Apristus sp.

Carabidae: Loricera pilicornis

Carabidae: Badister ocularis

actually a Carabidae

Carabidae: Elaphropus sp.

Carabidae: Harpalus sp.

Carabidae: Bradycellus sp.

Carabidae: Agonum sp.

Carabidae: Agonum sp.

Carabidae: Oxypselaphus pusillus


Carabidae: Agonum sp.

a guess



It's a ground beetle

Carabidae: Pterostichus sp.








Carabidae, Agonum sp.







Found it

This matches Dicaelus in the

image moved

Ground beetle.

Various possibilities.

Rove beetle.

ground beetle

Ground beetle.

Carabidae or Staphylinidae.

Dirty false bombardier beetle.

Snail-eating beetle.

Snail-eating beetle.

"Third eye"

Darkling beetle.

Beetle larva

All good points, thoughts on taxonomy, etc.

Ground beetle

Carabid beetle larva?

Carabidae: Bembidion, probably B. variegatum

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