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Photos of insects and people from the Spring 2021 gathering in Louisiana, April 28-May 2

National Moth Week 2020 photos of insects and people.

Photos of insects and people from the 2019 BugGuide Gathering in Louisiana, July 25-27

Discussion, insects and people from the 2018 gathering in Virginia, July 27-29

Photos of insects and people from the 2015 gathering in Wisconsin, July 10-12

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Photos of insects and people from the 2013 gathering in Arizona, July 25-28

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Family Dolichopodidae - Longlegged Flies

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Diptera - Flies
No Taxon Orthorrhapha
Superfamily Empidoidea
Family Dolichopodidae - Longlegged Flies

Subfamily Diaphorinae
Genus Achradocera
Species barbata - Achradocera barbata
Genus Argyra
Species albicans - Argyra albicans
Species flavipes - Argyra flavipes
Species nigriventris - Argyra nigriventris
Species setipes - Argyra setipes
Species thoracica - Argyra thoracica
Genus Asyndetus
Genus Chrysotus
Species bellus - Chrysotus bellus
Species choricus - Chrysotus choricus
Species cornutus - Chrysotus cornutus
Species costalis - Chrysotus costalis
Species halteralis - Chrysotus halteralis
Species leucostoma - Chrysotus leucostoma
Species mundus - Chrysotus mundus
Species neopicticornis - Chrysotus neopicticornis
Species occidentalis - Chrysotus occidentalis
Species pallipes - Chrysotus pallipes
Species picticornis - Chrysotus picticornis
Species simulans - Chrysotus simulans
Species spectabilis - Chrysotus spectabilis
Species subcostatus - Chrysotus subcostatus
Species tarsalis - Chrysotus tarsalis
Species tennesseensis - Chrysotus tennesseensis
Species affinis - Chrysotus affinis
Species arkansensis - Chrysotus arkansensis
Genus Diaphorus
Species nigricans - Diaphorus nigricans
Species pseudopacus - Diaphorus pseudopacus
Subfamily Dolichopodinae
Genus Dolichopus
No Taxon acuminatus group
Species acuminatus - Dolichopus acuminatus
Species ovatus - Dolichopus ovatus
Species aethiops - Dolichopus aethiops
Species alacer - Dolichopus alacer
Species albiciliatus - Dolichopus albiciliatus
Species bifractus - Dolichopus bifractus
No Taxon brevimanus group
Species albicoxa - Dolichopus albicoxa
Species brevimanus - Dolichopus brevimanus
No Taxon comatus group
Species comatus - Dolichopus comatus
Species sincerus - Dolichopus sincerus
No Taxon cuprinus group
Species cuprinus - Dolichopus cuprinus
Species longipennis - Dolichopus longipennis
Species absonus - Dolichopus absonus
No Taxon eudactylus group
Species gratus - Dolichopus gratus
No Taxon lamellicornis group
Species aurifex - Dolichopus aurifex
Species consanguineus - Dolichopus consanguineus
Species crenatus - Dolichopus crenatus
Species idahoensis - Dolichopus idahoensis
Species longimanus - Dolichopus longimanus
No Taxon occidentalis group
Species canaliculatus - Dolichopus canaliculatus
Species occidentalis - Dolichopus occidentalis
Species superbus - Dolichopus superbus
Species tenuipes - Dolichopus tenuipes
Species pantomimus - Dolichopus pantomimus
No Taxon plumipes group
Species plumipes - Dolichopus plumipes
Species porphyrops - Dolichopus porphyrops
Species ramifer - Dolichopus ramifer
Species remipes - Dolichopus remipes
Species reflectus - Dolichopus reflectus
Species retinens - Dolichopus retinens
No Taxon scapularis group
Species domesticus - Dolichopus domesticus
Species funditor - Dolichopus funditor
Species pulchrimanus - Dolichopus pulchrimanus
Species sexarticulatus - Dolichopus sexarticulatus
Species scapularis - Dolichopus scapularis
Species variabilis - Dolichopus variabilis
Species distinctus - Dolichopus distinctus
Species setifer - Dolichopus setifer
Species sicarius - Dolichopus sicarius
Species vigilans - Dolichopus vigilans
No Taxon Eastern with narrow black and white fore tarsi
No Taxon Eastern with black femora
No Taxon Pale-legged Midwest species
No Taxon Ornamented Saskatchewan species
Genus Ethiromyia
Species violacea - Ethiromyia violacea
Genus Gymnopternus
Species barbatulus - Gymnopternus barbatulus
Species currani - Gymnopternus currani
Species difficilis - Gymnopternus difficilis
Species exilis - Gymnopternus exilis
Species flavus - Gymnopternus flavus
Species maculiventris - Gymnopternus maculiventris
Species nigribarbus - Gymnopternus nigribarbus
Species opacus - Gymnopternus opacus
Species pseudodebilis - Gymnopternus pseudodebilis
Species scotias - Gymnopternus scotias
Species subulatus - Gymnopternus subulatus
Species vockerothi - Gymnopternus vockerothi
Genus Hercostomus
Genus Paraclius
Species quadrinotatus - Paraclius quadrinotatus
Genus Pelastoneurus
Species longicauda - Pelastoneurus longicauda
Species lugubris - Pelastoneurus lugubris
Species vagans - Pelastoneurus vagans
Genus Tachytrechus
Species angustipennis - Tachytrechus angustipennis
Species auratus - Tachytrechus auratus
Species moechus - Tachytrechus moechus
Species sanus - Tachytrechus sanus
Species vorax - Tachytrechus vorax
No Taxon Paraclius, Pelastoneurus, or Tachytrechus
Subfamily Hydrophorinae
Genus Hydatostega
Species viridiflos - Hydatostega viridiflos
Genus Hydrophorus
Species chrysologus - Hydrophorus chrysologus
Species alboflorens - Hydrophorus alboflorens
Genus Hypocharassus
Species gladiator - Hypocharassus gladiator
Species pruinosus - Hypocharassus pruinosus
Genus Liancalus
Species genualis - Liancalus genualis
Species limbatus - Liancalus limbatus
Species querulus - Liancalus querulus
Genus Melanderia
Species mandibulata - Melanderia mandibulata
Genus Paraphrosylus
Genus Scellus
Species virago - Scellus virago
Genus Thambemyia
Species borealis - Thambemyia borealis
Genus Thinophilus
Species prasinus - Thinophilus prasinus
Subfamily Medeterinae
Genus Medetera
Species aberrans - Medetera aberrans
No Taxon apicalis species group
Species apicalis - Medetera apicalis
Species bistriata - Medetera bistriata
No Taxon petulca species group
No Taxon veles species group
No Taxon California species with pale fore coxae
Species arnaudi - Medetera arnaudi
Genus Thrypticus
Species nigripes - Thrypticus nigripes
Species violaceus - Thrypticus violaceus
Species willistoni - Thrypticus willistoni
Genus Systenus
Subfamily Neurigoninae
Genus Bickelomyia
Genus Dactylomyia
Species lateralis - Dactylomyia lateralis
Genus Neurigona
Species aestiva - Neurigona aestiva
Species aldrichii - Neurigona aldrichii
Species carbonifer - Neurigona carbonifer
Species dimidiata - Neurigona dimidiata
Species disjuncta - Neurigona disjuncta
No Taxon carbonifer or floridula
Subfamily Peloropeodinae
Genus Chrysotimus
Species delicatus - Chrysotimus delicatus
Genus Peloropeodes
Species cornutus - Peloropeodes cornutus
Genus Nanomyina
Species barbata - Nanomyina barbata
Subfamily Plagioneurinae
Genus Plagioneurus
Species univittatus - Plagioneurus univittatus
Subfamily Rhaphiinae
Genus Rhaphium
Species fascipes - Rhaphium fascipes
Species melampus - Rhaphium melampus
Genus Nematoproctus
Subfamily Sciapodinae
Genus Amblypsilopus
Species bicolor - Amblypsilopus bicolor
Species bradleii - Amblypsilopus bradleii
Species dimidiatus - Amblypsilopus dimidiatus
Species dorsalis - Amblypsilopus dorsalis
Species psittacinus - Amblypsilopus psittacinus
Species scintillans - Amblypsilopus scintillans
Species unicoiensis - Amblypsilopus unicoiensis
Species variegatus - Amblypsilopus variegatus
Genus Condylostylus
No Taxon caudatus group
Species calcaratus - Condylostylus calcaratus
Species caudatus - Condylostylus caudatus
Species connectans - Condylostylus connectans
Species graenicheri - Condylostylus graenicheri
Species nigrofemoratus - Condylostylus nigrofemoratus
Species flavipes - Condylostylus flavipes
Species inermis - Condylostylus inermis
No Taxon comatus group
Species comatus - Condylostylus comatus
Species crinitus - Condylostylus crinitus
Species villosus - Condylostylus villosus
Species inornatus - Condylostylus inornatus
Species longicornis - Condylostylus longicornis
Species melampus - Condylostylus melampus
Species mundus - Condylostylus mundus
Species occidentalis - Condylostylus occidentalis
Species patibulatus - Condylostylus patibulatus
No Taxon unidentified black legged
Species pruinosus - Condylostylus pruinosus
No Taxon sipho group
Species scaber - Condylostylus scaber
Species sipho - Condylostylus sipho
Species viridicoxa - Condylostylus viridicoxa
Species furcatus - Condylostylus furcatus
Species tonsus - Condylostylus tonsus
No Taxon sipho-like southern females
Species coloradensis - Condylostylus coloradensis
No Taxon unidentified species A
Genus Sciapus
Species pallens - Sciapus pallens
Species platypterus - Sciapus platypterus
Species tener - Sciapus tener
Species wiedemanni - Sciapus wiedemanni
Subfamily Sympycninae
Genus Calyxochaetus
Species frontalis - Calyxochaetus frontalis
Species nodatus - Calyxochaetus nodatus
Genus Campsicnemus
Species claudicans - Campsicnemus claudicans
Species hirtipes - Campsicnemus hirtipes
Species philoctetes - Campsicnemus philoctetes
Genus Neoparentia
Species caudata - Neoparentia caudata
Genus Sympycnus
Species lineatus - Sympycnus lineatus
Genus Xanthochlorus
Species helvinus - Xanthochlorus helvinus
Subfamily Microphorinae
Genus Microphor
Species robustus - Microphor robustus
Genus Parathalassius
Species infuscatus - Parathalassius infuscatus
Species abela - Parathalassius abela
Species uniformus - Parathalassius uniformus
No Taxon unidentified larvae