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leafhopper - Sophonia orientalis

leafhopper - Sophonia orientalis
San Leandro, Alameda County, California, USA
August 14, 2004
Size: 3-4mm

The dark spots on its wings had me fooled at first--I thought those were the eyes, until I looked more closely.

I found several of these on grape leaves in my yard. There is a high likelihood that it's not native--many insects in my Bay Area yard aren't native. I wasn't able to find it at the Essig Museum collection--maybe I missed it. I thought it would be (sort of) easy because of the markings.

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leafhopper - Sophonia orientalis leafhopper - Sophonia orientalis

Sophonia orientalis
Identified as Sophonia orientalis by Andrew Hicks. (Thanks Andrew!) It's an invasive species in California and Hawaii.
The reference is Webb, M.D. & C.A. Viraktamath. 2004. On the identity of an invasive leafhopper on Hawaii.

A synonym for Sophonia orientalis is Sophonia rufofascia. Here are two sites with more information:

Backwards Hopper
Cool! I've seen similar false eyes on the hind end of adult spittlebugs (Dogwood Spittlebug, for example).

Jay Cossey