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White butterfly with Black Spots - Pieris rapae - male

White butterfly with Black Spots - Pieris rapae - Male
Port Sheldon, Ottawa County, Michigan, USA
September 28, 2014
Size: 1"
A number of these white butterflies were flying around near a river. This particular specimen landed briefly in some grass.

Moved from ID Request.

A Cabbage White (Pieris rapae).
Example: . That's a nice photo, Michael. These little Whites are gorgeous.
I remember trying to catch them as a child in a plastic bag. I was so fascinated with them. I never knew the correct name. A friend of mine insisted they were called Alfalfas. Of course, I knew nothing then so I totally believed her. :) I smile about that memory every time I see one of these.

Cabbage White
Thank you! I enjoyed your story. I was trying out a new lens and was about to leave the area when this little guy landed. They don't appear to allow a close approach. Good thing it was a very long lens.

Glad you enjoyed my story. :) I always worry that my comments get too rambling and that no one really wants to hear them. I get a little nerdy and wistful once in a while. Haha.
Yeah, I've tried photographing them, and they can be very difficult to approach. There tends to be a lot of them around here, but I still have a hard time getting them. Funny how, even though they are all around us, I don't have photos. I don't think I am the only one who is like that though. I wonder if that is just us taking for granted the beauty around us. We would hate to admit to it, but we are imperfect after all.
The only way I have gotten photos is because we have a purple berry bush in our yard that they seem to love. Three of them were just hanging around on it. I merely had to sit and take pictures. In fact, I found myself hoping they would fly because I wanted to get flight shots.