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Flower Fly - Pelecinobaccha costata - female

Flower Fly - Pelecinobaccha costata - Female
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, USA
September 13, 2004
Is this Syrphid in the genus - Bacca?


Ocyptamus sp.
Hello Bill,
I think this one is a member of the syrphid genus Ocyptamus, but not the species that is already in the guide!
This one is a female!
Gerard pennards

O. costatus?
The Ocyptamus part of the Syrphidae of Ontario just got put up and this is a ringer for O. costatus with the dark leading edge and clear cell dm. However, Nomina Nearctica lists 14 species in this genus from North America, and only 3 are in Ontario. I would say this is probably a safe ID given the proximity of Pennsylvania to Ontario though. Do you know the most recent key/revision for North American Ocyptamus Gerard?

Ocyptamus key
Hello Joel,
Better late than never, I would say! :-))
No, I don't know this key, but I would be very interested! Is it somewhere on the web, or can you mail me?
Gerard Pennards

Ocyptamus costatus
I agree: the Syrphidae of Ontario page that Joel linked to (and now included in the Guide) describes this photo exactly. Image moved to new species page.