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springtail - Ptenothrix beta

springtail - Ptenothrix beta
Las Trampas Regional Park, Contra Costa County, California, USA
March 30, 2007
Size: approx. 2mm (or less)

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springtail - Ptenothrix beta springtail - Ptenothrix beta springtail - Ptenothrix beta


Moved from Ptenothrix.


Fantastic results on a creature so tiny! Are you using a tripod to get this level of sharpness? Keep up the good work!

no tripod
Thanks for your comments Stephen. Usually what I do instead of use a tripod is get on my hands and knees and brace my hands and/or elbows against the ground or my knees to help hold the camera still. I also take extra photos, to ensure that there are some sharp ones (and that the right bits are in focus). I've found a tripod too clunky to use with most live insects -- the insects are gone before the tripod is set up. Also, I can barely carry all my camera equipment out into the parks (especially on longer hikes), so adding a tripod is not so feasible. I do have a couple of tripods that spend a lot of time in my closet...