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Family Cicadidae - Cicadas

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hemiptera - True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies
Suborder Auchenorrhyncha - True Hoppers
Infraorder Cicadomorpha - Cicadas, Spittlebugs, Leafhoppers, and Treehoppers
Superfamily Cicadoidea - Cicadas
Family Cicadidae - Cicadas

Subfamily Cicadettinae
Tribe Lamotialnini
Genus Magicicada - Periodical Cicadas
Species septendecim - Linnaeus' Periodical Cicada
Species cassinii - Cassin's 17-year Cicada
Species septendecula - The Little 17-year Cicada
No Taxon cassinii or septendecula
Species tredecim - Riley's 13-year Cicada
Species neotredecim - Neotredecim Periodical Cicada
No Taxon tredecim or neotredecim
Species tredecassini - Cassin's 13-year Cicada
Species tredecula - The Little 13-year Cicada
No Taxon tredecassini or tredecula
No Taxon Unidentifiable Nymphs, Exuviae and Teneral Adults
Tribe Cicadettini
Genus Cicadettana - Small Grass Cicadas
Species calliope - Cicadettana calliope
Subspecies floridensis - Cicadetta floridensis
Species camerona - Cicadettana camerona
Species kansa - Cicadettana kansa
Species texana - Cicadettana texana
Subfamily Cicadinae
Tribe Fidicini
Genus Beameria
Species venosa - Beameria venosa
Species wheeleri - Beameria wheeleri
Genus Diceroprocta - Scrub Cicadas
Species apache - Citrus Cicada
Species apache-cinctifera-semicincta - apache-cinctifera-semicincta (Unsorted)
Species azteca - Diceroprocta azteca
Species arizona - Diceroprocta arizona
Species aurantiaca - Diceroprocta aurantiaca
Species averyi - Diceroprocta averyi
Species bequaerti - Diceroprocta bequaerti
Species biconica - The Key's Cicada
Species cinctifera - Diceroprocta cinctifera
Species delicata - Diceroprocta delicata
Species eugraphica - Diceroprocta eugraphica
Species knighti - Diceroprocta knighti
Species marevagans - Diceroprocta marevagans
Species olympusa - Olympic Scrub Cicada
Species semicincta - Diceroprocta semicincta
Species swalei - Diceroprocta swalei
Species texana - Diceroprocta texana
Species viridifascia - Salt Marsh Cicada
Species vitripennis - Green Winged Cicada
No Taxon Undetermined Diceroprocta Casts, Molts & Nymphs
Genus Fidicinoides
Species pronoe - Fidicinoides pronoe
Genus Pacarina
Species puella - Little Mesquite Cicada
Species shoemakeri - Little Juniper Cicada
Genus Quesada
Species gigas - Giant Cicada
Tribe Leptopsaltriini
Genus Neocicada
Species chisos - Chisos Cicada
Species hieroglyphica - Hieroglyphic Cicada
Tribe Tacuini
Genus Cacama - Cactus Dodgers
Species californica - Cacama californica
Species carbonaria - Cacama carbonaria
Species crepitans - Cacama crepitans
Species collinaplaga - Cacama collinaplaga
Species dissimilis - Cacama dissimilis
Species furcata - Cacama furcata
Species longirostris - Cacama longirostris
Species maura - Cacama maura
Species moorei - Moore's Cactus Dodger
Species pygmaea - Cacama pygmaea
Species valvata - Common Cactus Dodger
Species variegata - Variegated Cactus Dodger
Genus Cornuplura
Species nigroalbata - Cornuplura nigroalbata
Genus Hadoa
Species duryi - Hadoa duryi
Species chisosensis - Hadoa chisosensis
Species bifida - Hadoa bifida
Species simplex - Hadoa simplex
Species townsendii - Hadoa townsendii
Species chiricahua - Hadoa chiricahua
Species neomexicensis - Hadoa neomexicensis
Species inaudita - Hadoa inaudita
Species texana - Hadoa texana
Species longiopercula - Hadoa longiopercula
Species montezuma - Hadoa montezuma
Species parallela - Hadoa parallela
Genus Neotibicen - Dogday Cicadas
No Taxon pruinosus group (Scissor Grinders)
Species latifasciatus - Coastal Scissor(s) Grinder
Species pruinosus - Scissor(s) Grinder
Species winnemanna - Eastern Scissor(s) Grinder
Species auriferus - Plains Dog-day Cicada
Species canicularis - Dog-day Cicada
Species davisi - Davis' Southeastern Dog-Day Cicada
Subspecies davisi - Davis' Southeastern Dog-Day Cicada
Subspecies harnedi - Neotibicen davisi harnedi
No Taxon Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series
Species linnei - Linné's Annual Cicada
Species lyricen - Lyric Cicada
Subspecies lyricen - Lyric Cicada ("ssp. lyricen var. lyricen")
No Taxon Lyric Cicada (ssp. lyricen "Western form lyricen")
Subspecies engelhardti - Dark Lyric Cicada ("ssp. lyricen var. engelhardti")
Subspecies virescens - Coastal Lyric Cicada ("ssp. virescens")
No Taxon Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series
Species robinsonianus - Robinson's Annual Cicada
Species similaris - Neotibicen similaris
Subspecies apalachicola - Neotibicen similaris apalachicola
Subspecies similaris - Neotibicen similaris similaris
No Taxon "Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series"
Species superbus - Superb Dog-Day Cicada
Species tibicen - Swamp Cicada
Subspecies tibicen - Swamp Cicada
No Taxon "Southern & Mid-Atlantic Phenotypes"
No Taxon "Odd Western Fringe / Plains Phenotypes"
No Taxon "Intergrade zones with australis (?)"
Subspecies australis - "Southern Dusky-winged cicada" or "Southern Swamp Cicada"
No Taxon Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series
No Taxon "Green Group" of Questionable ID
No Taxon nr. canicularis
No Taxon nr. linnei
No Taxon nr. pruinosus
No Taxon nr. robinsonianus
No Taxon auriferus, davisi, or harnedi
No Taxon teneral adults
No Taxon unidentified immature stages
Genus Megatibicen
Species cultriformis - Grand Western Flood Plain Cicada
Species dealbatus - Plains Cicada
Species dorsatus - Bush Cicada
Species figuratus - Fall Southeastern Dusk-singing Cicada
Species grossus - Northern Dusk Singing Cicada
Species harenosus - Megatibicen harenosus
Species pronotalis - Walker's Cicada
Species resh - Resh Cicada
Species resonans - Resonant Cicada
Species tremulus - Western Bush Cicada
Species dorsatus-tremulus - dorsatus or tremulus
Genus Tibicen - Annual Cicadas (refer to Neotibicen & Hadoa)
Tribe Zammarini
Genus Zammara
Species smaragdula - Zammara smaragdula
No Taxon molts and nymphs
Subfamily Tibicininae
Tribe Platypediini
Genus Platypedia
Species areolata - Salmonfly
Species barbata - Platypedia barbata
Species bernardinoensis - Platypedia bernardinoensis
Species minor - Platypedia minor
Species mohavensis - Platypedia mohavensis
Species putnami - Platypedia putnami
Subspecies keddiensis - Platypedia putnami keddiensis
Species scotti - Platypedia scotti
Species vanduzeei - Platypedia vanduzeei
No Taxon Undetermined Platypedia "Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series"
Genus Neoplatypedia
Species constricta - Neoplatypedia constricta
Tribe Tibicinini
Genus Chlorocanta
Species viridis - Chlorocanta viridis
Genus Clidophleps
Species beameri - Clidophleps beameri
Species distanti - Clidophleps distanti
Species vagans - Clidophleps vagans
Genus Hewlettia
Species nigriviridis - Hewlettia nigriviridis
Genus Okanagana
Species annulata - Okanagana annulata
Species arboraria - Okanagana arboraria
Species arctostaphylae - Okanagana arctostaphylae
Species aurora - Okanagana aurora
Species balli - Okanagana balli
Species bella - Mountain Cicada
Species canescens - Okanagana canescens
Species cruentifera - Okanagana cruentifera
Species ferrugomaculata - Okanagana ferrugomaculata
Species fratercula - Okanagana fratercula
Species formosa - Okanagana formosa
Species fumipennis - Okanagana fumipennis
Species georgi - Okanagana georgi
Species gibbera - Okanagana gibbera
Species hirsuta - Okanagana hirsuta
Species luteobasalis - Okanagana luteobasalis
Species magnifica - Okanagana magnifica
Species mariposa - Okanagana mariposa
Subspecies oregonensis - Okanagana mariposa oregonensis
Species napa - Okanagana napa
Species nigrodorsata - Okanagana nigrodorsata
Species noveboracensis - Okanagana noveboracensis
Species occidentalis - Okanagana occidentalis
Species opacipennis - Okanagana opacipennis
Species oregona - Okanagana oregona
Species orithya - Okanagana orithya
Species ornata - Okanagana ornata
Species rhadine - Okanagana rhadine
Species rimosa - Okanagana rimosa
Species salicicola - Okanagana salicicola
Species schaefferi - Okanagana schaefferi
Species sequoiae - Okanagana sequoiae
Species sperata - Okanagana sperata
Species sugdeni - Okanagana sugdeni
Species synodica - Walking Cicada
Species tanneri - Okanagana tanneri
Species tristis - Okanagana tristis
Subspecies rubrobasalis - Okanagana tristis rubrobasalis
Species triangulata - Okanagana triangulata
Species vandykei - Okanagana vandykei
Species venusta - Okanagana venusta
Species villosa - Okanagana villosa
Species vocalis - Okanagana vocalis
Species wymorei - Okanagana wymorei
Species yakimaensis - Okanagana yakimaensis
No Taxon Undetermined Okanagana "Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series"
Genus Okanagodes
Species gracilis - Okanagodes gracilis
Genus Tibicinoides
Species boweni - Tibicinoides boweni
Species catalina - Tibicinoides catalina
Species cupreosparsa - Tibicinoides cupreosparsa
Species hesperia - Tibicinoides hesperia
Species minuta - Tibicinoides minuta
Species mercedita - Tibicinoides mercedita
Species pallidula - Tibicinoides pallidula
Species pernix - Tibicinoides pernix
Species rubrovenosa - Tibicinoides rubrovenosa
Species simulata - Tibicinoides simulata
Species striatipes - Tibicinoides striatipes
Species uncinata - Tibicinoides uncinata
Species utahensis - Tibicinoides utahensis
Species vanduzeei - Tibicinoides vanduzeei
No Taxon Unidentified Early Instar Nymphs