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rove beetle - Diochus schaumi

rove beetle - Diochus schaumi
Lynnfield, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA
April 1, 2007
Size: ~5mm

Thanks Don
It's a new genus and species for the guide.

Xantholinini: Diochus schaumii
Nope, different.

Moved from Rove Beetles.

subfamily Staphylininae?
. . . no idea about genus, sorry!

Could this be the same as this one?

Good question!
But after having some close looks, I think we can be sure about their non-identity.
I can see a meaningful difference in the tip of the abdomen:

Diochus: "fins" bordering the ultimate segment about as long as it, and only about half the length of penultimate segment, with some setae of moderate length.
Heterothops: "fins" bordering the ultimate segment (right one missing) much longer than the segment, and almost as long as the penultimate one, with some setae of outstanding length.

Though both specimens have enlarged front tarsi (males), the difference cannot be sexual.

cheers, Boris