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Another Apamea occidens? - Fishia discors

Another Apamea occidens? - Fishia discors
Spokane, Spokane County, Washington, USA
October 14, 2014
I think this is the same moth as here, but since 6 days apart posting it anew. My guess is still Apamea occidens, but hoping these pics help for an actual ID from your experts instead of just a guess on my part. Picture was taken with a fill flash, and I tried to reduce any blue haze with PSE, but there still might be a little blue tint.

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Another Apamea occidens? - Fishia discors Another Apamea occidens? - Fishia discors

Moved from ID Request.

i think its

Thanks for the ID
Hi, thanks for the ID. Not being very moth savvy, I've looked at a lot of moths trying to find this one. It really is a great thing to finally put a name to it.

no problem
that pacific northwest moths site is a good one, and here are some other tips for you..
first post your moth to moths not id request..
second go to moths by clicking the moth icon, then hit data, then choose your state and month..should give you your moth. if not in that month, try the one before and after. If that doesn't work, then try Or and if that doesn't work and you cant find it on PNM you can also try moth photographers group. if you cant find it at all, you can send me the pic and ill forward it to a couple big guns.

thanks great tips
Actually found this moth is about 5 minutes as opposed to the hours I spent looking for it up to now. Of course I knew the name to look for, but the picture was unmistakable, in OR.

click "tag" on both moths. (your recent one is also Fishia discors).and then go to the Fishia discors page click to images, then click move tagged images! welcome to bugguide!

I thought it had to be somebody from Bug Guide that had to do the moving and it is anyone who thinks he has a good ID can put things where they belong. I hope that there is still some double checking going on as my guesses sometimes leave a lot to be desired. I suppose that means that one should only move them to a place where they might get further scrutiny, like I would have put these in Noctuidae to begin with? Also I would have frassed at least one or more of the earlier pictures. Could I have moved them directly to the Frass file?