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Angular-winged Katydid - Microcentrum retinerve - female

Angular-winged Katydid - Microcentrum retinerve - Female
Fort Bragg, Cumberland County, North Carolina, USA
September 24, 2004
I took close ups of this because I had no idea what it was. According to Thomas Walker... The things are either one or two spermatophores with a gelatinous spermatophylax surrounding it or them (see the SINA glossary at ).

The rule is that females receive only one spermatophore at a time, but a colleague of mine who works with this group of katydids may be able to tell me why this spermatophore looks like two (or that is really is two). I'll have him take a look.

I haven't heard back about the two eggs yet.

Just ran across this picture...
and what a great picture it is!

I also have an image that, to me, looks like two spermatophores. Have you heard anything from your colleague?

I never heard back about this specific oddity. Neat find for you too!