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Fly - Callicera erratica - male

Fly - Callicera erratica - Male
Fairfield, Wayne County, Illinois, USA
March 30, 2007
I took this to be a Syrphidae but don't seem to find anything similar. At light at night.

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Fly - Callicera erratica - male Fly - Callicera erratica - male

This is amazing! I never seen one alive and only very few times in museums... this is a male of Callicera erratica, and it is a Syrphid which lives as larvae in tree holes, the European ones take several years to develop and the adults seem to fly very high in the canopy (that might be the reason why this genus is so rare).
Check the light again and get one for me ;-)
Great find!

That's why we do this! Never know what unexpected beauty will show up. I'll keep an eye out. How do you prefer your flies: frozen, in alcohol, broiled or fried?

I lived 7 years in Illinois a
I lived 7 years in Illinois and never found one....and in 20 years of fly collecting, I got them only twice (in the Alps and in Sardinia)..
I prefer them with corn on the side...;-)

wow... that one fooled me pre
wow... that one fooled me pretty badly

It is very odd and unusual, e
It is very odd and unusual, especially the antenna.... the genus has one species in Chile, 3 in North America, a handful in the Plaearctic and is missing in Australia (I'm not completely sure about Africa). But they aall have the strange antennae, while the body color changes from gold to red to white and balck.. very pretty flies

appears to be male
This, and our other record to date, look to be males, with their holoptic eyes. An apparent female, with dichoptic eyes, is here, listed under the (synonymous) C. johnsoni.
Hoping to see another one of these someday!

The antennae are indicative o
The antennae are indicative of "Orthorrhapha"... Syrphids are aristate... this looks like a tabanid... seems similar to certain Chrysops species

I see what
you mean. I'll leave it here for a short while to see if anyone else has input. Thanks.