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Tribe Anthracini

Fly ID Request - Anthrax georgicus Large Fly - Anthrax irroratus Anthrax Fly? - Anthrax Silverado Bee Fly C - Anthrax Unknown Fly - Anthrax Bee Fly - Anthrax Bee Fly - Anthrax aterrimus Anthrax? - Anthrax

Bee Flies  - Dicranoclista fasciata - male - female Bee-like Fly - Dicranoclista

Xenox habrosus - male Tiger Bee Fly - Xenox tigrinus Maybe it wants to mate with its shadow - Xenox tigrinus Fly - Xenox tigrinus Moth and Chrysalis - Xenox tigrinus Some Kind of Fly - Xenox tigrinus what am I? - Xenox tigrinus Huge bee fly? - Xenox tigrinus