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Identify the bugs in pictures

This page is dedicated for Identifying the Bugs, Insects and other arthropods seen in gardens in homes or any where else.I am requesting Entomologists and other users plz identify these little creatures.
Thank you
your Well Wisher
Dr. Abro

Isn't this what ID Request is for?

Hi, I found this bug in my home. Ive seen it 3 times on my bed in the past month and half or so. Once under my pillow, once on the bed but at the end of it where my feet would be, and once crawling around the sheet on the side of the bed.

I've also seen it around my kitchen sink once. It was dead from water I think, I took a picture of it on a paper towel, sorry my camera isnt very good I just used a phone one.

photos to upload

Anyone know what kind of bug it is? I was worried at first it was a bed bug but I don't have any bites on me or any reaction at least and I checked around the bed and havent seen any more or the signs of them that people write about online. But I have never had bed bugs before and my mattress and bed are actually new.

Also I am in Delaware.

I found this odd small creature in my garden.
I feel like this thing fell from Mars. It is a very odd looking creature and I don't know how to post my pictures and videos of this thing. What I have noticed however is that this thing only moves really when it is sprayed with water.

Post your picture in ID Request
At the top left of this page, you will see "BugGuide." Under that are tabs labeled Home, Guide and ID Request. On the ID Request page, find and click the "add image" link.

Identify this bug
I caught this bug today. From a wet muddy area under bricks. Can anyone identify this plz

Can you post a picture?
But keep in mind that BugGuide is limited to images from North America, excluding Hawaii, and Canada.