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Butterfly - Lerema accius

Butterfly - Lerema accius
Resaca de le Palma State Park , Cameron County, Texas, USA
November 1, 2014

Moved from Grass Skippers.

Clouded Skipper
Zooming in, I see faint white ticks near the apical spot on the leading edge of forewing. A characteristic of Clouded skipper.

Moved from ID Request.

Maybe Fawn-spotted skipper
Two likely in south Texas. Clouded and Fawn-spotted skippers. The Fawn-spotted is smaller than the Clouded. Has distinct pale vertical bands below with the brown PM vertical not reaching the leading edge.
If you have other pics / views , it would br helpful in determing if this is the uncommon Fawn-spotted.

Sorry, no other photos.

Thanks, I'm certain that this is
Cymaenes odilia - Fawn-spotted Skipper but I would like an expert more familar with this species to confirm.