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Peritroctes bengalensis - female

Peritroctes bengalensis - Female
San Marcos, Hays County, Texas, USA
November 8, 2014
Size: 1.2 mm
Even better view of those remarkable horns. Maybe I'll get some comments about this psocid. What do you think?

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Peritroctes bengalensis - female Peritroctes bengalensis - female Peritroctes bengalensis  Thornton & Wong 1966 - Peritroctes bengalensis - female

What do I think?
I want one!

With me it was love at first sight.
I assume you jest but as the Wizard of Normal suggested they love Cheerios(original). I have them in culture now and they seem to be thriving. I am still mystified that I found them here in Texas and I worry that they are tropical and won't survive the winter outside. Dr. Mockford is working on a paper about this species and there is much more to be revealed. It's all top secret until the paper comes out.

Just wondering, do you still have these in culture?
They look so cool! They could probably co-habitat with various roach species, which would be very nice! Have you tried feeding them dog or cat food?

Of course no discerning Psocid
(as this one obviously is) would touch those adulterated Honey Nut abominations. And yes I jest, but I would love to find one in my net some day.

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