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ID Request - Alpheias oculiferalis

ID Request - Alpheias oculiferalis
Camp Wood, Edwards County, Texas, USA
November 23, 2014
Size: apx. 9 mm

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ID Request - Alpheias oculiferalis ID Request - Alpheias oculiferalis


This looks more like Alpheias oculiferalis to me
What do you think?

Kyhl, I agree with you and have always questioned this ID. However, Ed Knudson agreed with it for a neighbor of mine, Terry Hibbitts . I see both the beige Alpheioides parvulalis and this one. I sent one to BOLD and it came Alpheias oculiferalis, but not 100%. See TXLEP244-16. I asked Ed Knutson what he thought when I got those results and I cannot find that e-mail, but I thought he said "Alpheloides parvulalis is what I am calling it".

In my last BOLD batch I sent a beige one and a black one so they would be compared against each other. They are presently in the Lab que. Maury Heiman made the ID of Alpheioides parvulalis for my beige one. Now I am beginning to wonder about that ID.

Amazing from my the BOLD identification Tree which I am sending to you by e-mail, just how closely related the Genuses of Cacotherpia, Alpeias, and Alpheloides are!

Ed Knudson shared his checklist with me and he lists three Alpheias species including A. oculiferalis, but no Apheloidoes - go figure. I checked the new Pohl checklist and they still show both Genuses listed. I will contact Ed again after I get the new BOLD results. Perhaps he changed it on his new list and did not remember telling Terry Hibbitts otherwise.

Moved from ID Request.

You may have already consider
You may have already considered this one. But Alpheioides parvulalis - Hodges#5649 (Alpheioides parvulalis) looks similar.

The color seems to range quite a bit from light to dark in the BG images.

Thanks. I never even considered it. I posted the first one and my others have all been beige! I had not noticed this dark one ID'd from Camp Wood Hills.