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Beetle IMG_0119 - Urophorus humeralis

Beetle IMG_0119 - Urophorus humeralis
Prospect Park, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, USA
July 20, 2013

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Beetle IMG_0119 - Urophorus humeralis Beetle IMG_0119 - Urophorus humeralis

Image Added
I'm adding what I think is a partial ventral view of the same beetle. This was two summers ago so I don't have a good recollection. There were a lot of bugs apparently feeding on the sap of this tree.

hmm... why not C. sayi... or lugubris?
i wouldn't be able to tell the three apart from this angle and without an unobstructed view of the surface texture

Should I frass this? It almost seems worse than worthless if it causes confusion.

I think if I had to guess this would in fact be Carpophilus (probably C. lugubris)...But agreed, the moisture makes it hard to see whats needed. The visible abdominal segments lean me towards Carpophilus though.

Moved tentatively; moisture makes it tough to confirm
Moved from Beetles.

Image Update
Thanks for the quick ID. I re-uploaded the same image at much higher resolution and bumped up the levels a bit. You can actually see a lot of detail despite all the water. Not sure if it helps you but I thought I'd try just the same.

Interesting to see it in NY.