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Callicera erratica - male

Callicera erratica - Male
Fews Ford, Eno River State Park, Orange County, North Carolina, USA
April 6, 2007
Size: 11 mm
This buzzed down onto the ground on a cool spring day. I was sure it was a bee, then looked more closely. I picked it up and placed it on a picnic table for some photos and measured it. Thanks to Eric Eaton for correcting my (mis)identification, and to Martin Hauser for a further, and interesting correction--see comments.
(The yellowish dots are pollen grains from deciduous and coniferous trees--ubiquitous at this time of year.)
Here is the exact location, I think: 36.073828,-79.00678
Image updated 3/18/18.

This site seems to be good for rare flies--this was found very near where Roger Rittmaster and I found a Ceraturgus robber fly:

Update 4/27/14: This, and our other record to date, look to be males, with their holoptic eyes. An apparent female, with dichoptic eyes, is here, listed under the (synonymous) C. johnsoni.

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Callicera erratica - male Callicera erratica - male Callicera erratica - male Callicera erratica - male Callicera erratica - male

Moved from Microdon.

Must be a good year for this genus, after this is the second pic in a few days of this very rare genus of Syrphids! And the other pic was the first time this genus has been fotographed on bugguide!
Great find - one of the rarest Syrphid genera in North America!

Moved--thanks Eric
Moved from Soldier flies.
(Refers to Eric's comment below)
Now, there, I thought it was a Microdon at first, especially due to the behavior--down on the ground, maybe looking for ants, but the antennae made me think it was a Stratiomyid. Maybe the little whiskers present on Microdon wore off.

Many thanks!

I'm thinking what you have there is a very worn and tattered (missing almost half of each wing) specimen of Microdon in the family Syrphidae. I don't see any spines on the thorax, which most soldier flies of that ilk have.