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Psocodea, dorsal - Lachesilla tectorum

Psocodea, dorsal - Lachesilla tectorum
Prairie Hills, Plymouth County, Iowa, USA
September 9, 2014
Size: 1.6 mm without wings
found alive in a rearing jar with Canada Milkvetch, Astragalus canadensis
Maggie's Prairie

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Psocodea, dorsal - Lachesilla tectorum Psocodea, ventral - Lachesilla tectorum


Nice images
Got out my specimens to confirm this one. Lachesilla tectorum, a parthenogenetic species.

Dr Mockford says, "Don't know"
well... how about sending it to Diane, then?

any developments?

I'll bet
I never sent it.
I'm falling further behind.