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What is this? - Medon

What is this? - Medon
nr Pinnacles, San Benito County, California, USA
April 20, 2011
Size: 4.2 mm
I can't figure this one out. I keyed it to Paederinae/Paederini/Lathrobiina/Acalophaena except I had to pretend there was an invisible ctenidium on the external side of the metatibiae. I actually can only see the internal ctenidium, and anyway that genus should not be in CA. Does anyone recognize it? I noted the two black bristly ctenidia on the last abdominal sternum and put in a photo of it in case that helps.

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What is this? - Medon What is this? - Medon What is this? - Medon

hmm... indeed, looks nothing like what we have here
thanks, Adam

Moved from Rove Beetles.

Hi Rick,Your intuition is
Hi Rick,

Your intuition is correct, this is not a lathrobiine but a medonine.
In the current system, this would be placed in Medon but no one has revised this complex of genera, and certainly this looks very different from the 'average' medon. The combs on the apex of the abdomen are typical of a group of Medon species.


Yes, apparently "Medon"
Adam, I agree with your suggested placement, though it doesn't look like anything I had on hand while working on the AmBeets paederine key. That part of the Paederini is a real mess :-)

great key!
Oh and in case it wasn't clear, the Am Beetles key worked fine and led to Medon, but I lost faith when it didn't look like any of my other Medon. I am a complete novice on Staph and am working on my 3000 specimens and I think the keys are working quite well though it really helps to have a lot of Bugguide pics for comparison.

Thanks much Adam. This looks so different from all my other Medon and Xenomedon that I had reached a dead end using AM Beetles.