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Tribe Nitidulini

Descriptions and key for identification of larvae of Stelidota Erichson (Col.: Nitidulidae) found in America north of Mexico
By Peng C.R., Williams R.N., Galford J.R.
J. Kans. Ent. Soc. 63: 626-633, 1990

The genus Stelidota Erichson in North America: a new species from Florida, new synonymy and lectotype designations...
By Ford E.J.
Col. Bull. 50: 149-153, 1996

A new species of Thalycra Erichson, 1843 (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae) from Baja California, Mexico with commentary on the genus
By Cline A.R.
The Pan-Pacific Entomol. 83: 161-170, 2007

A revision of the New World species of Thalycra Erichson, with a description of a new genus and notes on generic synonymy...
By Howden H.F.
Can. Entomol. Supplement 25: 1-61 , 1961

Revision of Pocadius Erichson (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae)
By Cline A.R.
Louisiana State University, 2005
Ph.D. Dissertation. The global fauna of the genus revised (46 spp. recognized, of which 25 are described as new), with a valuable overview summarizing information on phylogeny, taxonomy, zoogeography, and the current status of Nitidulidae and Cucujoidea lineages in general – a remarkably helpful complement to the “American Beetles”(1).
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A checklist of the sap beetle (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae) fauna of Indiana, with notes on effective trapping methods
By G.S. Powell
Insecta Mundi 2015 (0424): June 5, 2015
PDF available here

How to identify common nitidulid beetles associated with oak wilt mats in Minnesota
By Cervenka V.J., Skalbeck T.C., Kyhl J.F., Blackford D.C., Juzwik J.J., Seybold S.J.
USDA Forest Service, North Central Research Station, St. Paul, MN. HT-71: 1-16, 2001

Molecular phylogeny of Nitidulidae: assessment of subfamilial and tribal classification...
By Cline A.R., Smith T.R., Miller K., Moulton M., Whiting M., Audisio P.
Systematic Entomology 39: 758–772, 2014
Full title: Molecular phylogeny of Nitidulidae: assessment of subfamilial and tribal classification and formalization of the family Cybocephalidae (Coleoptera: Cucujoidea)

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