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Uloma imberbis

Uloma imberbis
Parkwood, Durham County, North Carolina, USA
April 16, 2007
Size: 9 mm
Detail of head showing characters for keying this species:
-last antennal segment oblique, pointed, not rounded, (black arrow)
-middle plate of mentum (lower mouthpart) transverse, rather like a flattened heart shape. Middle plate of mentum is indicated with ellipse (white arrow).

This photo also shows a character for the genus given by the Dillons (1)
-last segment of maxillary palpi usually triangular (rarely obliquely truncate)
(The maxillary palpi are the two large segmented feeler-like mouthparts projecting upwards here.)
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Uloma imberbis Uloma imberbis Uloma imberbis Uloma imberbis