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The Big Grub Search - Dorcatoma pallicornis

The Big Grub Search - Dorcatoma pallicornis
Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, Canada
April 17, 2007
Size: up to 4 mm
So, I've discovered a second generation of D. pallicornis developing in the Tinder Polypore (Fomes formentarius) that I collected nearly eight weeks ago.
Taking this image reminded me of "The Big Bug Search", an insect hind-and-seek puzzle book which I used to pore over for hours on end when I was young. In this book, the viewer has to look for a certain number of individuals for each of several dozen arthropod species, all hidden within a particular habitat (i.e. German forest, Brazilian rainforest, Florida Everglades...). The search is often complicated when individuals are numerous for a species, or are represented by a single "protruding" body part.
So, I thought this image has a "Bug Bug Search" theme to it ... hidden in it are number of larvae. As a bonus , there is also a Cis sp. adult hiding in a crevice. How many Dorcatomine larvae can you find? Happy seaching :-)