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A guide to the lacewings (Neuroptera) of Costa Rica
By Norman D. Penny (author & editor), Kevin M. Hoffman, Martin Meinander, Victor J. Monserrat, Lionel A. Stange
Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 53(12): 161-457, 2002
Cite: 1041565 with citation markup [cite:1041565]
This is an excellent, relatively recent, and richly illustrated treatment of the order Neuroptera in Costa Rica. Although its geographic focus is outside our area, it can still be helpful for BugGuide users in various ways. It is fully accessible online at this link.

For convenient access, linked page numbers for family treatments and figures are given below:

  Family Ascalaphididae:   Text pp. 176-185 (Norm Penny),   Figures: pp. 293-299

  Family Berothidae:   Text: pg. 186 (Norm Penny),   Figures: pg. 300

  Family Chrysopidae:   Text: pp. 187-226 (Norm Penny),   Figures: pp. 301-373

  Family Coniopterygidae:   Text: pp. 227-235 (Martin Meinander),   Figures: pp. 374-393

  Family Dilaridae:   Text: pp. 236-237 (Norm Penny),   Figures: pp. 394-397

  Family Hemerobiidae:   Text: pp. 238-250 (Victor Monserrat),   Figures: pp. 398-418

  Family Mantispidae:   Text: pp. 251-274 (Kevin Hoffman),   Figures: pp. 419-432

  Family Myrmeleontidae:   Text: pp. 275-289 (Lionel A. Stange),   Figures: pp. 433-446

  Family Polystoechotidae:   Text: pg. 290 (Norm Penny),   Figures: pg. 447

  Family Sisyridae:   Text: pg. 290 (Norm Penny),   Figures: pp. 448-449

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Also available from the Lacewing Digital Library without yellowed pages.