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Psylloidea - Arytaina genistae

Psylloidea - Arytaina genistae
Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
August 1, 2010
Think this may also be immature

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Psylloidea - Arytaina genistae Psylloidea - Arytaina genistae

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Arytaina genistae
Note the long dark streak in the wing between Rs and M, and the maculae along the posterior margin. Also note the large head (wider than thorax), long antennae (greater than 2x width of head), and shape of head and female genital segment, descriptions and illustrations of which are available in Tuthill (1943). See also here for photos of live adults (note the variation in body color, which is not a reliable ID character).

These are the first live photos of this species for bugguide - great contribution!

Oh, that's great!
Thanks so much for all the information.

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Any insect with wings is an adult.

Thanks -
haven't seen one of theses before.