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Subfamily Tinginae

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hemiptera - True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies
Suborder Heteroptera - True Bugs
Infraorder Cimicomorpha
Superfamily Miroidea
Family Tingidae - Lace Bugs
Subfamily Tinginae

Tribe Ypsotingini
Genus Derephysia
Species foliacea - Foliaceous Lace Bug
Genus Dictyonota
Species fuliginosa - Dictyonota (Dictyonota) fuliginosa
Genus Kalama
Species tricornis - Gorse Lacebug
Tribe Tingini
Genus Acalypta
Species barberi - Acalypta barberi
Species cooleyi - Acalypta cooleyi
Species elegans - Acalypta elegans
Species lillianis - Acalypta lillianis
Species nyctalis - Acalypta nyctalis
Species parvula - Acalypta parvula
Species saundersi - Acalypta saundersi
Genus Acanthocheila
Species armigera - Acanthocheila armigera
Genus Alveotingis
Species brevicornis - Alveotingis brevicornis
Species grossocerata - Alveotingis grossocerata
Genus Atheas
Species austroriparius - Atheas austroriparius
Species exiguus - Atheas exiguus
Species insignis - Atheas insignis
Species mimeticus - Atheas mimeticus
Species nigricornis - Atheas nigricornis
Genus Calotingis
Species knighti - Calotingis knighti
Genus Corythaica - Eggplant Tingids
Species carinata - Corythaica carinata
Species venusta - Corythaica venusta
Genus Corythucha
Species aesculi - Buckeye Lace Bug
Species arcuata - Oak Lace Bug
Species associata - Cherry Lace Bug
Species bellula - Corythucha bellula
Species celtidis - Hackberry Lace Bug
Subspecies mississippiensis - Corythucha celtidis mississippiensis
Species cerasi - Corythucha cerasi
Species ciliata - Sycamore Lace Bug
Species confraterna - Western Sycamore Lacebug
Species coryli - Hazelnut Lace Bug
Species cydoniae - Hawthorn Lace Bug
Species distincta - Corythucha distincta
Species elegans - Willow Lace Bug
Species eriodictyonae - Corythucha eriodictyonae
Species gossypii - Cotton Lace Bug
Species heidemanni - Corythucha heidemanni
Species immaculata - Corythucha immaculata
Species incurvata - Toyon Lace Bug
Species juglandis - Walnut Lace Bug
Species marmorata - Chrysanthemum Lace Bug
Species melissae - Corythucha melissae
Species mollicula - Corythucha mollicula
Species montivaga - Corythucha montivaga
Species morrilli - Morrill Lace Bug
Species obliqua - Corythucha obliqua
Species pallida - Corythucha pallida
Species pallipes - Birch Lace Bug
Species pergandei - Alder Lace Bug
Species pruni - Corythucha pruni
Species salicata - Corythucha salicata
Species spinosa - Corythucha spinosa
Species ulmi - Elm Lace Bug
No Taxon images that Dr. Miller could not place to species [tmp. page]
Genus Dichocysta
Species pictipes - Dichocysta pictipes
Genus Dictyla
Species ehrethiae - Dictyla ehrethiae
Species echii - Dictyla echii
Species labeculata - Dictyla labeculata
Genus Galeatus
Species affinis - Galeatus affinis
Species spinifrons - Galeatus spinifrons
Genus Gargaphia
Species albescens - Gargaphia albescens
Species amorphae - Gargaphia amorphae
Species angulata - Gargaphia angulata
Species arizonica - Gargaphia arizonica
Species condensa - Gargaphia condensa
Species iridescens - Gargaphia iridescens
Species opacula - Gargaphia opacula
Species solani - Eggplant Lace Bug
Species tiliae - Linden Lace Bug
Genus Hesperotingis
Species antennata - Hesperotingis antennata
Species mississippiensis - Hesperotingis mississippiensis
Species occidentalis - Hesperotingis occidentalis
Species fuscata - Hesperotingis fuscata
Genus Leptodictya
Species nicholi - Leptodictya nicholi
Species plana - Grass Lace Bug
Species simulans - Leptodictya simulans
Genus Leptopharsa
Species clitoriae - Leptopharsa clitoriae
Species heidemanni - Leptopharsa heidemanni
Species oblonga - Leptopharsa oblonga
Genus Leptoypha
Species barberi - Leptoypha barberi
Species costata - Leptoypha costata
Species drakei - Leptoypha drakei
Species elliptica - Leptoypha elliptica
Species minor - Leptoypha minor
Species mutica - Fringetree Lace Bug
Genus Melanorhopala
Species clavata - Melanorhopala clavata
Species infuscata - Melanorhopala infuscata
Genus Physatocheila
Species brevirostris - Physatocheila brevirostris
Species plexa - Physatocheila plexa
Species variegata - Physatocheila variegata
Genus Pseudacysta
Species perseae - Avocado Lace Bug
Genus Stephanitis
Species pyrioides - Azalea Lace Bug
Species rhododendri - Rhododendron Lace Bug
Species takeyai - Andromeda Lace Bug
Genus Teleonemia
Species barberi - Teleonemia barberi
Species belfragii - Teleonemia belfragii
Species monile - Teleonemia monile
Species montivaga - Beardtongue Lacebug
Species nigrina - Teleonemia nigrina
Species scrupulosa - Lantana Lace Bug
Species variegata - Teleonemia variegata 0
Genus Vatiga
Species illudens - Cassava Lace Bug