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tribe Diochini - Diochus schaumi

tribe Diochini - Diochus schaumi
Wayland, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
April 19, 2007
Size: ~6mm

Moved from Rove Beetles.

Another tribe
I was curious after suggesting that last tribe creation for Atre*cus if we had the other related tribe Diochini. This lonely tribe has only one genus and one species in North America and has the elytral condition of Oth*iini (meeting straight) but not its thick neck. Can we create?


In past forum discussions they discussed trying to keep the layers of taxonomy down if there weren't many genus in a tribe, to make navigation through the guide easier. Since there's only one genus in Diochini, I maved the Diochus page to the subfamily, and put Diochini as the picture title and in the info page for the genus.

Thanks Tom, I agree that too
Thanks Tom, I agree that too many divisions makes browsing difficult! This is a good compromise between ease of browsing and correct information.

Staphylininae: Xantholinini: Diochus schaumii
Fairly common in leaf litter.