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Desert Spider - Dictynidae - female

Desert Spider - Dictynidae - Female
Tonopah, Arizona, USA
January 28, 2015
Size: 6mm
1 of 3 images showing body patterns on side, top, scale in millimeters and one image with back-lit eyes.
Note the striking "v" pattern on the carapace.
Sorry about the poor quality images(from video capture), but you may watch the complete spider release in the ending(last two minutes) of my Agave video. Here is the link:
Anthracnos Fungus On Agave Plants In Arizona
Thanks for your help!
Habitat = Kitchen Sink - No Webs

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Desert Spider - Dictynidae - female Desert Spider - Dictynidae - female Desert Spider - Dictynidae - female

Moved from Spiders. I agree with the ID below. It also helps to describe the spiders habitat and web when looking for a spider ID.

Hello, thanks for moving and renumbering my images. I have updated the text. I went through the whole family yesterday and could not find her in there, but her pretty eyes had already confused me once, haha. Do you think that these three images are good enough to ID further or do you think she may be a juvenile of one already in the guide? How long do you expect they will remain here, if no one else can ID her to a Genus?

you're welcome
I don't think she's a juvenile. This image may be here for years or forever without an ID. At this point we don't know what we don't know. =] We need an expert from your area to chime in and tell us if the image is IDable. Another way to get an ID is to find an expert in your area and start submitting spiders to them after you photograph them. It doesn't take long before you can ID most spiders in your area from images alone.... and you create voucher images for us to use to ID other spiders from your region.

Not an ID
but the pattern makes we wonder about Dictynidae (Mesh Web Weavers)