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Poppy-lovin' beetle - Amartus tinctus

Poppy-lovin' beetle - Amartus tinctus
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens, Claremont, Los Angeles County, California, USA
April 22, 2007
On California poppy, Eschscholzia californica

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Poppy-lovin' beetle - Amartus tinctus Poppy-lovin' beetle - Amartus tinctus Poppy-lovin' beetle - Amartus tinctus


Amartus tinctus?
This looks like a beetle I have every year in California poppies in my yard, Amartus tinctus (family Kateretidae):

I don't know if there are any similar species in southern CA, or just this one... Mine were identified by Andy Cline.

They really like the poppies; I've never seen them anywhere else.

Thanks, Joyce, I'm sure that's it.
Glad it's not another melyrid; Joe will be thrilled!

Seems odd, but there are places where I find lots of insects on poppies, and others where the poppies get no action. Go figure!

poppies & A. tinctus
Oddly, I've looked in many, many poppies in the Bay Area since first finding these beetles and have never seen them anywhere but in my yard, which is otherwise full of mostly non-native plants and not near any "wild" space. I make sure there are California poppies in the yard every year, and I always check to make sure the beetles are back every spring...

my 3rd misidentification toni
my 3rd misidentification tonight... that must be my cue to go to bed

Hey, any dialogue is better than slience on these.
Hope you had a nice rest.

No shortage of melyrid pics f
No shortage of melyrid pics from you these days... how about looking in some different habitats... some beetle diversity in your submissions? :)

I finds 'em, I shoots 'em
Thought these were different and had to go 40 miles to pursue them. (At least the back end looks different, but what do I know?)

I would love to find some other habitats, but seem to have to go with sprinklered gardens for now. FYI, we had 2" of rain here this year, the wilderness parks are ugly, we had a forest fire, vector control has been active, etc., etc.

Guess I'll go to Kansas.

BTW, Joe, did you see my recent flea beetle photos? And the casebearers?