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Jumping Spider Meal-time - Habronattus hirsutus - female

Jumping Spider Meal-time - Habronattus hirsutus - Female
Tonopah Desert, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA
April 2, 2015
Size: 8mm
These are close up images of what I think is an adult female Jumping Spider, Habronattus hirsutus, feeding on a fly. She was filmed on the hairy, outer surface of a Cardon Cactus flower and the plant name is Pachycereus pringlei. Please note that this plant is not a native of the area, but the spider is a wild native. If I find out any more information about the fly, I will post a comment or edit the text, of the last image in this series.
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Jumping Spider Meal-time - Habronattus hirsutus - female Jumping Spider Meal-time - Habronattus hirsutus - female Jumping Spider Meal-time - Unknown Fly - Habronattus hirsutus - female

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Female - Habronattus hirsutus
After reviewing the images of the females in this genus, I found that the abdominal patterns, hair coloring and other qualities seem to be the closest match to this female's images. She is a female Habronattus hirsutus, from Washington:

Here is another one that is very similar, but with slightly darker coloring, also from Washington: (Note the exact same striping on the carapace and again the three spots on the rear center-line and edges of her abdomen)

Also, I have images of a male of that species and I will be putting him through ID request very soon.

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Adult Female!

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These three images
are really all you need. I'd usually move these to the jumping spider page, but I'll leave them here for now until someone has a chance to look at your fly.

Lynette, I have updated the fly image and I now think that all of these images can be moved out of ID Request. If you could please help me one more time, I promise to find some more spiders! Thanks

Adult's Extra Parts
Lynette, I understand your instructions completely. However, I loaded the extra images of the abdominal area, to assist other users, when sexing their spiders. I'm going to send you more spiders very soon! Thank You!