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Bob Biagi - male

Bob Biagi - Male
Tonopah Desert, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA
May 5, 2014
Size: 6ft exact
Hello, this is me outside, with the cactus and the bugs.
Please tell me, can you identify at least ten different plant types or at least five different genera of cactus, in this image? Thanks for trying anyway, haha!
Full Size Image: Click Here
Here is a link to a YouTube video called HD Slideshow of Big Cactus, that shows many other plants. (duration = 04:15 minutes)
1.) Carnegiea gigantea = Saguaro Cactus
2.) Ferocactus herrerae = Spiral Barrel Cactus or Twisted Barrel Cactus
3.) Pachycereus marginatus = Mexican Fence Post Cactus
4.) Agave americana 'Marginata' = (Yellow-edged) Century Plant variegated cultivar
5.) Agave macroacantha = Black-spined Agave
6.) Cereus peruvianus f. monstrose = (Monstrous) Apple Cactus or Hedge Cactus
7.) Pachycereus schottii f. monstrosus = Totem Pole Cactus or (Monstrous) Senita Cactus

Lophocereus schottii (monstrosa)? (upper right)

Yes, but moved to new genus

Cereus peruvianus (monstrosus?)


Pachycereus marginatus
Agave americana "Marginata"? (far right margin)
Some other agaves, but I can't ID them

I added one more Agave name, since most of the others are unidentifiable in this image. Nice job!
Now, there's just a few cactus genera left to ID.

is that one next to you Ferocactus wislizeni?

Very close!
That one is called the Spiral Barrel Cactus or Twisted Barrel Cactus, Ferocactus herrerae.

2 down 3 to go!

Echinocereus, Cylindropuntia, Carnegia, Echinomastus, Stenocereus?

Only one of those (hard to remember exactly how to spell it)
Carnegiea gigantea = Saguaro Cactus
The other four genera are not visible in this image.