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Framinghamia helvalis - Ostrinia

Framinghamia helvalis - Ostrinia
Henderson, Chester County, Tennessee, USA
April 22, 2015
det by Brian Scholtens. Brian also says the genus for this species is now Anania.


Ostrinia penitalis?
I don't think this is Framinghamia helvalis but I suggest Ostrinia penitalis mostly because I think your photo #1169712 is that species. The pm. line seems to spike inwardly half way between the middle and the inner margin. The line is very faint. The am. line sharply zig-zags.

Agree with Ostrinia
However, I would consider obumbratalis possible as well.

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Framinghamia was synonymized with Phlyctaenia (Maes 1994), and then subsequently with Anania (Leraut 2005a) in the Pyraustinae, but Hayden (pers. comm.) places it back in the Spilomelinae as in Munroe (1983) based on the morphology of the genitalia. (1)