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SEMNBS# 1563 - Epeolus

SEMNBS# 1563 - Epeolus
Houston County, Minnesota, USA
July 8, 2014
Size: 8mm
asclepius amplexicaulis, black oak sand prairie

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SEMNBS# 1563 - Epeolus SEMNBS# 1563 - Epeolus

Moved from Triepeolus.

Moved from ID Request.

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3 of 3

In case no one has mentioned it...
It will be a lot easier to submit different views of the same specimen if you add the first image, then click when you view it there will be a link underneath to "Add Image" (or words to that effect).

There are multiple advantages to doing it that way:

-It is easier for you, because it will retain the title, date, location, adult/immature, and sex information.

-It will be easier for whoever moves the image as they can move them as a group.

-It will be easier for whoever views the images because there will be thumbnails of all of the linked images.
I'm not a bee expert, or anything, but your last two bees seem very good. I can't help with ID, other that what I mentioned about using add image.

For instance this is "3 of 3" but I can't find "1 of 3". If it were readily available, I'd suggest deleting 2 of 3, and 3 of 3, then using "Add Image" to add them to the first.

I hope this is not repeating what someone else has already said!

In case no one has mentioned it...

Thank you, for taking the time to get me up to speed!