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Springtail - Pogonognathellus

Springtail - Pogonognathellus
Valleyfield (20 miles north of USA border), Quebec, Canada
May 2, 2015


Pogonognathellus sp.
Interesting specimen: note asymmetry in antennae: the right antenna has been damaged and is partly recovered (different number of basal segments).

Springtails antennas.
Do all springtails have this ability to regenerate their damaged antennas ?

they all are able to do that. But the regenerated antenna often is a simplified version of the original version. The number of segments often is less. Often functions that originally are located on different segments are combined into one segment. The most fragile antennae are found in Tomoceridae and Orchesellinae. In these groups often specimens can be found with 2 different antennae.

Thanks !
Thank you for the info !

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