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Hackberry Gall-maker ID Request - Agromyza deserta

Hackberry Gall-maker ID Request - Agromyza deserta
Herring Run Watershed, Baltimore City County, Maryland, USA
May 15, 2015
Observed on a Celtis sp.

In the past I encountered a single stem that resembled a thorn as these do. I decided against posting that one in case it was simply an aberrant stem. Finding these examples yesterday I decided to submit for your consideration.

Photo permission
Hi Thomas,

I'm putting together a guide to all the insect galls on hackberry, and I'd like to use this photo for A deserta. Is that alright with you?

See the guide here:


Yes -
It would be an honor for you to use my image.


Agromyza deserta
The adult has finally been described and determined to be an Agromyza.

Moved from Unidentified Galls.