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Weird insect - Oncometopia hamiltoni

Weird insect - Oncometopia hamiltoni
Lake Corpus Christi, San Patricio County, Texas, USA
April 13, 2007
This guy has me perplexed.

not sure but
It looks like broad-headed sharpshooter - Oncometopia orbona

Oncometopia clarior
Similar to O. orbona, but shorter, with a nearly unmarked head. This is a tropical insect that only enters the USA in southernmost TX.

It's a leafhopper in the family Cicadellidae. Beyond that, I will be of no help.

Leafhoppers get that big? It
Leafhoppers get that big? It was the size of a small moth!

that big?
Sharpshooters (leafhoppers of the subfamily Cicadellidae) are xylem feeders that have to pump a lot of fluid to get enough to eat, so they are large for a leafhopper - up to 2 cm (3/4") in the tropics.