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Marine Isopod? - Jaera

Marine Isopod? - Jaera
47.420960 -53.192028 (WGS84), Avondale, Northeast Avalon, Newfoundland/Labrador, Canada
May 17, 2015
Size: 3mm body length
Found using a dip net to sweep the saltwater and seaweed at the edge of a wooden boat ramp. This was from the intertidal zone. This photo was taken while it was swimming underwater in a small container. This was captured in the same dip of the net as this one:
Marine Isopod?
Are they the same thing?

Moved from Jaera.

Moved from Jaera albifrons.

Moved from Asellota.

Moved from Isopods.

Looks like
Jaera albifrons (a new family for the guide.) I'll have to check the ID though.

Seem to be the same
I'll try to identify this shortly. With luck it's also found in my area. If not, I should at least be able to get this to family. It doesn't look familiar so I'm not too hopeful but I haven't found all the species in my area yet, so you never know. Looks new to the guide at any rate. Don't know how you can stand the water there... This image will be easier to ID than the linked one. A straight dorsal shot is by far the most useful for isopods.