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Euryopis formosa? - Euryopis formosa - male

Euryopis formosa? - Euryopis formosa - Male
Lassen National Forest, Warner Creek Campground, Plumas County, California, USA
May 18, 2015
I beat this attractive little spider from a pine cone. It's a male, but I'm not sure if it's adult or a penultimate yet... I think it must be E. formosa?

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Euryopis formosa? - Euryopis formosa - male Euryopis formosa? - Euryopis formosa - male

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I think your guess is likely but I'm not sure enough to place it.

Thanks Laura -
I just looked at the specimen tonight and it's unfortunately a penultimate male. I think that given the dorsal pattern and location, it's still solidly E. formosa, but I'm content to leave it here for now...

I think the others ...
I looked at were E. coki which is a bit out of range and Emertonella taczanowskii which looks similar, doesn't quite fit the description but it has two color morphs if I take the abdomen from one of the color morphs and match it with the description of the legs on the other it's not so far off, it'd help if I could see the eyes better. It was bugging me too that at first glance the coloration on the legs didn't look quite the same to me as the one that's already placed in the Guide, looking again though that may just be because the light is shining through the legs on yours and it's not so different after all.

Thanks Laura!
RJ Adams excellent field guide only has three species from CA - E. californica looks very different and is in SoCal, and E. spinigera is apparently rarely reported from CA and Levi's description of that species seems to be very different than this spider. E. formosa is reportedly widespread and fairly common in CA, despite the fact that this is the first CA record on BG! :)

You're welcome ...
I think Emertonella taczanowskii has kind of a cosmopolitan range so I couldn't be sure it wouldn't turn up there. WSC lists it as USA to Argentina, Sri Lanka to Ryukyu Is. ... Levi, 1967 describes the range in the Americas as Utah to southern Brazil and notes an isolated record from Massachusetts.