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Pseudoscorpion. - Chelifer

Pseudoscorpion. - Chelifer
Atlantic Mine, Houghton County, Michigan, USA
April 28, 2007
Size: 3 mm
Found in the bathtub, looks like a very close match for Chelifer cancroides.

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Pseudoscorpion. - Chelifer Pseudoscorpion. - Chelifer Pseudoscorpion. - Chelifer

awesome pics
I like the detail. As for the ID, I can't do anything more with it.

Apparently there still isn't
Apparently there still isn't *enough* detail, though. I've been referring to the ID keys given by Sigurd Nelson ("A Systematic Study of Michigan Pseudoscorpionida (Arachnida)", The American Midland Naturalist, April 1975, Vol. 93, No. 2, pp. 257-301). Identification down to species requires the ability to look at the claws closely enough to count setae and distinguish the venom glands, which my claw closeup isn't *quite* good enough for.

With the detail that can be seen, and the note that Chelifer cancroides is a widespread species that is the one most commonly found in houses, I'd be reasonably confident that that's what it is.