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Enicospilus - Enicospilus glabratus

Enicospilus - Enicospilus glabratus
Tujunga, Los Angeles County, California, USA
November 16, 2005
Size: about 2 inches I think
This is the only one I have ever seen; at night, on our porch light. It had a very interesting wedge shaped end of it's abdomen.

Moved from americanus complex.

Moved from Enicospilus.

Probably E. glabratus
A member of the Enicospilus-americanus complex. I would put my money on E. glabratus but it's just a tiny bit too blurry for me to see the hairs on the discocubital cell.


Based on wing venation, this is an ichneumon in the genus Enicospilus.

Yes its a wasp.
This is a parasitic wasp in the family Ichneumonidae.

Yes it's a wasp
Hi Brad,
Thank you so much for the ID. It was the coolest looking insect, and I am really happy to put a name to it. I hope I see one again!
How can you tell the males from the females, and which is the one in the picture??