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Desert Robber Fly - Efferia - female

Desert Robber Fly - Efferia - Female
Tonopah Desert, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA
July 14, 2014
Size: 20mm
These are close up images of a Robber Fly that was resting inside of a small greenhouse, in the late afternoon.
CLICK HERE for example images of a male and a female, to compare with. UPDATE: Those images may be outdated and unreliable, I'm not sure.

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Desert Robber Fly - Efferia - female Desert Robber Fly - Efferia - female

Moved from Arida group.

Moved from Anomala group.

Moved from Robber Flies.

Subgenus Group (incorrect)
After reviewing the keys for this family and checking the qualities of her characters, (lacking wing vein information) I'm now convinced that she is a Robber Fly in the genus Efferia.
After checking the subgenus groupings and the images of the species contained in them, I'm fairly sure that she must be a member of the Anomala group and most likely a female Efferia tricella or something very closely related.
However, since I don't have any comparison images of females of that species and others in that grouping, I'm forced to place her at the subgenus level for now and hope to get better shots of the next one.
She seems to be identical to this female from Arizona, placed into the Anomala sub-genus group by Herschel Raney: ♀

Moved from ID Request.