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Superfamily Asiloidea

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Diptera - Flies
No Taxon Orthorrhapha
Superfamily Asiloidea

Family Apioceridae
Genus Apiocera - Flower-loving flies
Species barri - Apiocera barri
Species chrysolasia - Apiocera chrysolasia
Species haruspex - Apiocera haruspex
Subspecies martinorum - Apiocera haruspex martinorum
Species macswaini - Apiocera macswaini
Species mexicana - Apiocera mexicana
Species painteri - Apiocera painteri
Family Apsilocephalidae
Genus Apsilocephala
Species longistyla - Apsilocephala longistyla
Family Apystomyiidae
Genus Apystomyia
Species elinguis - Apystomyia elinguis
Family Asilidae - Robber Flies
Subfamily Asilinae
Genus Asilus
Species sericeus - Asilus sericeus
Genus Dicropaltum
Species rubicundus - Dicropaltum rubicundus
Genus Eccritosia
Species zamon - Eccritosia zamon
Genus Efferia
No Taxon Albibarbis group
Species albibarbis - Efferia albibarbis
Species armata - Efferia armata
Species bicolor - Efferia bicolor
Species duncani - Efferia duncani
Species leucocoma - Efferia leucocoma
Species tagax - Efferia tagax
No Taxon Anomala group
Species luna - Efferia luna
Species candida - Efferia candida
Species tricella - Efferia tricella
Species triton - Efferia triton
No Taxon Arida group
Species cuervana - Efferia cuervana
Species okanagana - Okanagan Efferia
Species snowi - Efferia snowi
No Taxon Nerax group
Species aestuans - Efferia aestuans
Species apicalis - Efferia apicalis
Species prairiensis - Efferia prairiensis
Species slossonae - Efferia slossonae
Species tabescens - Efferia tabescens
No Taxon Pogonias group
Species benedicti - Efferia benedicti
Species bicaudata - Efferia bicaudata
Species bryanti - Efferia bryanti
Species mortensoni - Efferia mortensoni
Species pogonias - Efferia pogonias
Species plena - Efferia plena
No Taxon Staminea group
Species inflata - Efferia inflata
Species nemoralis - Efferia nemoralis
Species rapax - Efferia rapax
Species varipes - Efferia varipes
No Taxon Carinata group
Species jubata - [Carinefferia] jubata
Species latruncula - Efferia latruncula
No Taxon Tuberculata group
Species tuberculata - [Tuberculefferia] tuberculata
Genus Machimus
Species adustus - Machimus adustus
Species antimachus - Machimus antimachus
Species blantoni - Machimus blantoni
Species callidus - Machimus callidus
Species delusus - Machimus delusus
Species erythocnemius - Machimus erythocnemius
Species fattigi - Machimus fattigi
Species formosus - Machimus formosus
Species griseus - Machimus griseus
Species latipex - Machimus latipex
Species lecythus - Machimus lecythus
Species maneei - Machimus maneei
Species novaescotiae - Machimus novaescotiae
Species notatus - Machimus notatus
Species paropus - Machimus paropus
Species polyphemi - Machimus polyphemi
Species occidentalis - Machimus occidentalis
Species sadyates - Machimus sadyates
Species snowii - Machimus snowii
Species virginicus - Machimus virginicus
Genus Mallophora - Bee Killers
Species atra - Black Bee Killer
Species bomboides - Mallophora bomboides
Species fautrix - Mallophora fautrix
Species leschenaulti - Mallophora leschenaulti
Species orcina - Southern Bee Killer
No Taxon bomboides or orcina
Genus Megaphorus
Species acrus - Megaphorus acrus
Species clausicellus - Megaphorus clausicellus
Species flavidus - Megaphorus flavidus
Species frustrus - Megaphorus frustrus
Species laphroides - Megaphorus laphroides
Species megachile - Megaphorus megachile
Species minutus - Megaphorus minutus
Species pallidus - Megaphorus pallidus
Species prudens - Megaphorus prudens
Genus Negasilus
Species astutus - Negasilus astutus
Genus Neoitamus
Species coquillettii - Neoitamus coquillettii
Species flavofemoratus - Neoitamus flavofemoratus
Species orphne - Neoitamus orphne
Genus Neomochtherus
Species auricomus - Neomochtherus auricomus
Species californicus - Neomochtherus californicus
Species comosus - Neomochtherus comosus
Species latipennis - Neomochtherus latipennis
Species pallipes - Devon Red-legged Robber Fly
Species piceus - Neomochtherus piceus
Species willistoni - Neomochtherus willistoni
Genus Nevadasilus
Species auriannulatus - Nevadasilus auriannulatus
Species blantoni - Nevadasilus blantoni
Genus Ommatius
Species baboquivari - Ommatius baboquivari
Species bromleyi - Ommatius bromleyi
Species floridensis - Ommatius floridensis
Species gemma - Ommatius gemma
Species ouachitensis - Ommatius ouachitensis
Species parvulus - Ommatius parvulus
Species tibialis - Ommatius tibialis
Species wilcoxi - Ommatius wilcoxi
Species pretiosus - Ommatius pretiosus
Genus Philonicus
Species fuscatus - Philonicus fuscatus
Species plebeius - Philonicus plebeius
Species rufipennis - Philonicus rufipennis
Genus Polacantha
Species arcuata - Polacantha arcuata
Species composita - Polacantha composita
Species gracilis - Polacantha gracilis
Species grossa - Polacantha grossa
Genus Proctacanthella
Species cacopiloga - Proctacanthella cacopiloga
Species exquisita - Proctacanthella exquisita
Species leucopogon - Proctacanthella leucopogon
Species robusta - Proctacanthella robusta
Species willistoni - Proctacanthella willistoni
Species wilcoxi - Proctacanthella wilcoxi
Genus Proctacanthus
Species brevipennis - Proctacanthus brevipennis
Species coquillettii - Proctacanthus coquillettii
Species duryi - Proctacanthus duryi
Species fulviventris - Proctacanthus fulviventris
Species gracilis - Proctacanthus gracilis
Species heros - Proctacanthus heros
Species hinei - Proctacanthus hinei
Species longus - Proctacanthus longus
Species micans - Proctacanthus micans
Species milbertii - Milbert's Proctacanthus
Species nearno - Proctacanthus nearno
Species nigriventris - Proctacanthus nigriventris
Species occidentalis - Proctacanthus occidentalis
Species philadelphicus - Proctacanthus philadelphicus
Species rodecki - Proctacanthus rodecki
Species rufus - Proctacanthus rufus
Genus Prolatiforceps
Species fulviventris - Prolatiforceps fulviventris
Genus Promachella
Species pilosa - Promachella pilosa
Genus Promachus - Giant Robber Flies
Species albifacies - Promachus albifacies
Species aldrichii - Promachus aldrichii
Species atrox - Promachus atrox
Species bastardii - Promachus bastardii
Species dimidiatus - Promachus dimidiatus
Species fitchii - Promachus fitchii
Species giganteus - Promachus giganteus
Species hinei - Promachus hinei
Species nigrialbus - Promachus nigrialbus
Species painteri - Promachus painteri
Species princeps - Promachus princeps
Species rufipes - Red-footed Cannibalfly
Species sackeni - Promachus sackeni
Species truquii - Promachus truquii
Species vertebratus - Promachus vertebratus
No Taxon possibly albifacies [temporary page]
Species quadratus - Promachus quadratus
Genus Rhadiurgus
Species variabilis - Rhadiurgus variabilis
Genus Tolmerus
Species vescus - Tolmerus vescus
Genus Triorla
Species interrupta - Triorla interrupta
Genus Wyliea
Species mydas - Wyliea mydas
Subfamily Dasypogoninae
Genus Blepharepium
Species sonorensis - Blepharepium sonorensis
Genus Comantella
Species pacifica - Comantella pacifica
Genus Cophura
Species ameles - Cophura ameles
Species arizonensis - Cophura arizonensis
Species bella - Cophura bella
Species brevicornis - Cophura brevicornis
Species caca - Cophura caca
Species dora - Cophura dora
Species fur - Cophura fur
Species getzendaneri - Cophura getzendaneri
Species hennei - Cophura hennei
Species painteri - Cophura painteri
Species pollinosa - Cophura pollinosa
Species sculleni - Cophura sculleni
Species sodalis - Cophura sodalis
Species texana - Cophura texana
Species tolandi - Cophura tolandi
Species vandykei - Cophura vandykei
Genus Diogmites - Hanging-thieves
Species angustipennis - Diogmites angustipennis
Species basalis - Diogmites basalis
Species coloradensis - Diogmites coloradensis
Species contortus - Diogmites contortus
Species crudelis - Diogmites crudelis
Species discolor - Diogmites discolor
Species esuriens - Diogmites esuriens
Species misellus - Diogmites misellus
Species missouriensis - Diogmites missouriensis
Species neoternatus - Diogmites neoternatus
Species platypterus - Diogmites platypterus
Species properans - Diogmites properans
Species sallei - Diogmites sallei
Species salutans - Diogmites salutans
Species ternatus - Diogmites ternatus
Species texanus - Diogmites texanus
Genus Hodophylax
Species basingeri - Hodophylax basingeri
Species aridus - Hodophylax aridus
Species tolandi - Hodophylax tolandi
Genus Lestomyia
Species strigipes - Lestomyia strigipes
Species n-sp - Lestomyia n. sp.
Genus Nicocles
Species abdominalis - Nicocles abdominalis
Species aemulator - Nicocles aemulator
Species bromleyi - Nicocles bromleyi
Species canadensis - Nicocles canadensis
Species dives - Nicocles dives
Species engelhardti - Nicocles engelhardti
Species pictus - Nicocles pictus
Species politus - Nicocles politus
Species rufus - Nicocles rufus
Species utahensis - Nicocles utahensis
Genus Omninablautus
Species arenosus - Omninablautus arenosus
Genus Parataracticus
Species wyliei - Parataracticus wyliei
Genus Pseudorus
Genus Saropogon
Species abbreviatus - Saropogon abbreviatus
Species albifrons - Saropogon albifrons
Species bryanti - Saropogon bryanti
Species combustus - Saropogon combustus
Species coquilletti - Saropogon coquilletti
Species dispar - Saropogon dispar
Species hypomelas - Saropogon hypomelas
Species luteus - Saropogon luteus
Species mohawki - Saropogon mohawki
Species nitidus - Saropogon nitidus
Species pritchardi - Saropogon pritchardi
Species purus - Saropogon purus
Species pyrodes - Saropogon pyrodes
Species semiustus - Saropogon semiustus
Species senex - Saropogon senex
Genus Taracticus
Species octopunctatus - Taracticus octopunctatus
Species paulus - Taracticus paulus
Species ruficaudus - Taracticus ruficaudus
Subfamily Laphriinae
Genus Andrenosoma
Species hesperium - Andrenosoma hesperium
Species fulvicaudum - Andrenosoma fulvicaudum
Species igneum - Andrenosoma igneum
Species xanthocnemum - Andrenosoma xanthocnemum
Genus Atomosia
Species arkansensis - Atomosia arkansensis
Species glabrata - Atomosia glabrata
Species melanopogon - Atomosia melanopogon
Species mucida - Atomosia mucida
Species puella - Atomosia puella
Species rufipes - Atomosia rufipes
Species sayii - Atomosia sayii
Genus Atomosiella
Species antennata - Atomosiella antennata
Genus Atoniomyia
Species duncani - Atoniomyia duncani
Genus Cerotainia
Species albipilosa - Cerotainia albipilosa
Species macrocera - Cerotainia macrocera
Genus Cerotainiops
Species omus - Cerotainiops omus
Species wilcoxi - Cerotainiops wilcoxi
Species abdominalis - Cerotainiops abdominalis
Genus Dasylechia
Species atrox - Dasylechia atrox
Genus Lampria
Species bicolor - Lampria bicolor
Species rubriventris - Lampria rubriventris
Genus Laphria - Bee-like Robber Flies
Species affinis - Laphria affinis
Species aktis - Laphria aktis
Species altitudinum - Laphria altitudinum
Species apila - Laphria apila
Species asackeni - Laphria asackeni
Species astur - Laphria astur
Species asturina - Laphria asturina
Species canis - Laphria canis
Species champlainii - Laphria champlainii
Species cinerea - Laphria cinerea
Species columbica - Laphria columbica
Species coquillettii - Laphria coquillettii
Species divisor - Laphria divisor
Species engelhardti - Laphria engelhardti
Species felis - Laphria felis
Species fernaldi - Laphria fernaldi
Species ferox - Laphria ferox
Species flavicollis - Laphria flavicollis
Species franciscana - Laphria franciscana
Species gilva - Laphria gilva
Species grossa - Laphria grossa
Species huron - Laphria huron
Species index - Laphria index
Species insignis - Laphria insignis
Species ithypyga - Laphria ithypyga
Species janus - Laphria janus
Species lata - Laphria lata
Species macquarti - Laphria macquarti
Species partitor - Laphria partitor
Species posticata - Laphria posticata
Species sackeni - Laphria sackeni
Species sacrator - Laphria sacrator
Species sadales - Laphria sadales
Species saffrana - Laphria saffrana
Species scorpio - Laphria scorpio
Species sericea - Laphria sericea
Species sicula - Laphria sicula
Species thoracica - Laphria thoracica
Species trux - Laphria trux
Species unicolor - Laphria unicolor
Species ventralis - Laphria ventralis
Species virginica - Laphria virginica
Species vorax - Laphria vorax
Species vultur - Laphria vultur
Species winnemana - Laphria winnemana
No Taxon near macquarti
No Taxon undescribed species near franciscana
No Taxon undescribed species near sericea
No Taxon canis complex
No Taxon index or ithypyga
No Taxon sericea complex
No Taxon Larvae and Pupae
Genus Orthogonis
Species stygia - Orthogonis stygia
Genus Pogonosoma
Species dorsatum - Pogonosoma dorsatum
Species ridingsi - Pogonosoma ridingsi
Subfamily Laphystiinae
Genus Zabrops
Species flavipilis - Zabrops flavipilis
Species tagax - Zabrops tagax
Species wilcoxi - Zabrops wilcoxi
Genus Psilocurus
Species birdi - Psilocurus birdi
Species nudiusculus - Psilocurus nudiusculus
Species puellus - Psilocurus puellus
Genus Laphystia
Species flavipes - Laphystia flavipes
Species howlandi - Laphystia howlandi
Species litoralis - Laphystia litoralis
Species notata - Laphystia notata
Species ochreifrons - Laphystia ochreifrons
Species texensis - Laphystia texensis
Species tolandi - Laphystia tolandi
Subfamily Leptogastrinae
Genus Apachekolos
Species scapularis - Apachekolos scapularis
Species tenuipes - Apachekolos tenuipes
Genus Beameromyia
Species disfascia - Beameromyia disfascia
Species vulgaris - Beameromyia vulgaris
Genus Leptogaster
Species brevicornis - Leptogaster brevicornis
Species flavipes - Leptogaster flavipes
Species murina - Leptogaster murina
Species virgata - Leptogaster virgata
Genus Leptopteromyia
Species americana - Leptopteromyia americana
Genus Psilonyx
Species annulatus - Psilonyx annulatus
Genus Tipulogaster
Species glabrata - Tipulogaster glabrata
Subfamily Stenopogoninae
Genus Ablautus - Prospectors
Species arnaudi - Arnaud Prospector 0
Species basini - Great Basin Prospector
Species californicus - California Prospector
Species coachellus - Coachella Prospector
Species colei - Northwestern Prospector
Species coquilletti - Northwestern Prospector
Species flavipes - Yellow-legged Prospector
Species linsleyi - Linsley Prospector
Species mimus - Arizona Prospector
Species rufotibialis - Texas Prospector
Species schlingeri - Black-footed Prospector
Species trifarius - Loew Prospector
Species vanduzeei - Spot-winged Prospector
Genus Archilestris
Species magnificus - Archilestris magnificus
Genus Backomyia
Genus Callinicus
Species calcaneus - Callinicus calcaneus
Species pictitarsis - Callinicus pictitarsis
Species pollenius - Callinicus pollenius
Species vittatus - Callinicus vittatus
Genus Ceraturgus
Species aurulentus - Ceraturgus aurulentus
Species cruciatus - Ceraturgus cruciatus
Species elizabethae - Ceraturgus elizabethae
Species fasciatus - Ceraturgus fasciatus
Species mitchelli - Ceraturgus mitchelli
Species nigripes - Ceraturgus nigripes
Genus Coleomyia
Species alticola - Coleomyia alticola
Genus Cyrtopogon
Species alleni - Cyrtopogon alleni
Species auratus - Cyrtopogon auratus
Species aurifex - Cyrtopogon aurifex
Species auripilosus - Cyrtopogon auripilosus
Species banksi - Cyrtopogon banksi
Species beameri - Cyrtopogon beameri
Species bimacula - Cyrtopogon bimacula
Species callipedilus - Cyrtopogon callipedilus
Species dasyllis - Cyrtopogon dasyllis
Species evidens - Cyrtopogon evidens
Species falto - Cyrtopogon falto
Species inversus - Cyrtopogon inversus
Species jemezi - Cyrtopogon jemezi
Species laphriformis - Cyrtopogon laphriformis
Species longimanus - Cyrtopogon longimanus
Species lutatius - Cyrtopogon lutatius
Species lyratus - Cyrtopogon lyratus
Species marginalis - Cyrtopogon marginalis
Species montanus - Cyrtopogon montanus
Species plausor - Cyrtopogon plausor
Species stenofrons - Cyrtopogon stenofrons
Species sudator - Cyrtopogon sudator
Species willistoni - Cyrtopogon willistoni
Species vandykei - Cyrtopogon vandykei
Genus Dicolonus
Species simplex - Dicolonus simplex
Genus Dioctria
Species hyalipennis - Dioctria hyalipennis
Species pleuralis - Dioctria pleuralis
Species pusio - Dioctria pusio
Genus Echthodopa
Species pubera - Echthodopa pubera
Species formosa - Echthodopa formosa
Genus Eucyrtopogon
Species diversipilosis - Eucyrtopogon diversipilosis
Genus Eudioctria
Species albius - Eudioctria albius
Species brevis - Eudioctria brevis
Species media - Eudioctria media
Species nitida - Eudioctria nitida
Species propinqua - Eudioctria propinqua
Species sackeni - Eudioctria sackeni
Species tibialis - Eudioctria tibialis
Genus Hadrokolos
Species texanus - Hadrokolos texanus
Genus Heteropogon
Species cazieri - Heteropogon cazieri
Species cirrhatus - Heteropogon cirrhatus
Species currani - Heteropogon currani
Species davisi - Heteropogon davisi
Species divisus - Heteropogon divisus
Species duncani - Heteropogon duncani
Species johnsoni - Heteropogon johnsoni
Species lautus - Heteropogon lautus
Species macerinus - Heteropogon macerinus
Species maculinervis - Heteropogon maculinervis
Species patruelis - Heteropogon patruelis
Species paurosomus - Heteropogon paurosomus
Species phoenicurus - Heteropogon phoenicurus
Species rubrifasciatus - Heteropogon rubrifasciatus
Species spatulatus - Heteropogon spatulatus
Species stonei - Heteropogon stonei
Genus Holopogon
Species guttulus - Holopogon guttulus
Species mica - Holopogon mica
Species oriens - Holopogon oriens
Species phaeonotus - Holopogon phaonotus
Species sapphirus - Holopogon sapphirus
Species seniculus - Holopogon seniculus
Species snowi - Holopogon snowi
Species wilcoxi - Holopogon wilcoxi
Genus Itolia
Species timberlakei - Itolia timberlakei
Species maculata - Itolia maculata
Genus Metadioctria
Species parvula - Metadioctria parvula
Species rubida - Metadioctria rubida
Genus Metapogon
Species carinatus - Metapogon carinatus
Species gibber - Metapogon gibber
Species punctipennis - Metapogon punctipennis
Species amargosae - Metapogon amargosae
Genus Microstylum
Species galactodes - Microstylum galactodes
Species morosum - Microstylum morosum
Genus Myelaphus
Species melas - Myelaphus melas
Genus Nannocyrtopogon
Species aristatus - Nannocyrtopogon aristatus
Species atripes - Nannocyrtopogon atripes
Species inyoi - Nannocyrtopogon inyoi
Species irvinei - Nannocyrtopogon irvinei
Species vanduzeei - Nannocyrtopogon vanduzeei
Genus Nannodioctria
Species seminole - Nannodioctria seminole
Genus Ospriocerus
Species aeacidinus - Ospriocerus aeacidinus
Species aeacus - Ospriocerus aeacus
Species arizonensis - Ospriocerus arizonensis
Species brevis - Ospriocerus brevis
Species latipennis - Ospriocerus latipennis
Species longulus - Ospriocerus longulus
Species minos - Ospriocerus minos
Species tenebrosus - Ospriocerus tenebrosus
Species tequilae - Ospriocerus tequilae
Species vallensis - Ospriocerus vallensis
Genus Plesiomma
Species unicolor - Plesiomma unicolor
Genus Pritchardomyia
Species vespoides - Pritchardomyia vespoides
Genus Prolepsis
Species tristis - Prolepsis tristis
Genus Scleropogon
Species bradleyi - Scleropogon bradleyi
Species cinerascens - Scleropogon cinerascens
Species coyote - Scleropogon coyote
Species dispar - Scleropogon dispar
Species duncani - Scleropogon duncani
Species floridensis - Scleropogon floridensis
Species haigi - Scleropogon haigi
Species helvolus - Scleropogon helvolus
Species huachucanus - Scleropogon huachucanus
Species indistinctus - Scleropogon indistinctus
Species kelloggi - Scleropogon kelloggi
Species picticornis - Scleropogon picticornis
Species subulatus - Scleropogon subulatus
Species texanus - Scleropogon texanus
Species neglectus - Scleropogon neglectus
Genus Sintoria
Species emeralda - Sintoria emeralda
Species cyanea - Sintoria cyanea
Species pappi - Sintoria pappi
Genus Stenopogon
Species boharti - Stenopogon boharti
Species breviusculoides - Stenopogon breviusculoides
Species breviusculus - Stenopogon breviusculus
Species californiae - Stenopogon californiae
Species cazieri - Stenopogon cazieri
Species engelhardti - Stenopogon engelhardti
Species inquinatus - Stenopogon inquinatus
Species lomae - Stenopogon lomae
Species obispae - Stenopogon obispae
Species rufibarbis - Stenopogon rufibarbis
Species utahensis - Stenopogon utahensis
Species tolandi - Stenopogon tolandi
Genus Wilcoxia
Species forbesi - Wilcoxia forbesi
Genus Willistonina
Species bilineata - Willistonina bilineata
Subfamily Stichopogoninae
Genus Lasiopogon
Species actius - Lasiopogon actius
Species aldrichii - Lasiopogon aldrichii
Species appalachensis - Lasiopogon appalachensis
Species apache - Lasiopogon apache
Species bitumineus - Lasiopogon bitumineus
Species bivittatus - Lasiopogon bivittatus
Species canningsi - Lasiopogon canningsi
Species cinereus - Lasiopogon cinereus
Species currani - Lasiopogon currani
Species drabicola - Lasiopogon drabicola
Species fumipennis - Lasiopogon fumipennis
Species gabrieli - Lasiopogon gabrieli
Species hinei - Lasiopogon hinei
Species littoris - Lasiopogon littoris
Species monticola - Lasiopogon monticola
Species oklahomensis - Lasiopogon oklahomensis
Species quadrivittatus - Lasiopogon quadrivittatus
Species schizopygus - Lasiopogon schizopygus
Species slossonae - Lasiopogon slossonae
Species terricola - Lasiopogon terricola
Species tetragrammus - Lasiopogon tetragrammus
Species willametti - Lasiopogon willametti
Genus Stichopogon
Species abdominalis - Stichopogon abdominalis
Species argenteus - Stichopogon argenteus
Species catulus - Stichopogon catulus
Species colei - Stichopogon colei
Species fragilis - Stichopogon fragilis
Species trifasciatus - Three-banded Robber Fly
Species venturiensis - Stichopogon venturiensis
Genus Townsendia
Species albomacula - Townsendia albomacula
Species arenicola - Townsendia arenicola
Species nigra - Townsendia nigra
Subfamily Trigonomiminae
Genus Haplopogon
Species erinus - Haplopogon erinus
Species dicksoni - Haplopogon dicksoni
Genus Holcocephala
Species abdominalis - Holcocephala abdominalis
Species calva - Holcocephala calva
Species fusca - Holcocephala fusca
No Taxon Asilid Pupal Cases/Larvae/Eggs
Family Bombyliidae - Bee Flies
Subfamily Usiinae
Genus Apolysis
Species sigma - Apolysis sigma
Species quinquenotata - Apolysis quinquenotata
Subfamily Phthiriinae
Tribe Phthiriini
Genus Acreophthiria
Genus Neacreotrichus
Species diversus - Neacreotrichus diversus
Tribe Poecilognathini
Genus Poecilognathus
Species punctipennis - Poecilognathus punctipennis
Species sulphureus - Poecilognathus sulphureus
Species unimaculatus - Poecilognathus unimaculatus
Genus Relictiphthiria
Genus Tmemophlebia
Species coquilletti - Tmemophlebia coquilletti
Genus Euryphthiria
Species grandis - Euryphthiria grandis
Subfamily Toxophorinae
Genus Geron
No Taxon Subgenus Geron
Species vitripennis - Geron vitripennis
No Taxon Subgenus Empidigeron
Species calvus - Geron calvus
Genus Toxophora
Species amphitea - Toxophora amphitea
Species leucopyga - Toxophora leucopyga
Species maxima - Toxophora maxima
Species pellucida - Toxophora pellucida
Species virgata - Toxophora virgata
Tribe Systropodini
Genus Dolichomyia
Species gracilis - Dolichomyia gracilis
Genus Systropus
Species angulatus - Systropus angulatus
Species arizonicus - Systropus arizonicus
Species bicornis - Systropus bicornis
Species macer - Systropus macer
Subfamily Bombyliinae
Tribe Bombyliini
Genus Anastoechus
Species barbatus - Anastoechus barbatus
Species hessei - Anastoechus hessei
Species melanohalteralis - Anastoechus melanohalteralis
Genus Bombylius
No Taxon Subgenus Bombylius
Species albicapillus - Bombylius albicapillus
Species anthophilus - Bombylius anthophilus
Species atriceps - Bombylius atriceps
Species aurifer - Bombylius aurifer
Species breviabdominalis - Bombylius breviabdominalis
Species comanche - Bombylius comanche
Species curtirhynchus - Bombylius curtirhynchus
Species diegoensis - Bombylius diegoensis
Species fraudulentus - Bombylius fraudulentus
Species fulvibasoides - Bombylius fulvibasoides
Species helvus - Bombylius helvus
Species heximaculatus - Bombylius heximaculatus
Species lancifer - Bombylius lancifer
Species major - Greater Bee Fly
Species mexicanus - Bombylius mexicanus
Species mohavensis - Bombylius mohavensis
Species pulchellus - Bombylius pulchellus
Species pygmaeus - Bombylius pygmaeus
Species texanus - Bombylius texanus
Species validus - Bombylius validus
Species varius - Bombylius varius
No Taxon major or anthophilus
No Taxon lancifer or facialis
No Taxon Subgenus Parabombylius
Species ater - Bombylius ater
Species coquilletti - Bombylius coquilletti
Species iphiculus - Bombylius iphiculus
Species pulcher - Bombylius pulcher
Species incanus - Bombylius (Zephyrectes) incanus
Genus Heterostylum
Species croceum - Heterostylum croceum
Species robustum - Bomber Fly
Genus Systoechus
Species candidulus - Systoechus candidulus
Species oreas - Systoechus oreas
Species solitus - Systoechus solitus
Species vulgaris - Systoechus vulgaris
Genus Triploechus
Species novus - Triploechus novus
Tribe Conophorini
Genus Aldrichia
Species auripuncta - Aldrichia auripuncta
Species ehrmanii - Aldrichia ehrmanii
Genus Conophorus
Species atratulus - Conophorus atratulus
Species collini - Conophorus collini
Species cristatus - Conophorus cristatus
Species fallax - Conophorus fallax
Species fenestratus - Conophorus fenestratus
Species melanoceratus - Conophorus melanoceratus
Species nigripennis - Conophorus nigripennis
Species obesulus - Conophorus obesulus
Species sackenii - Conophorus sackenii
Genus Geminaria
Species canalis - Geminaria canalis
Species pellucida - Geminaria pellucida
Genus Lordotus
No Taxon Lordotus diplasus or diversus
Species divisus - Lordotus divisus
Species gibbus - Lordotus gibbus
Species junceus - Lordotus junceus
Species planus - Lordotus planus
Species pulchrissimus - Lordotus pulchrissimus
Species striatus - Lordotus striatus
Species zona - Lordotus zona
Genus Sparnopolius
Species confusus - Sparnopolius confusus
Subfamily Ecliminae
Genus Lepidophora
Species lepidocera - Scaly Bee Fly
Species lutea - Lepidophora lutea
Species vetusta - Lepidophora vetusta
Genus Thevenetimyia
Species accedens - Thevenetimyia accedens
Species affinis - Thevenetimyia affinis
Species californica - Thevenetimyia californica
Species canuta - Thevenetimyia canuta
Species celer - Thevenetimyia celer
Species culiciformis - Thevenetimyia culiciformis
Species funesta - Thevenetimyia funesta
Species harrisi - Thevenetimyia harrisi
Species lotus - Thevenetimyia lotus
Species luctifera - Thevenetimyia luctifera
Species maculipennis - Thevenetimyia maculipennis
Species magna - Thevenetimyia magna
Species muricata - Thevenetimyia muricata
Species nigra - Thevenetimyia nigra
Species notata - Thevenetimyia notata
Species phalantha - Thevenetimyia phalantha
Species sodalis - Thevenetimyia sodalis
Species speciosa - Thevenetimyia speciosa
Species tridentata - Thevenemyia (Arthroneura) tridentata
No Taxon resemble luctifera
Subfamily Cythereinae
Genus Pantarbes
Species capito - Pantarbes capito
Species earinus - Pantarbes earinus
Species megistus - Pantarbes megistus
Species willistoni - Pantarbes willistoni
Subfamily Lomatiinae
Genus Bryodemina
Species valida - Bryodemina valida
Genus Ogcodocera
Species analis - Ogcodocera analis
Species leucoprocta - Ogcodocera leucoprocta
Subfamily Tomomyzinae
Genus Amphicosmus
Species elegans - Amphicosmus elegans
Species arizonicus - Amphicosmus arizonicus
Species arizonensis - Amphicosmus arizonensis
Genus Metacosmus
Species mancipennis - Metacosmus mancipennis
Genus Paracosmus
Species edwardsii - Paracosmus edwardsii
Species insolens - Paracosmus insolens
Species morrisoni - Paracosmus morrisoni
Species rubicundus - Paracosmus rubicundus
Subfamily Anthracinae
Tribe Villini
Genus Astrophanes
Species adonis - Astrophanes adonis
Genus Chrysanthrax
Species arenosus - Chrysanthrax arenosus
Species crocinus - Chrysanthrax crocinus
Species cypris - Chrysanthrax cypris
Species dispar - Chrysanthrax dispar
Species edititius - Chrysanthrax edititius
Species eudorus - Chrysanthrax eudorus
Species juncturus - Chrysanthrax juncturus
Species lepidotoides - Chrysanthrax lepidotoides
Species vanus - Chrysanthrax vanus
Genus Diochanthrax
Species morulus - Diochanthrax morulus
Genus Dipalta
Species banksi - Huron Shore Bee Fly
Species serpentina - Dipalta serpentina
Genus Hemipenthes
Species blanchardiana - Hemipenthes blanchardiana
Species catulina - Hemipenthes catulina
Species celeris - Hemipenthes celeris
Species curta - Hemipenthes curta
Species edwardsii - Hemipenthes edwardsii
Species inops - Hemipenthes inops
Species jaennickeana - Hemipenthes jaennickeana
Species lepidota - Hemipenthes lepidota
Species morioides - Hemipenthes morioides
Species pullata - Hemipenthes pullata
Species scylla - Hemipenthes scylla
Species seminigra - Hemipenthes seminigra
Species sinuosa - Sinuous Bee Fly
Species webberi - Hemipenthes webberi
Genus Lepidanthrax
Species angulus - Lepidanthrax angulus
Species arnaudi - Lepidanthrax arnaudi
Species californicus - Lepidanthrax californicus
No Taxon disjunctus species group
Species disjunctus - Lepidanthrax disjunctus
Species rauchi - Lepidanthrax rauchi
Species homologus - Lepidanthrax homologus
Species eremicus - Lepidanthrax eremicus
Species inauratus - Lepidanthrax inauratus
Species linsdalei - Lepidanthrax linsdalei
Species oribates - Lepidanthrax oribates
Genus Mancia
Species nana - Mancia nana
Genus Neodiplocampta
Species miranda - Neodiplocampta miranda
Species mirella - Neodiplocampta mirella
Species astrella - Neodiplocampta astrella
Species mira - Neodiplocampta mira
Genus Paradiplocampta
Species tabeti - Paradiplocampta tabeti
Genus Paravilla
Species aridula - Paravilla aridula
Species californica - Paravilla californica
Species cinerea - Paravilla cinerea
Species cunicula - Paravilla cunicula
Species deserta - Paravilla deserta
Species edititoides - Paravilla edititoides
Species fulvicoma - Paravilla fulvicoma
Species fumida - Paravilla fumida
Species fumosa - Paravilla fumosa
Species lacunaris - Paravilla lacunaris
Species mercedis - Paravilla mercedis
Species mexicana - Paravilla mexicana
Species montivaga - Paravilla montivaga
Species separata - Paravilla separata
Species splendida - Paravilla splendida
Species syrtis - Paravilla syrtis
Species tricellula - Paravilla tricellula
Genus Poecilanthrax
Species alcyon - Poecilanthrax alcyon
Species alpha - Poecilanthrax alpha
Species apache - Poecilanthrax apache
Species arethusa - Poecilanthrax arethusa
Species bicellata - Poecilanthrax bicellata
Species californicus - Poecilanthrax californicus
Species effrenus - Poecilanthrax effrenus
Species eremicus - Poecilanthrax eremicus
Species fasciatus - Poecilanthrax fasciatus
Species fuliginosus - Poecilanthrax fuliginosus
Species hyalinipennis - Poecilanthrax hyalinipennis
Species ingens - Poecilanthrax ingens
Species litoralis - Poecilanthrax litoralis
Species lucifer - Poecilanthrax lucifer
Species monticola - Poecilanthrax monticola
Species nigripennis - Poecilanthrax nigripennis
Species poecilogaster - Poecilanthrax poecilogaster
Species sackenii - Poecilanthrax sackenii
Species tegminipennis - Poecilanthrax tegminipennis
Species varius - Poecilanthrax varius
Species willistonii - Poecilanthrax willistonii
Genus Rhynchanthrax
Species parvicornis - Rhynchanthrax parvicornis
Genus Stonyx
Species clelia - Stonyx clelia
Genus Thyridanthrax
Species andrewsi - Thyridanthrax andrewsi
Species atratus - Thyridanthrax atratus
Species fenestratoides - Thyridanthrax fenestratoides
Species luminis - Thyridanthrax luminis
Species melanopterus - Thyridanthrax melanopterus
Species nugator - Thyridanthrax nugator
Species pallidus - Thyridanthrax pallidus
Species selene - Thyridanthrax selene
Genus Villa
Species agrippina - Villa agrippina
Species arenicola - Villa arenicola
Species chromolepida - Villa chromolepida
Species fulviana - Tawny-tailed Bee Fly
Species harveyi - Villa harveyi
Species hypomelas - Villa hypomelas
Species lateralis - Villa lateralis
Species miscella - Villa miscella
Species nigra - Villa nigra
Species nigricauda - Villa nigricauda
Species nigropecta - Villa nigropecta
Species vanduzeei - Villa vanduzeei
No Taxon Group of agrippina and molitor
Tribe Exoprosopini
Genus Exoprosopa
Species albifrons - Exoprosopa albifrons
Species anomala - Exoprosopa anomala
Species butleri - Exoprosopa butleri
Species caliptera - Exoprosopa caliptera
Species decora - Exoprosopa decora
Species divisa - Exoprosopa divisa
Species dorcadion - Exoprosopa dorcadion
Species doris - Exoprosopa doris
Species eremita - Exoprosopa eremita
No Taxon fasciata-group
Species argentifasciata - Exoprosopa argentifasciata
Species agassizii - Exoprosopa agassizii
Species bifurca - Exoprosopa bifurca
Species brevirostris - Exoprosopa brevirostris
Species clarki - Exoprosopa clarki
Species dodrans - Exoprosopa dodrans
Species dodrina - Exoprosopa dodrina
Species fasciata - Exoprosopa fasciata
Species parda - Exoprosopa parda
Species rostrifera - Exoprosopa rostrifera
Species fascipennis - Exoprosopa fascipennis
Species fumosa - Exoprosopa fumosa
Species ingens - Exoprosopa ingens
Species iota - Exoprosopa iota
Species jonesi - Exoprosopa jonesi
Species meigenii - Exoprosopa meigenii
Species painterorum - Exoprosopa painterorum
Species pueblensis - Exoprosopa pueblensis
Species rhea - Exoprosopa rhea
No Taxon sp. "Chihuahua 1"
No Taxon sp. "Chihuahua 2"
No Taxon sp. "Sonora"
No Taxon sp. "Spotted-wing"
No Taxon sp. "Texas"
No Taxon sp. "near butleri"
No Taxon sp. "Ramsey Canyon"
Genus Ligyra
Species cerberus - Ligyra cerberus
Species gazophylax - Ligyra gazophylax
Tribe Anthracini
Genus Anthrax
Species albofasciatus - Anthrax albofasciatus
Species argyropygus - Anthrax argyropygus
Species artemesia - Anthrax artemesia
Species aterrimus - Charcoal bee fly
Species atriplex - Anthrax atriplex
Species cascadensis - Anthrax cascadensis
Species cintalpa - Anthrax cintalpa
Species daphne - Anthrax daphne
Species georgicus - Anthrax georgicus
Species irroratus - Anthrax irroratus
Species larrea - Anthrax larrea
Species nigriventris - Anthrax nigriventris
Species pauper - Anthrax pauper
Species pluto - Anthrax pluto
Species striatipennis - Anthrax striatipennis
Species varicolor - Anthrax varicolor
Species vierecki - Anthrax vierecki
No Taxon oedipus subgroup species not identifiable from photos
No Taxon pluto or stellans
Genus Dicranoclista
Species fasciata - Dicranoclista fasciata
Genus Xenox
Species delila - Xenox delila
Species habrosus - Xenox habrosus
Species tigrinus - Tiger Bee Fly
Species xylocopae - Xenox xylocopae
Tribe Aphoebantini
Genus Aphoebantus
Species borealis - Aphoebantus borealis
Species conurus - Aphoebantus conurus
Species desertus - Aphoebantus desertus
Species fumosus - Aphoebantus fumosus
Species interruptus - Aphoebantus interruptus
Species leucospilus - Aphoebantus leucospilus
Species mus - Aphoebantus mus
Species rattus - Aphoebantus rattus
Species scalaris - Aphoebantus scalaris
Species transitus - Aphoebantus transitus
Genus Epacmus
Species nitidus - Epacmus nitidus
Genus Eucessia
Species rubens - Eucessia rubens
Genus Exepacmus
Species johnsoni - Exepacmus johnsoni
Tribe Xeramoebini
Genus Desmatoneura
Species argentifrons - Desmatoneura argentifrons
Subfamily Crocidiinae
Genus Desmatomyia
Species anomala - Desmatomyia anomala
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae and Pupae
Family Hilarimorphidae
Family Mythicomyiidae - Micro Bee Flies
Genus Mythenteles
Species propleuralis - Mythenteles propleuralis
Genus Mythicomyia
Genus Glabellula
Species crassicornis - Glabellula crassicornis
Family Mydidae - Mydas Flies
Subfamily Rhaphiomidinae
Genus Rhaphiomidas
Species acton - Rhaphiomidas acton
Species aitkeni - Rhaphiomidas aitkeni
Species hasbroucki - Rhaphiomidas hasbroucki
Species nigricaudis - Rhaphiomidas nigricaudis
Species parkeri - Rhaphiomidas parkeri
Species terminatus - Rhaphiomidas terminatus
Subfamily Ectyphinae
Genus Heteromydas
Species bicolor - Heteromydas bicolor
Genus Opomydas
Species limbatus - Opomydas limbatus
Species townsendi - Opomydas townsendi
Subfamily Mydinae
Genus Messiasia
Species pertenuis - Messiasia pertenuis
Genus Mydas
Species arizonensis - Mydas arizonensis
Species atratus - Mydas atratus
Species audax - Mydas audax
Species boonei - Mydas boonei
Species brunneus - Mydas brunneus
Species chrysostomus - Mydas chrysostomus
Species clavatus - Mydas clavatus
Species davidsoni - Mydas davidsoni
Species floridensis - Mydas floridensis
Species fulvifrons - Mydas fulvifrons
Species luteipennis - Mydas luteipennis
Species maculiventris - Mydas maculiventris
Species tibialis - Mydas tibialis
Species ventralis - Mydas ventralis
Species weemsi - Mydas weemsi
Species xanthopterus - Mydas xanthopterus
Genus Phyllomydas
Species bruesii - Phyllomydas bruesii
Species currani - Phyllomydas currani
Species parvulus - Phyllomydas parvulus
Species phyllocerus - Phyllomydas phyllocerus
Species quercus - Phyllomydas quercus
Species scitulus - Phyllomydas scitulus
Species weemsi - Phyllomydas weemsi
Genus Stratiomydas
Species lividus - Stratiomydas lividus
Subfamily Leptomydinae
Genus Nemomydas
Species brachyrhynchus - Nemomydas brachyrhynchus
Species desideratus - Nemomydas desideratus
Species melanopogon - Nemomydas melanopogon
Species pantherinus - Nemomydas pantherinus
Species tenuipes - Nemomydas tenuipes
Species venosus - Nemomydas venosus
Genus Pseudonomoneura
Species californica - Pseudonomoneura californica
Species hirta - Pseudonomoneura hirta
Species micheneri - Pseudonomoneura micheneri
Species nelsoni - Pseudonomoneura nelsoni
Species tinkhami - Pseudonomoneura tinkhami
Family Scenopinidae - Window Flies
Genus Belosta
Genus Brevitrichia
Genus Metatrichia
Species bulbosa - Metatrichia bulbosa
Genus Pseudatrichia
Genus Scenopinus
No Taxon fenestralis species group
Species fenestralis - Window Fly
No Taxon velutinus species group
Genus Caenotus
Genus Prorates
Family Therevidae - Stiletto Flies
Subfamily Phycusinae
Genus Palaeopherocera
Species scudderi - Palaeopherocera scudderi
Genus Pherocera
Species flavipes - Pherocera flavipes
Genus Schlingeria
Species ammobata - Schlingeria ammobata
Subfamily Therevinae
Genus Acrosathe
Species vialis - Acrosathe vialis
Species vanduzeei - Acrosathe vanduzeei
Species pacifica - Acrosathe pacifica
Genus Ammonaios
Species confusus - Ammonaios confusus
Genus Arenigena
Genus Brachylinga
Species morata - Brachylinga morata
Species pavida - Brachylinga pavida
Genus Breviperna
Species placida - Breviperna placida
Genus Chromolepida
Species bella - Chromolepida bella
Species mexicana - Chromolepida mexicana
Genus Cyclotelus
Species hardyi - Cyclotelus hardyi
Species pictipennis - Cyclotelus pictipennis
Species rufiventris - Cyclotelus rufiventris
Genus Litolinga
Species tergisa - Litolinga tergisa
Genus Lysilinga
Species aurantiaca - Lysilinga aurantiaca
Genus Nebritus
Species pellucidus - Nebritus pellucidus
Species tanneri - Nebritus tanneri
Species powelli - Nebritus powelli
Genus Ozodiceromyia
Species argentata - Ozodiceromyia argentata
Species flavipennis - Ozodiceromyia flavipennis
Species nanella - Ozodiceromyia nanella
Species nigrimana - Ozodiceromyia nigrimana
Species notata - Ozodiceromyia notata
Species signatipennis - Ozodiceromyia signatipennis
No Taxon mexicana-group
Species livdahli - Ozodiceromyia livdahli
No Taxon levigata-group
Genus Pandivirilia
Species conspicua - Pandivirilia conspicua
Genus Penniverpa
Species epidema - Penniverpa epidema
Species festina - Penniverpa festina
Genus Spiriverpa
Species bella - Spiriverpa bella
Genus Tabuda
Species planiceps - Tabuda planiceps
Species varia - Tabuda varia
Genus Tabudamima
Species melanophleba - Tabudamima melanophleba
Genus Thereva
Species bakeri - Thereva bakeri
Species brunnea - Thereva brunnea
Species comata - Thereva comata
Species cordata - Thereva cordata
Species diversa - Thereva diversa
Species flavipilosa - Thereva flavipilosa
Species frontalis - Thereva frontalis
Species fucata - Thereva fucata
Species hirticeps - Thereva hirticeps
Species smithae - Thereva smithae
Subfamily Xestomyzinae
Genus Henicomyia
Species hubbardii - Henicomyia hubbardii
No Taxon Unidentified Immatures