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Spider in Arizona pool - Tinus peregrinus

Spider in Arizona pool - Tinus peregrinus
Phoenix 85045, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA
June 26, 2015
Size: 1.5 inches - 2.0 inches.
Thanks for your help!

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probably Tinus peregrinus
You can click this thumbnail to compare:

That species belongs to the family Pisauridae, which are nicknamed "fishing spiders" and/or "nursery web spiders" and most of them get fairly big and like to hang out near the water to eat aquatic bugs or tiny fish/amphibians. The only time they make a web is when the female makes her egg sac; she hangs it in the middle of a "nursery web" and guards it while the babies emerge.

It's no big deal, especially since you're new and BugGuide can take some getting used to but, just an fyi, the image file you uploaded is really small, so that usually increases the response time for an ID. Or just makes ID impossible in some cases. Depends on how distinctive/unique the spider is and whether someone happens to cruise by and recognize it. If you have a larger more detailed version of this image, you can log in, click "edit" underneath your original submission, and then upload the new file and click "save." If you don't have a larger version, I or someone else will most likely "frass" (delete) this eventually.

Welcome to BugGuide, by the way! It's a cool spider to make an intro with. :-)

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What kind of spider?

I'm new to the forum. Saw that you moved this request. Do you know what type of spider this is?