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Springtail - Cyphoderus similis

Springtail - Cyphoderus similis
Chanhassen, Carver County, Minnesota, USA
May 11, 2007
Size: 1.0mm body
Elongate-bodied Springtail found under a rock. They have no eyes and live in abandoned ant tunnels. I hope Frans can ID. Is it Lepidocyrtinae or Cyphoderidae? It has iridescent blue scales. Once the rock is lifted, they don't stay in the open for long.

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Springtail - Cyphoderus similis Springtail - Cyphoderus similis Springtail - Cyphoderus similis

Moved from Cyphoderus.


Cyphoderus similis
Blind white iridescent springtails in ant nests are generally Cyphoderidae. To distinguish Cyphoderus from Lepidocyrtus (most with eyes) and Pseudosinella (most without eyes), look at the 3rd antennal segment. If it appears to be like a pearly bead (basal and apical part of the segment thinner) then it is Cyphoderus. This is seen clearly in this picture.
Note that Cyphoderus typically lives as a kind of guest in ant nests (not only in abandoned ones).
Great catch, David!

Thanks once again, Frans. Your explanations are especially helpful.