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John Shaw's Closeups in Nature
By John Shaw
Amphoto Books, 1987
ISBN: 0-8174-4052-6
Cite: 10941
A book by noted nature photographer, John Shaw, about the techniques and equipment related to producing closeup photos of natural subjects. Many of the examples include stunning images of insects and the information revealed in the book is useful for anyone who is serious about bug photography. There is extensive discussion on the basics of closeup photography and plenty of information about ways of achieving excellent magnification. Highly recommended.

Close up in Nature
Thanks Richard, Just ordered my copy.

an excellent guide
This book has been the number one influence on my insect (and other nature) photography for the past 15 years since I first found it. For the first couple years that I had it, I consulted it almost constantly and now review it periodically. It will teach you to be a perfectionist regarding all aspects of how you compose and capture your images.